“Affordable” home price shot up 33% in less than two years

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As promised last week, here’s an updated look at the “affordable home” price chart.

In this graph I flip the variables in the affordability index calculation around to other sides of the equation to calculate what price home the a family earning the median household income could “afford” to buy at today’s mortgage rates, if they spent 30% of their monthly gross income on their home payment. Don’t forget that this math includes the (giant) assumption that the home buyers are putting 20% down, which would be $148,590 at today’s median price.

King Co. Actual & "Affordable" Home Prices

The “affordable” home price has shot up from $530,359 in November 2018 to an all-time high of $706,800 as of August. The current “affordable” home price in King County would have a monthly payment of $2,365.

The current gap of $36,150 between the affordable price and the median price is similar to the difference we saw between the two numbers in mid-2005.

If interest rates were at a more reasonable level of 6 percent (which is still quite low by historical standards), the “affordable” home price would be just $493,215—more than $200,000 below where it is today, and nearly $250,000 below the current median price.

Here’s the alternate view on this data, where I flip the numbers around to calculate the household income required to make the median-priced home affordable at today’s mortgage rates, and compare that to actual median household incomes.

King Co. Home Price, Income Req. to Afford

As of August, a household would need to earn $99,466 a year to be able to “afford” the median-priced $742,950 home in King County. This is up from the low of $46,450 in February 2012, but down slightly from the May 2018 high of $119,004. The previous cycle high in July 2007 was $99,321. Meanwhile, the actual median household income in King County is estimated to be about $94,500.

If interest rates were 6% (around the pre-bust level), the income necessary to buy a median-priced home would be $142,540—51 percent above the current median income.

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  1. 251
    N says:

    @ Ardell – Any updated thoughts on the market? I think last time you suggested election risk and pending evictions + foreclosures (after forbearance) risks. Would love to hear your general thoughts.

  2. 252
    Eastsider says:

    By Eastsider @ 213:

    Actually renters prefer Eastside cities Bellevue, Redmond, Issaquah and Kirkland over Seattle. Below are median 1BR rent in various cities and the YoY change (source: Zumper). Note that Seattle metro area except Bellevue experienced rent decline while cities outside King county saw decent increase.

    Bellevue $1,857 -1%
    Redmond $1,740 -11%
    Issaquah $1,714 -5%
    Kirkland $1,700 -16%
    Seattle $1,600 -14%
    Sammamish $1,550 -4%
    Bothell $1,550 -3%
    Shoreline $1,320 -5%
    North Bend $1,150 0%
    Burlington $1,075 5%
    Olympia $1,400 6%
    Tacoma $1,270 6%
    Ellensburg $950 4%


    Now extrapolate to home prices???

    WSJ’s article today basically says the same thing.

    Renters Flock to Suburbia, Upending Decadelong Urbanization Trend
    New suburban tenants say the shift to a work-at-home model removed a longstanding barrier to living in these neighborhoods
    https://www.wsj.com/articles/renters-flock-to-suburbia-upending-decadelong-urbanization-trend-11602581401 (paywall)

    Excerpts –

    Even with the U.S. economy in recession, apartment rents in the suburban markets of Sacramento, Norfolk, Va., and the Inland Empire of Southern California rose 3.2% to 4.6% at the end of the third quarter compared with March, according to data firm CoStar Group Inc.

    At the same time, rents in central business districts in popular cities have been tumbling. San Francisco, where these rents are down 17% since the March peak, has been hardest hit, CoStar said. These district rents are down 9.2% in Boston and between 5% and 6% in New York, Los Angeles and Philadelphia.

    Overall, central-business-district rents are falling about 1% a month, CoStar said.

    Landlords point out that even before the pandemic, renters were starting to move out of higher cost markets like New York City and San Francisco to places like Austin and Denver, where they could get more space for their money.

    “We’ve continued to see those patterns, but now they’re at a higher clip,” said Bob Faith, founder and chief executive of Greystar Real Estate Partners LLC in Charleston, S.C., the country’s largest multifamily landlord, with 693,000 units owned and managed globally.

  3. 253

    RE: N @ 251

    Nothing’s changed. The Eastside still pretty red hot with 6-10 offers on most things and $100,000 bid ups being seen again. Not much distinction between great and poor locations within the same area. i.e. backs up to busy road getting as many offers as nearby better locations.

    They brought back Open Houses a few days ago. I was tempted to go see how they were handling the regs on that, just out of curiosity, but decided one more person hanging around for no essential reason wouldn’t be appropriate.

    I keep watching the DOW with the old “If it gets to 30,000, Trump will win the re-election” quote in my head.

