Thousands of Seattle Homes to End Up Literally Underwater

Thousands of Seattle Homes to End Up Literally Underwater

If you followed the news this week, you probably read that the Antarctic ice sheet is has entered an irreversible melting phase, that will eventually lead to its collapse into the ocean and an over ten feet increase in the sea level. Here’s an excerpt from the Seattle Times article about the melting Antarctic ice […]

Election Day Open Thread

NOTE: If you are subscribed to Seattle Bubble’s RSS feed and are seeing these open threads in the feed, please switch to our official feed at Thanks! Here’s a dedicated open thread for Election Day, Tuesday November 6th, 2012. Talk about politics and today’s election to your hearts’ content.

Are Obama & Romney Avoiding Housing to Avoid Talking About Killing the Mortgage Interest Deduction?

There is one major political topic that has been mysteriously absent from both major presidential campaigns during this year’s presidential election season… housing. Nick Timiraos noted this in the Wall Street Journal in early September. Here we are in late October, four debates later, and nothing has really changed. Barely a peep about housing from […]

Friday Flashback: Christine Gregoire’s 2008 Advice – “Our economy is strong. Buy your home.”

Back in January 2008, nearly two years after the housing bust began, and six months after home prices peaked in the Seattle area, Washington State Governor Christine Gregoire was hitting the campaign trail with a reelection message powered by complete denial: Addressing the politically powerful Washington Realtors, the Democratic governor said she sometimes wishes people […]