How Will Ubiquitous Freeway Tolls Affect Home Prices?

With tolls of $1 to $5 per crossing coming to a floating bridge near you in less than a year and local governments planning to add tolls to every freeway as early as 2030, now is a good time to think about how adding such per-use fees to our freeways might affect the home prices […]

Beating a Dead Horse: Gas Prices

I realized we have beat the subject to death with a pair of posts and this week’s poll, but I had to at least point out a Rhodes piece in today’s Seattle Times on the issue of gas prices and home buying patterns: Will gas prices drive homebuyers away from suburbs? The article starts off […]

Will High Gas Prices Save Close-in Neighborhoods?

In a discussion last month where we discussed the relationship between gas prices and home purchase decisions, I made the following assertion: …mathematically the decision to move closer just because of higher gas prices doesn’t really make sense. In the last few days I’ve run across a few news articles that again make the contrary […]

Gas Prices & Home Buying

With gas prices passing another big round number lately, there’s been a fair amount of talk about how the high price of fuel is affecting people’s daily lives. When it comes to the real estate market, common knowledge says that higher gas prices will hit home prices in the suburbs and exurbs, while helping to […]