    I don’t think anyone has a true handle on the % not paying rent stats, since most all of that is private between landlords and tenants. I think 25% is a fair guess. My biggest concern is the remedy for that will hit all at the same time. The minute they lift the moratorium on evictions and foreclosures, it would appear that at least for evictions which happen pretty quickly once allowed, will flood the streets with people who won’t qualify for a new place to be. So I think we will see a massive increase in displaced people before we see a change in home prices.

    Who becomes the next President will have some bearing on what happens next. We don’t have much longer to wait for at least that piece of the puzzle. Until then, no change since I last “spoke” here.

  4. 254
    N says:

    RE: Ardell DellaLoggia @ 253

    Thank you!!! Considering the city has tacked on 6 months to the end of the state eviction period, that would take you to at least end of June 2021. May be a while.

    We have been kicking the tires on a couple houses with an ADU we could rent and live in main living quarters, and in these times (COVID, plus West Seattle bridge here) certainly make it hard to project.

  5. 255
    Eastsider says:

    By Ardell DellaLoggia @ 253:

    I don’t think anyone has a true handle on the % not paying rent stats, since most all of that is private between landlords and tenants.

    According to the National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC)’s rent payment tracker, 4 out of 5 apartment households made a full or partial rent payment by October 6.

    The struggle continues for American renters

  6. 256
    Erik says:

    RE: Ardell DellaLoggia @ 253
    I’m paying attention to 2 main things right now.

    1. Inflation
    2. Lending standards

    When inflation gets too high above 2.75%, the fed will be forced to raise mortgage rates to combat inflation. Fed already said they’ll let inflation run higher than the normal 2%, so I bumped my target a little.

    Lending standards are the last bullet the fed has in their arsenal to keep this thing going. At some point those will be compromised as a last ditch effort to keep people borrowing.

    Mortgage payment delinquencies are fake because those include mortgage forbearance and a lot of people are paddling their pockets with that money. When people don’t pay their rent they get booted to poor areas like Everett and Tacoma. People not paying rent will not crash the market.

  7. 257
    Beano says:

    By Erik @ 223:

    RE: Beano @ 222
    Sure, I’ll tell you what I’m thinking.

    Read “The Housing Boom and Bust” by Thomas Sowell. I’ve read it 10 times and Mr. Sowell explains the last housing boom and bust well. I think the coming boom and bust will be similar. We are due for a recession and all we can do is artificially inflate the economy to keep us out of a recession.

    Interest rates were reduced to stimulate the economy. That helped, but won’t last forever and I’m not sure rates can get much lower. The final thing that the fed can do to stimulate the economy is loosen lending standards like they did before the last crash.

    Last recession, lending standards were loosened for blacks to try and create more economic equality. Next, all minorities got their lending standards loosened in the name of equality. Finally, all races got their lending standards loosened. As you could guess, housing prices went way up and then crashed as people that weren’t financially fit to borrow defaulted on their loans.

    I’m already seeing articles about how minorities are being treated unfairly when it comes to borrowing. In my opinion, this is just a tool so the fed can loosen lending standards and continue to artificially prop up the economy. Eventually, everyone will have lending standards loosened, which will lead to a large housing price boom and bust.

    I’m just a guy that owns some rentals in Seattle because I want to create some passive income. Once I own a few rentals in Seattle without a mortgage, I can get a low paying, low stress, fun job and subsidize it with my passive income. At the peak, I’d like to sell some rentals and own some rentals mortgage free so I can live a low stress life and still be able to afford what I want.

    In conclusion, Seattle has high demand and will probably boom hard when lending standards are loosened. I’m sure it will bust when people default, but I’m not sure how bad. Near term, prices will go up. Mid term, prices will go up and then crash at some point. Long term prices will go up after the US and China reach a trade deal.

    Thank you Erik.

    Overall agree.

    I do think the spreading out of the boom zones lessens the fall when the market pulls back. All of the price appreciation isn’t in one basket so to speak.

    I expect inflation to hit hard in about 2 years.

    I actually see a super bull market starting now and in the spring and summer of 2021 the economy will be absolutely on fire.

  8. 258
    ruxpert says:

    Catherine Austin Fitts – R.Radio| Riots, Money And ‘Opportunity Zones’
    It’s ALL Planned! | Oct. 12, 2020

    “These are not riots, these are redevlopment teams;
    they’re just lowering the acquisition price”


  9. 259
    Erik says:

    RE: Beano @ 257
    I agree with you as far as a bull market coming before a crash. We are both watching inflation. I think inflation will be low enough that the Fed won’t raise interest rates until 2024, so my guess is 4 years before inflation gets too high.

