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In case you aren’t aware, this site is run by one individual (yours truly, Tim Ellis) in my spare time. I pay for the domain and the hosting, and dedicate an average of an hour or two a day to bringing you fresh, relevant content about the Seattle-area real estate market.

If you enjoy this site and/or have found it to be useful, please consider dropping me a little monetary token of your appreciation. I have provided convenient Google Checkout (my preferred method) and PayPal buttons below for this purpose.

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Thank you in advance for your generosity, and thanks for participating in this site and helping to make it by far the largest and most active local real estate news resource in the Seattle area!

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About The Tim

Tim Ellis is the founder of Seattle Bubble. His background in engineering and computer / internet technology, a fondness of data-based analysis of problems, and an addiction to spreadsheets all influence his perspective on the Seattle-area real estate market. Tim also hosts the weekly improv comedy sci-fi podcast Dispatches from the Multiverse.


  1. 1
    Scotsman says:

    Done. Thanks for being another alternative to the MSM.

  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4
    toad37 says:

    Done. I indirectly found the condo I bought from this site. Cheers Timmay! Thanks!

  5. 5
    The Tim says:

    RE: toad37 @ 4 & William – Thank you!

  6. 6
    The Tim says:

    Kurt & Aleta – Thank you!

  7. 7
    The Tim says:

    David & Ahmed – Thank you!

  8. 8
    aeaneas says:

    Done. I learned a lot from this site when buying my house and I am still a regular reader. The content along with the valuable discussions are very informative compared to the junk housing news out there.

    By the way, I am glad you have PayPal as an option :)

  9. 9
    The Tim says:

    RE: aeaneas @ 8 & Ira – Thank you!

  10. 10
    Drone says:


  11. 11
    David Losh says:

    You should add Amazon pay system.

  12. 12
    The Tim says:

    RE: Drone @ 10 – Thank you!

    RE: David Losh @ 11 – Interesting, I’ll have to look into what it takes to set that up. Also, thanks for your tip!

    Andrew – Thank you!

  13. 13
    The Tim says:

    Tri – Thank you!

  14. 14
    The Tim says:

    Charles – Thank you!

  15. 15
    The Tim says:

    Stan – Thank you very much!

  16. 16
    The Tim says:

    Tiffany – Thank you!

  17. 17
    The Tim says:

    Gabriel – Thank you!

    …and it’s past my bedtime, so once this baby is done eating, I’m off to sleep.

  18. 18
    Voight-kampff says:


  19. 19
    ChrisM says:

    Done. I’ve been on the site for three or four years, and the articles and excellent community commentary have help keep me out of trouble.

  20. 20

    The fact remains that Seattle Bubble is the only local real estate forum/website that provides information that is not tainted by ulterior motives. Other real estate sites are either a real estate agent circle jerk or to promote the benefits of home ownership. Not Seattle Bubble. it’s there to provide clarity. It’s unique, And it’s valuable. The Tim doesn’t have to keep doing this. He’s got a full time job and a family. Time to show some love and appreciation. Get out that wallet. Now.

  21. 21
    Troy says:

    Done. What Ira said. Thanks for staying unbiased.

  22. 22

    By Ira Sacharoff @ 20:

    The fact remains that Seattle Bubble is the only local real estate forum/website that provides information that is not [usually] tainted by ulterior motives.

    The correction is to reference the fact that sometime there is a bit of self-promotion going on here with some of the participants. That’s usually called out though.

  23. 23
    doug says:


    Thanks, Tim. You helped me make a clearheaded homebuying decision with understanding and acceptance of the risks and rewards of home-ownership.

    That I’m still regularly reading and irregularly commenting on the site is a tribute to your hard work, and the interesting ideas I’m exposed to in the comments.

  24. 24
    The Tim says:

    RE: Voight-kampff @ 18, ChrisM @ 19, Troy @ 21, Kary L. Krismer @ 22, doug @ 23, Darren, Fabio, Christopher, Erik, Eric, John, & Viktor – Thank you all!

  25. 25

    RE: Kary L. Krismer @ 22
    Agreed. Certainly some commenters have a self promotion angle, but the posts themselves (not the comments) are refreshingly fact based. I don’t think The Tim cares one whit whether readers here buy a house or don’t buy a house. He’s here to provide people with information so they can make a more informed choice.
    And once again, if you read Seattle Bubble regularly and haven’t donated, get out that wallet, you cheap bastids.

  26. 26

    By Ira Sacharoff @ 25:

    And once again, if you read Seattle Bubble regularly and haven’t donated, get out that wallet, you cheap bastids.

