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32 responses to “You win the Mega Millions. What house do you buy?”

  1. Kary L. Krismer

    Because seriously, who wouldn’t want to buy an entire frikkin’ island.

    Not me. It doesn’t look like it has a movie theater or any culture. /Losh

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  2. Scotsman

    Just one?

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  3. AndySeattle

    I have mine all picked out.

    1) Private volleyball court on the beach
    2) Pool on the ocean side of the house
    3) Near my children and grandchildren

    I was in it just before the current owner bought it for $5.1M when we had it listed at $3.9M. Not the same house though, as that buyer tore it down and built this home. With lots like this one, each new owner often tears down the house and builds one “to suit”.

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  5. MichaelB

    I like the Everett house because you can just walk down the hill and attend the Everett Symphony Orchestra.

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  6. Marc

    RE: ARDELL @ 4 – Good ole’ Zillow. Owner paid $5.1 for the “dirt”, builds a 10,00 sq.ft. beast, and Zillow says it’s worth $4.6. Not that they’re a bastion of accuracy but the assessor has it pegged at $10+. Anything’s possible but it makes you wonder about that algorithm.

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  7. wreckingbull

    RE: Kary L. Krismer @ 1 – And for anyone that thinks that Anacortes has no ‘diversions’ (I think that was the term), I highly recommend a joint called Adrift in the historic downtown area, down the street from the movie theater, ironically. You won’t find anything like it in Seattle.

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  8. ray pepper

    Only house I’d really want to take a shot at owning (being a Trekkie and all) and would be so exciting to visit day after day:

    “can we have Darth Vader and Storm Troopers?”….gulp

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  9. Jonnny333

    Big houses are not for me. I’d buy a handful of condos in my favorite cities, save a bit for a rainy day and start giving the rest away.

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  10. ARDELL

    RE: Marc @ 6

    The former Mid-Century Modern home on that lot was pretty cool. Kind of like Jason Statham’s house in one of the newer Transporter films. The new “beast” of a home, was not an improvement, IMO. Have to subtract the cost of demolition. :)

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  11. David Losh

    I’d buy a small hotel in South Beach Miami, where I could put in a killer restaurant, and bar. Then I’d travel. The place would have to pay for itself, of course.

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  12. T. Y. Lee

    I would have something custom built, with secret passageways and an underground lair worthy of Batman. And a moat.

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  13. J O'Brien

    Okay. I’ll play…. after an exhaustive search taking around 40 seconds, I found this crib. Not perfect, but I’ll have a few extra $$’s to personalize it.

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  14. Howard

    You realize Tim, that Confier is a little smoky right now?

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  15. Wes

    None of those. Big houses on big lots aren’t for me. I wanna live somewhere that has real culture and real amenities. I’d buy condos in my favorite cities Seoul, Tokyo and Vancouver.

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  16. Scotsman

    The interesting thing to me about this is that given the total freedom from economic restraints and consequences that $.5B buys, you really have to figure out who you are. South Beach gu?, Conservative classy Mercer Island old money? Visionary rustic architecture? I’m sure most of us are more used to making decisions in part with our wallets than our hearts.

    Now, what do you REALLY want? ;-)

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  17. redmondjp

    By Howard @ 14:

    You realize Tim, that Confier is a little smoky right now?

    I was going to mention the same thing! Hope there is an in-ground pool with a gas-powered fire pump (hmmm, you may also need some fire-resistant clothing and some breathing apparatus if you plan on defending the fort, so to speak).

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  18. John Bailo

    I would buy a cluster of distressed skyscrapers in downtown Seattle.

    Then I would plow them down and give the land back to the Duwamish to keep as a fishing and nature preserve.

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  19. Pegasus

    All right, the Mega party is over and you losers need to quit dreaming and get back to work and reality. You didn’t win the big money. Deal with it. The foreclosure and short sale bonanza lottery still continues though.

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  20. David Losh

    RE: Scotsman @ 15

    Miami is the best place on the planet. A hotel, restaurant, and bar are the most fun you can have, if you don’t have monetary constraints. When you travel, and tell people to visit your hotel, it gets you in a lot of doors to places you might not have access to. It’s another world of fun, and excitement.

    Really, what more could you ask for?

    What’s interesting is that the places shown are in the middle of nowhere.

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  21. Conor MacEvilly

    I actually want 3 new houses…..first, just move a few blocks west for a view of the Puget Sound in Ballard (doesn’t have to be ostentatious), a 2nd in the Methow Valley and finally a wild and isolated small cottage with a huge fireplace hugging the Atlantic ocean on the west coast of Ireland, preferably near a wild links golf course and within 10miles of a decent pub! Is that so much to ask!

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  22. Kary L. Krismer

    By David Losh @ 20:

    Really, what more could you ask for?

    Less humidity?

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  23. Kary L. Krismer

    RE: Conor MacEvilly @ 21 – 10 miles is a long way to stagger home!

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  24. Conor MacEvilly

    RE: Kary L. Krismer @ 23 – Good point Kary. However, after staggering the first 3 miles, the last 7 are a lot easier.

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  25. me

    Hands down. I told you I wanted a garden, right?

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  26. eastsidecoug

    Not nearly as fun knowing that I’m a lotto loser, but I’ve always wanted a custom Frank Lloyd Wright home, since he’s my favorite architect. I would probably commission a home based on one of his designs and work with an architectural firm to add some modern extras.

    But If money were no object, I would want a home on lake Washington, a modest vacation home in Hawaii, a condo in Whistler, and a beach home in Laguna Beach. I would split my year up between these properties.

    At least I won $2 for the $5 in lotto I bought, which I cashed out. Screw the lottery!

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  27. Dave0

    Lake Washington waterfront near Madison Park.

    Less than a mile walk into the neighborhood for groceries, drinks, bus into downtown, etc. Plus freshwater waterfront for a lake swim whenever I want, plus the views that come with it, plus a spot to park my million dollar sailboat (specifically this one: which still has access to the ocean for when I feel like taking off.

    What more could you ask for?

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  28. Jonness

    Paul Allen is having a hard time selling the island. A better use of his time would be to donate the island to me for free. I’ll live in the care-taker’s quarters and cross my fingers I can pay the taxes each year.

    OK. Enough dreaming. But you have to admit, that’s one cool island!

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  29. Azucar

    In the current flat to possibly declining pricing environment, I’d rent a place, because I wouldn’t want Ray, “the Sherriff”, to be asking me how much “my investment” is now worth and how much I had lost on it.

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  30. Ira Sacharoff

    RE: Azucar @ 30
    If you’ve got that much money, you could pay Ray to comment on various blogs about what a genius you are and how you only make shrewd, smart investments. Yes, the house cost 75 million dollars, but it was a gem.

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  31. Kary L. Krismer

    RE: Ira Sacharoff @ 31 – Wouldn’t it probably be cheaper to simply hire Ray as your buyer’s agent, and then get the same result?

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