    I don’t really have data to back that up other than the Fed said that they don’t foresee raising interest rates until 2024. Also, FAIT(Flexible Average Inflation Target) was passed to allow inflation run higher than the 2% target before having to raise interest rates. We are primed for a bull run and I’m looking to sell in about 4 years.

  10. 260
    Jeff says:

    RE: Erik @ 259

    Hi Erik, thanks for sharing your bold predictions. Is your outlook predicated on any particular outcome of the election, or would your predictions be similar no matter who won or whether there is a drawn out battle in the courts and society to determine the winner?

  11. 261

    Great Comments All

    There’s new construction on top of new construction and even a giant sized building above my HOA, it may be apartments or an adult family home….I’m sure the folks in my HOA living next to them appreciate their green belt replaced with towering windows peering into their homes above fence lines…LOL

    OK, gulp your Yuban down [its $6.27 for 32 oz at WINCO now] again and read the brief:

    “…Reinfections are real, but how common are they? Chances are, you don’t need to worry. But there are reasons to keep wearing masks even if you’ve recovered from COVID-19, doctors say…”

    SWE’s take: The Tooth Fairy knows why masks are needed when you developed an immunity to it?

    “…The Trump administration can halt the census ahead of schedule, the Supreme Court ruled yesterday amid fears of an undercount that would fall hardest on people of color. The administration argued that the head count needed to end immediately, to meet a deadline for deciding how states’ congressional seats are apportioned. Columnist Naomi Ishisaka wrote about who isn’t being counted and why that matters. ..”

    SWE’s take: I filled my Census Form out months ago; it came in the mail. I’m sure it was mailed to everyone of all ethnic groups that has an address the government can track…like a 1040 tax form or equivalent [the Stimulus Checks were delivered this way too]. The Census Bureau sent me an email [I gave them my email on the previous paper poll] a couple weeks ago and polled my Killer Flu degree of risk and short comings of enough stimulus $CASH$ per legal count. I was able to transmit to the Census Bureau that Wash St has not allowed me to see my disabled son for 6 months due to the on-going “Inslee Killer Flu lock-down” to date and parents in disability care have similar complaints, re: their children can’t visit them forever either. The State has allowed Killer Flu period late rent for the disabled the last 4 months, albeit I paid it all to the disabled Care Giver and he got the money anyway. I imagine late rent has been allowed and evictions blocked in Seattle to date. That ends Halloween BTW. Pelosi needs to get off her behind and join Trump NOW in distributing the $1.8 billion in stimulus money now, CNN reported yesterday. This is not political.

    Good News: Trump’s choice of Killer Flu cure gave him a negative reading days after testing positive….he was doing a rock dance at his Florida Rally yesterday; smiling and rolling is arms to the music,l the crowd went wild. No one wishes ill health on anyone, that’s not political either…

  12. 262

    RE: softwarengineer @ 261
    $1.8T not $1.8B…please correct comment above.

  13. 263
    redmondjp says:

    Drip, drip, drip . . . hey everybody, did you know that your sales tax will be going up by another 0.1% next year? Do you remember voting for that?

    And what are they going to do with all of that new money? Why, buying a hotel, nursing home or other multi-dwelling residence near you and filling it with PEH (Persons Experiencing Homelessness):


    Elections have consequences, people! And if you think that just by moving into the suburbs that you are far enough away from Seattle’s problems, you are wrong; they are bringing Seattle to you! This is what Mayor 867-5309 and make-mine-a-double Dow Constantine meant when they said: “This is a regional problem.” That’s code for taking Seattle’s problem and spreading it county-wide, and then having every citizen in King County pay higher taxes for the privilege. Voting in the correct people on city councils in suburban cities is very important here, but it may already be too late.

    Did you hear about one of the reasons why the Pink Elephant car wash downtown closed? Employees had to do “alley doody” and clean up all of the human feces every morning behind the business. Imagine going to work every day to wash cars and having to do that? But hey, that’s all part of progress in our inclusive, diverse, vibrant world, right? When the East Link is done, we will see an increase in the vibrancy and diversity of Eastside neighborhoods too, especially in wooded areas along roads and parks. Remember, you voted for this.

  14. 264

    Being a Landlord in Seattle Sounds as Scary as a Halloween Haunted House Now

    “…We still have a mortgage. We still have expenses on these properties,” he said. “But there comes a point where we will exhaust whatever reserves we have. At some point, we will fall behind on our payments. They can’t expect landlords to provide subsidized housing.”