    I was thinking of setting up an ad. It was going to read: “Hire a full time agent who’s an attorney, and maybe get to ride in a 23 year old truck!” To make the ad more appealing, rather than my picture, there would just be a picture of the truck.

    BTW, that wasn’t meant as a negative comment on Craig’s ad. As I’ve mentioned repeatedly, I like his model, and think it’s a good fit for many people.

  27. 27
    Ray Pepper says:

    I should get PAID for my contributions to this site! I find my remarks/links to be VERY VALUABLE and worthy of some serious billage.

    Like the time I discussed the importance of Pest Inspections:


  28. 28
    AddyLaddy says:

    Tim, perhaps you could do a weekly/monthly blog post thanking all the donors a bit like Patrick.net does ?

    Anyway, thanks ever so much for such a great site, you have helped me immensely in my Seattle real estate decision making. I will try to donate again soon.

  29. 29
    The Tim says:

    Jason & Katherine – Thank you!

  30. 30
    The Tim says:

    Brad – Thank you very much!

  31. 31
    The Tim says:

    Ricki – Thank you!

  32. 32
    Brad says:

    done! been following for since February

  33. 33
    The Tim says:

    Jeffrey – Thank you!

  34. 34
    Jeff says:

    Thanks for the great site and all the hard work you do Tim. Checking seattlebubble is part of my weekday morning routine. :)

  35. 35
    DanW says:

    This site has been a great gift – the stats, the techniques for analysis of pricing etc has helped me avoid making some major mistakes!

    Tip is in the jar!

  36. 36
  37. 37
    The Tim says:

    Daniel A. and Daniel M. – Thank you!

  38. 38
    The Tim says:

    Timothy L. – Thank you!

  39. 39
    The Tim says:

    Quantus T. – Thank you!

  40. 40
    The Tim says:

    Tim M. – Thank you!

  41. 41
    The Tim says:

    Joel & Devaraja – Thank you!

  42. 42
    Devaraja says:

    Done Sir!

    Please continue to feed your unbiased Seattle realty news/data to Seattle bubble readers.


  43. 43
    The Tim says:

    James D. – Thank you!

  44. 44
    David Losh says:

    You can contribute more than once, and I will match the next $25 contribution.

  45. 45
    Feedback says:

    Tim can afford a car and a house but can’t afford to pay his web hosting bill? Time to ask Mr. Kelman for a raise!

  46. 46
    ivan says:

    My wife and I started looking at houses in 2006 when we first talked about getting married and went so far as to get approved for a $500k loan. We looked at fixers with a lot of upside in the $550k range, but by then prices had already peaked in other parts of the country and it was pretty obvious the same would happen here. Ultimately, we’re too conservative to have exposed ourselves to that kind of debt and risk. At some point I found this site, which helped me to understand what I was sure was happening in the market and helped me to fend off friends and family members who kept encouraging us to buy.

    Now there are better houses for $400k than the $550k ones we looked at in 2006 and 2007. By not buying, we have saved at least $150k in four years. Except that is $150k we would have had to borrow, so we really saved closer to $300k when you account for the interest. Not to mention the tens of thousands of dollars I have watched my friends pour into new foundations, french drains, new siding, roofs, and granite countertops. No one encourages us to buy anymore. I have been thankful every single day that we never did. That has to be worth a tenner.

  47. 47
    The Tim says:

    RE: ivan @ 46 – Thank you!

    Also, Jose S. – Thank you!

    P.S. – Losh, Jose’s was $25, in case you were wondering ;^)

  48. 48

    By Feedback @ 45:

    Tim can afford a car and a house but can’t afford to pay his web hosting bill? Time to ask Mr. Kelman for a raise!

    A lot of people read and value Seattle Bubble, and Tim devotes 10 or 15 hours per week to it.
    Mr. Kelman is not the prime beneficiary of Seattle Bubble, Seattle Bubble’s readers are.
    Tim doesn’t get anything out of this financially. Why shouldn’t readers help pay for it?
    Which is not to say that Tim doesn’t deserve a raise. He does. But he shouldn’t have to keep forking out his hard earned money to keep Seattle Bubble going just so cranks like you can comment.

  49. 49
    Peter Witting says:

    Ask and ye shall receive. Done.

  50. 50
  51. 51

    I don’t generally make donations to websites, but this one does have a lot of good information and a good mix of characters. Seattle (Bubble) is special!

  52. 52
    The Tim says:

    Ivan A. & John M. – Thank you!

  53. 53
    Scotsman says:

    RE: David Losh @ 44

    Well OK. I’ll hit the $25 button. After all, where else can I come and have so much fun smacking pfffffft and the like around? With love, of course, always with love. ;-)

  54. 54
    The Tim says:

    RE: Scotsman @ 53 – Thanks again! Double tipper!