    The stakes are particularly high for small landlords, whether they own commercial properties, such as storefronts, or residential properties such as apartments. Many are borrowing money from relatives or dipping into their personal savings to meet their mortgage payments…”


    Halloween is the last day of Killer Flu Stimulus Help…its HORRIFYING.

  15. 265
    Erik says:

    RE: Jeff @ 260
    I don’t think who wins presidency is all that important. The process of delaying a recession are pretty much known and likely won’t change.

  16. 266
    Mackenzie says:

    The real fallout from the recession won’t be felt until 2023. It won’t be until late 2021 that the payment deferrals (rent, mortgages, credit cards, etc) are removed. Then it will take about another eight to ten months after the end of deferrals for legal proceedings to begin against the debtors. Then you are looking at about another year after that for the distressed assets to hit the market. That’s likely 2023.

    Until then, we will continue to live in fantasy land where all the wreckage taking place in the economy is put on hold.

  17. 267
    ruxpert says:

    “Facts Do Not Matter” To The Covidian Cult

    Breath Easy Covid tin-foil

  18. 268
    David says:

    By Jeff @ 260:

    RE: Erik @ 259

    Hi Erik, thanks for sharing your bold predictions. Is your outlook predicated on any particular outcome of the election, or would your predictions be similar no matter who won or whether there is a drawn out battle in the courts and society to determine the winner?

    Uh oh, it’s Mr. BLM.

  19. 269
    David says:

    By Erik @ 256:

    RE: Ardell DellaLoggia @ 253
    I’m paying attention to 2 main things right now.

    2. Lending standards

    Lending standards are the last bullet the fed has in their arsenal to keep this thing going. At some point those will be compromised as a last ditch effort to keep people borrowing.

    Any bank that would lend to me should be shut down immediately.

  20. 270
    David says:

    By Bumble @ 246:

    By Erik @ 244:

    RE: David @ 240
    If you give free stuff to weak people, you are encouraging more weaknesses.

    Preach! That is pretty much exactly what Jesus said.

    A hungry old widow on a fixed income will never learn how to become strong if we don’t shut down her foodbank. What a crutch. Get a JOB grandma!

    And how about those weak people who are so poor and so physically disabled that they are statutorily unemployable? We should terminate the $783 they receive each month from the social security disability gravy train. That will EMPOWER them not to be so disabled and destitute!

    And what kind of message are we teaching poor American children by providing SNAP to their family? We should allow those children to get so hungry, for as many years as it takes, until they learn to scavenge their own meals! That is AGENCY!

    History teaches us that if we offer no aid to the weak, they always get STRONGER (they definitely don’t just die).

    For real though, Social Darwinism is some frightening BS. It doesn’t end well.

    I’m sure the Seattle Pimp will be more than happy to brush grannies gums with his Swartz if she needs cash. Give grannie the $150k job and let Pimp-Master-Flash work out his issues serving coffee at ‘Bucks.

  21. 271
    David says:

    By Erik @ 247:

    RE: David @ 245
    It has a Seattle address but is not within the boundaries of Seattle. I wouldn’t buy it because it says Seattle but is geographically SeaTac.

    By Bumble @ 246:

    By Erik @ 244:

    RE: David @ 240
    If you give free stuff to weak people, you are encouraging more weaknesses.

    Preach! That is pretty much exactly what Jesus said.

    A hungry old widow on a fixed income will never learn how to become strong if we don’t shut down her foodbank. What a crutch. Get a JOB grandma!

    And how about those weak people who are so poor and so physically disabled that they are statutorily unemployable? We should terminate the $783 they receive each month from the social security disability gravy train. That will EMPOWER them not to be so disabled and destitute!

    And what kind of message are we teaching poor American children by providing SNAP to their family? We should allow those children to get so hungry, for as many years as it takes, until they learn to scavenge their own meals! That is AGENCY!

    History teaches us that if we offer no aid to the weak, they always get STRONGER (they definitely don’t just die).

    For real though, Social Darwinism is some frightening BS. It doesn’t end well.

    I’m sure the Seattle Pimp will be more than happy to brush grannies gums with his Swartz if she needs cash. Give grannie the $150k job and let Pimp-Master-Flash work out his issues serving coffee at ‘Bucks.

  22. 272
    Erik says:

    RE: David @ 269
    May I ask why? Do you not pay your loans back?

    If you have a lucrative money making game that involves not paying your debts, please share… asking for a friend.

  23. 273
    Jeff says:

    RE: David @ 268

    I miss you too Moo Moo. Sorry I’ve been to busy to play pin the tail on the troll with you for a while. Frankly I probably won’t have much time for the foreseeable future, but I do check back every now and again to see how the Bubbles cast of characters are doing. Have you had any good circle jerks here lately?

  24. 274

    Hey, we’re Guzzling Coffee Today, but the Real Polls Say We hate Coffee Anyway? IMO, I’d Sum the poll error factor IMO at least 20-25% [the same data window that shows 25% more Democrats poll results are not voting anyway], ask Hillary in 2016.


    If we polled “Will Seattle Real Estate Go Up in Price for 2021” and just polled Sellers and Less Buyers, it would taint the result similarly. Seattle Bubble proves that outcome. But in the end, it is what it is when the real vote Nov 3rd occurs, not what we “personally” want all the time…or in this case, what new buyers can afford drives the real result IMO. Voting in the current vague error prone polls is not an electoral college result at all. Selling a house to someone that doesn’t qualify to buy it is the same sort of thing.

    “….With no high school football, a frustrated trainer staged his own game. Tracy Ford’s Tacoma mini-camp and showcase game two weekends ago, videotaped for college recruiters, featured up to 112 top players and well-known guest coaches. The only problem: It broke Washington’s COVID-19 safety rules. When it comes to athletics, enforcement varies from county to county and even town to town…”

    SWE’s take: Ya mean Inslee’s Lock-down is just vague guesses with no real platform in writing on Killer Flu killing off Husky Football? Or am I missing something here?

    “…Prosecutors say a Kirkland woman conspired with her lover to kill her husband, then fled the country after he was stabbed to death. Sahar Osama Fadaak, 41, was charged this week, and a $5 million warrant has been issued for her arrest…”

    SWE’s take: If ya buy a Seattle area house and depend on two incomes to do it and your spouse goes bad, they often do in Seattle….you’re screwed.

    Good News: It sounds like Erik survived three huge hurricanes in Louisiana, there is hope…

  25. 275

    Hey Poll This Group of Milenial/Gen-Zs on “Do They Think Seattle Real Estate and Rents Need to Increase”; BTW, even as early as 2000, George Bush alleged $10/hr Was GOOD PAY [about $20,000 a year per capita]:


    This is our new first time buyers’ pool, grim looking isn’t it. Just ignore them, they don’t matter in the polls? I read after the 1st debate 24% of this youth group switched to Trump, the internet won’t print that story anymore, check it out…the MSM is skewed as Hades IMO…they have Biden winning a debate call just because he won’t clarify his real tax increase agenda? Sounds like we know what we’re doing. Not.

  26. 276
    David says:

    By Erik @ 271:

    RE: David @ 269
    May I ask why? Do you not pay your loans back?

    If you have a lucrative money making game that involves not paying your debts, please share… asking for a friend.

    It was just a play on the Groucho Marx quote:

    “I won’t belong to any organization that would have me as a member. Groucho Marx”

    Personally, I always pay my debts. Hence I have no debt, no bankruptcies, etc. Well I do owe $160 on my new Tacoma Truck. I needed to take out a loan and keep it open for 6 months to get the huge discount.

  27. 277

    RE: David @ 275
    I’m Debt Free too David, Been that Way Since 2009, When I Paid My $80K Mortgage Principle Off

    The money I made from not paying mortgage interest to a bank and using it as replaced “early retirement” interest payments to me instead….paid for my $26,000 Kansas City foreclosure/flipper with the interest I did not pay the last 11 years, as a result the early retirement also bought my “loaded” new 2014 $24K Charger SE too…BTW….the Kansas City flipper lists for 3-4 times that price now, Hades I could take a “We Buy Ugly Homes” $CASH$ offer and still double my money the last 6 years…LOL…do the math. And my property tax 1/2 payment for the Kansas City flipper is due around Nov 15 2020, its like $88/mo…a joke compared to my HUGE King County mobile home property tax bill especially with HOA fee added in…do the math.

    BTW, Dave…every case is different, but 0% down for a new car is not a always a good way to lower total payments and insurance cost for life of car. That’s why I buy ’em new 100% $CASH$ only. My FICO score is off the Richtor Scale too and wash St charges car insurance based on FICO score. Call your insurance company.


  28. 278
    Blurtman says:

    RE: Mackenzie @ 266 – BiHarris’ raising taxes on higher income folks will have some effect on higher end home buying. Raising corporate taxes will cause stocks to go down, decreasing the wealth effect and lowering the home price target for affected folks. Higher corporate taxes means flight to more tax favorable environments, cutbacks in hiring in the US, and a decreasing pool of buyers. BiHarris’ pro-China policies means the continual export of jobs to China, also not good for increasing the home buyer pool. The old idea that the US gets out of manufacturing and excels in FIRE and tech has been proven to be garbage, but it is still a tenet of BiHarris’ neo-liberal string pullers.