  55. 55
    The Tim says:

    And another thank you to Ira, also a double-tipper!

  56. 56

    By Scotsman @ 53:

    RE: David Losh @ 44

    Well OK. I’ll hit the $25 button. After all, where else can I come and have so much fun smacking pfffffft and the like around? With love, of course, always with love. ;-)

    I’ll see that 25 and match it.

  57. 57
  58. 58
    David Losh says:

    RE: Scotsman @ 53

    And match that $25.

  59. 59
    David Losh says:

    RE: Ira Sacharoff @ 48

    Mr. Kelman got an extreme bargain when he hired Tim.

  60. 60
    The Tim says:

    RE: David Losh @ 58 – Thank you again, triple-tip!

    Also, Thank You to Hsu-Chieh Y., Charles A., Ken D., Karen H., and Evelyn L.!

  61. 61
    Lurker says:

    RE: ivan @ 46

    I’m sure many of us readers share similar stories. When I think about how much financial stress I may have saved our family due to the education received from SB, I felt the tip I left was hardly representative of the value I actually received from it. Thank you for all that you do, The Tim!

  62. 62
    The Tim says:

    Andrew B. – Thank you!

  63. 63
    The Tim says:

    Michael K. & Jillayne – Thank you!

  64. 64
    The Tim says:

    Joseph R. – Thank you!

  65. 65
    Jen says:

    Ditto what others said. I found this site about 2 1/2 years ago and the very reasonable data-based analysis was why I didn’t buy, but am jut now looking. I have nearly double saved in the bank and can get something much more affordable. I only check in occasionally but it’s very helpful. All that I know I’ve learned from this site!

  66. 66
    The Tim says:

    RE: Jen @ 65 and Richard O. – Thank you!

  67. 67
    The Tim says:

    Richard L. – Thank you!

  68. 68
    The Tim says:

    John M. – Thank you!

  69. 69
    David Losh says:

    I talk with internet entrepreneurs a lot about monetizing sites. Real Estate is very hard to monetize. I just noticed on Face Book Jay Thomas? in Phoenix is throwing in the towel. Redfin will struggle through this winter. The article about Glenn pointed out several problems he has with the company, and business model.

    You on the other hand have an anti Real Estate sales site. That’s not a bad position, it’s just hard to get paid for not doing something.

    What we did in 2008 was concentrate on our house cleaning site. The dollar amounts are smaller so it’s easier to get people to agree, online, to services. The transition was easy. We get 100% monetized by providing that service.

    Last year I put up seattlehousepainting.com and hit first page of a Google search even though we didn’t have a painting company. I referred business to a buddy who then got to busy to talk to me. He never got the connection to his phone ringing and the internet. He saw it, but didn’t understand it.

    I see it a lot with Real Estate. People spend thousands of hours online building presence. It’s hard to get compensated for that. As Mike Ferry says, there is more money to be made talking on the telephone, and that is very true.

    All of that being said I have followed your site for years now. The redfin seqway made sense, but was a little disappointing. I think you have a much more viable site than they do.

    I noticed the Friends of Seattle Bubble, and the question next to it of “what we would like to see from the Seattle Bubble.” My next project is about property preservation. To be specific it’s about day labor, yard work, painting, and organizing spaces, you might call it design, but it’s more family friendly.

    I spend between two, and four hours a day, every day, building web presence. It would be worth it to me to pay some one to do that. The company I use is based in Denver and main plant is in Cairo. I like them very much and send them money, every month. My contract will be up this year, and will probably continue with them.

    What I’m saying is that your site just sits here. It has no direction. There is more than enough business out there to do, it’s just a matter of capturing it.

  70. 70

    […] just wanted to take another moment to again say thank you to everyone who answered my request for financial support for Seattle Bubble this […]

  71. 71
    David Losh says:

    So now that I’m paying attention, I noticed the related posts widget changes when I change to a different post and set of comments.

    The bubble friends column stays the same. I think you could lease those links or do endorsements for linkage.

    I would also compile older posts for new posts. Maybe contact the older more aggressive commenters to ask what they think today. Is today what they thought the economy would do? Do they have a sense of the future from here?

  72. 72
    Blake says:

    Thanks Tim… just saw this now. (Too busy working on my new house!)
    Your site has been invaluable to me and many others… it was like finding a ray of light amidst all the BS in the media in 2006-7. Demonstrates the possibilities of the Internet and what a few honest people can accomplish… with a little help from “friends.”
    Keep up the good work!

    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
    – Margaret Mead

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