  29. 279
    Erik says:

    RE: softwarengineer @ 276
    Great job in Kansas! Keep that thing rented forever and pass it down to your kids. Real estate is generational wealth. I want to own enough homes without a mortgage in order to live off the income. Then I’ll pass the whole portfolio off to my kids when I die debt free and professionally managed so they can’t screw it up. I want my children’s children to prosper off of my hard work.

  30. 280
    Erik says:

    RE: David @ 275
    Not even real estate mortgage debt?

  31. 281

    RE: softwarengineer @ 274

    The Biden Tax Plan Would assure Even the Bottom 20% Income Group has new Progressive tax tables increasing tax 30.3%…He’ll Never Admit it, But here It is in Wring…it all floats downstream…our financial hopes…


    Hey, too bad about that Seattle Cop [enjoying a Dunkin’ Doughnut and Coffee in his Seattle Police SUV?] some wild eyed radical set his vehicle on fire yesterday with a fire torch devise while he was in the vehicle….YIKES! Now tip your Dunkin’ Doughnut mugs of coffee and wish that peace officer a better day today; read the brief:

    “…More than 100 Seattle police officers have departed this year, as city leaders and residents debate whether and how the force should be reduced. The tally includes 39 just last month, according to the department, and a plan for layoffs is in the works…”

    SWE’s take: Assuming the Indeed employment per capita pay for the SPD is like $25/hr….would you work “treacherous” CHOP Hill for a mere $25/hr? LOL

    “…Seattle has launched a COVID-19 relief fund for undocumented immigrants who can’t access federal stimulus money. The $9 million fund is similar to a state fund; each offers grants of $1,000 to $3,000 per household…”

    SWE’s take: We have legal citizens going bankrupt and legal citizen low wages with high taxes due to Killer Flu….and illegal aliens are prioritized for $CASH$ relief on our legal citizen taxes’ backs anyway? Send the Halloween Frankenstein Monster loose on our Seattle Counsel politicians…

    Good News: Facebook and Twitter are in hot water for running a political smear business against Trump. They were caught blocking just Conservative views…perhaps they’ll lose users now. I would never use Facebook BTW….they require more personal information than I’d give my attorney…and Hackers are accessing it too.


    Yes 29M folks had personal information stolen by Hacker Thugs from Facebook. That’s not chump change either.

  32. 282

    RE: Erik @ 278
    Yes Erik:

    So much for that Fairy Tale if you go into huge student debt and are the ones that actually graduate with a degree [only 15% of the ones that majored in engineering at U of W actually graduated]…ya make a $million more than high school diploma folks or Associate Degree folks for that matter.

    Real Estate is something ya can control for your own Trump family with kids…my Milenial daughter is doing very well at age 32 with an Associate Degree. Create your own family wealth without basement dwellers until they’re 40-50 or ya die limping around and caring for their grandkids. You should see the giant [$1M?] new house they’re building next to my HOA, it looks like 4-5 thousand SF. I told ya my hill top land is valuable. I thought it was apartment building, until I saw the window lay-out…the neighbors across the street lost all their privacy now though and house values next to my HOA get averaged with mine now….LOL

  33. 283
    Seattle Seller says:

    Rents down 10%. https://www.seattlepi.com/realestate/slideshow/Seattle-Bellevue-see-significant-rent-decreases-211008.php When rents go down while purchase prices go up. something is out of whack.

  34. 284
    David says:

    By Erik @ 279:

    RE: David @ 275
    Not even real estate mortgage debt?

    No even mortgage debt at the moment. I like to own my house outright. And I have an expensive brand new ocean-front house in Florida.

  35. 285
    Erik says:

    RE: David @ 283
    Leveraging is how to make the loot. If you owned $10M in real estate and prices go up 10%, you make $1M in equity. If you had $10M worth of real estate in Seattle in 2012, you could sell now and make well over $10M. Seems like easy money.

  36. 286
    Erik says:

    RE: Seattle Seller @ 282
    A decrease in rent is not something that really concerns me. It’s a very small number in the scheme of things from my perspective.

    Why do you think it’s significant? Why is it significant to you?

  37. 287
    Justsomedude12 says:

    RE: Erik @ 285 – I’d also add that considering we’re in the midst of a pandemic with large swaths of the economy shut down, a 10% decrease in rents is pretty benign.

    Covid will get worked out one way or another, and the economy will move back upward from this very small downturn.

  38. 288
    ruxpert says:

    China, Real Estate, and Covid-19
    September 10, 2020 By Lamprey Milt

  39. 289
    Erik says:

    RE: Justsomedude12 @ 286
    A tenant could get injured and sue me. A tenant could destroy my property. A tenant could refuse to leave without paying. There could be water damage to my property costing loads of money. The market could crash hard and the value of my portfolio could go down substantially. HOA could have a substantial special assessment.

    Having to subsidize a little cash flow to my rental portfolio is the least of my worries. I throw in $20k to cover my loss in rental income and my value goes up $500k. Big deal, I only made $480k this year.

  40. 290

    Great Difference in Investing Styles in Comments; Lots of Unknowns Too, Like Abilities of Landlords to Use Emergency $CASH$ Funds to Cover Rent Losses Due to Eviction Ban:

    One size does not fit all. All investment plans should have elbow room for losses or they run much higher risk of failure:

    “…Apartment dwellers and other residential tenants in the U.S. owe roughly $25 billion in back rent, and that will reach nearly $70 billion by year’s end, according to an estimate in August by Moody’s Analytics.

    An estimated 30 million to 40 million people in the U.S. could be at risk of eviction in the next several months, according to an August report by the Aspen Institute, a nonprofit organization.

    Jessica Elizabeth Michelle, 37, a single mother with a 7-month-old baby, represents a growing number of renters who are afraid of being homeless once the moratorium on evictions ends…”

    SWE’s take: Let’s face it, a 37 year old single mom with an infant might as well as well have lepracy in the single dating world today. What single guy with means will marry into a “potentially likely” huge child care debt and very possible HUGE Wash St child support payments after the relation ends, they mostly do BTW. Nope, unless there is huge wage increases and more higher paid manufacturing jobs in America, this type of single family has no hope. Especially cities like Seattle. She “generally” needs rich parents or a homeless tent here, the last couple decades too….I hope you Bubbleheads have a example cure for this problem…explain it to me, please. BTW.

    “…This is not totally without reason, but it’s also a highly simplistic view of families in crisis. Of the nation’s 13-14 million single custodial parents in 2015, five out of six were mothers, and half have formal or informal child-support agreements, yet about 30 percent do not receive any agreed-upon payments. While the median amount that custodial parents are supposed to receive was $4,200 per year in 2015, the median payments actually received was only $1,656. Among the 5 million mothers awarded child support, 1.4 million fathers paid nothing. Although their absolute numbers are smaller, the proportion of custodial fathers who were supposed to receive support was actually higher — 365,000 out of 884,000…


    SWE’s take: Ya can’t get blood from a deadbeat dad rock…these are National Statistics, the King County “deadbeat dad” statistics are masked and most likely far worse than national averages…look for them…if ya find ’em, I’d like to know.

    Don’t Skip That Child Support Payment and remember your coffee too…read the brief:

    “…A retired UW professor has been charged with murder, accused of shooting his sleeping wife in Bellevue. Domestic-violence homicides have surged since the pandemic began. Read more…”

    SWE’s take: The Killer Flu isolation and telework stress mental illness and related crime is causing more divorces in 2020?…this dead King County wife depicts this likely grim possibility…

    “…Winter in the Seattle area will be colder and wetter than usual, according to a new long-term forecast from NOAA. But that doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll see heaps of snow. Read more…”

    SWE’s take: Cold Winters are a recent yearly trend in Seattle lately, not an exception.
    The rest of the brief is regurgitated news stories, I won’t repeat them…

    Good News: Many buck the establishment tide and put their “own” family well-being WAY ahead of real estate price growth. These are the successful folks in my book.

  41. 291
    TJ_98370 says:

    Now That Price Appreciation Isn’t There, Investors Are Saying, Oh Wait A Sec, There’s Some Risk In There

  42. 292
    justsomedude12 says:

    By Seattle Seller @ 282:

    Rents down 10%. https://www.seattlepi.com/realestate/slideshow/Seattle-Bellevue-see-significant-rent-decreases-211008.php When rents go down while purchase prices go up. something is out of whack.

    I think this is likely because renters tend to be more adversely affected by the shutdowns than potential buyers/owners.

  43. 293
    David says:

    By Erik @ 284:

    RE: David @ 283
    Leveraging is how to make the loot. If you owned $10M in real estate and prices go up 10%, you make $1M in equity. If you had $10M worth of real estate in Seattle in 2012, you could sell now and make well over $10M. Seems like easy money.

    I would say not to have everything leveraged at some point.

    Warren Buffett says there are only 3 things that can ruin a man:

    1) Ladies
    2) Liquor
    3) Leverage

    BUT really he means leverage.

  44. 294
    Erik says:

    RE: David @ 292
    Leverage is how I went from being a struggling aerospace engineer living hand to mouth to a much more comfortable financial position, so I don’t know… nothing will change my mind. I don’t want to retire when I’m old. Saving and investing in 401k is a sure way to lose. I want to be a young retired person, not an old retired person.

  45. 295
    ruxpert says:

    Danielle DiMartino Booth
    “We haven’t seen how bad it can get.”

  46. 296
    David says:

    By Erik @ 293:

    RE: David @ 292
    Leverage is how I went from being a struggling aerospace engineer living hand to mouth to a much more comfortable financial position, so I don’t know… nothing will change my mind. I don’t want to retire when I’m old. Saving and investing in 401k is a sure way to lose. I want to be a young retired person, not an old retired person.

    Leverage makes sense on real estate deals for sure. The IRR goes up substantially.

    I just like to own my main residence. Especially in Florida where it is protected from creditors in almost all cases. I’ve owned outright for quite a long time in 3 different states.

    But I have certainly even had that leveraged when I was younger. Housing inflation sure is nice in a leveraged position.

    Zillow, today, is saying the area I live in now will go up 8% by next year – not too shabby if it can be sustained.

  47. 297

    Great Opinions All, You made SWE Think

    Hey Erik, have you seen the 50 somethings and even the 40 somethings working and look horribly “fat and old” and limping around at work; conversely retired folks at 70 with six pack abs or women over 50 that look better in a bikini than the 30-40 year olds? IMO, its all DNA luck…pick your parents carefully…LOL…also:


    So much fake news and how working forever extends your life, what a joke….they probably read and believe that fake news from the CDC….LOL

    BTW, a Vietnamese engineer at Toastmasters brought this to my attention about a year before my full pension/retirements went into effect in 2015 [I was gonna work until 66/67, but ran the numbers and my 62 YO net retirement pay was the same working or retiring]. Even SWE was fooled…LOL…do your own numbers, don’t assume its a joke. A good rule of thumb if you’re hoofing it with mostly just Social Security, Medicare and locked box 401Ks; a million of $CASH$ unlocked in MM saved is about $5000/mo retirement “extra” for 20 years at 0-1% savings interest. Do the math. The last 5 years out of the office and I’m reading more and laughing more too…its all good. Also, now I know retired I can save like Buffet; my net worth grew retired in 5 years by about 40%. Unlock your 401Ks into MM and still save it all for later and then some….the fun goes on and on; my recent bank statements make me dance…LOL…if I ever find out I need a disabled home with doctors and such for $4-8K/mo, I’m ready. If you’re married, budget intensive nursing home needs for wife too…$8-16/mo and assume the wife’s retirement income will be taxed at a high marriage bracket tax chart [25-30%?]. Get older and get younger/richer too, get retired ASAP…LOL…do the math.

    Now grab your coffee and gulp it all down, its good for your health and read the brief:

    “…Vietnamese Americans lean heavily toward President Trump, but a progressive faction is pushing back. The rancor is intense among many still traumatized by war and harrowing escapes from a communist regime. Read more…”

    SWE’s Take: Vietnamese aren’t stupid, they don’t want Socialism/Communism snuck in with a “nothing burger Communist style progressive agenda” before election. They won’t be fooled, they’re like SWE. The Latinas I know are in that camp too. Read their agenda in writing to believe IOWs.

    “..Internal documents show that while the Carlisle Companies conglomerate blamed the pandemic downturn for its decision to shutter a Kent factory and lay off almost 600 people, it’s actually moving much of the work to China and Mexico to bolster profit margins. Read more…”

    SWE’s Take: The Boeing 787 engineering group was suppose to be moved to Chili about 15 years ago, I know, I was dating a $30/hr 787 engineer with about 5 years experience and she told me. BTW, she had a $400K mortgage in SEATAC and she needed a mortgage sharing buddy..LOL…no thanks.

    “…There’s enough at stake for to keep playing, but the inevitable spike in positive cases have predictably disrupted the season. Read more…”

    SWE’s Take: Vote Biden if ya want flu masks until 2022 [it seems to be the progressives’ political Halloween Costumes lately]…mandatory flu masks forever agenda and a slamdunk “Great Shutdown Economy Depression” ahead….or Trump and a “V” shaped 29000 DOW economy with mitigated shutdown…you choose. Vote!

    Everything else related to Seattle RE price prediction in the brief is regurgitated news, I won’t repeat it.

    Good News: Retirement is within all our reach, but do the math….LOL

  48. 298
    wreckingbull says:

    By Erik @ 293:

    RE: David @ 292 – Saving and investing in 401k is a sure way to lose. I want to be a young retired person, not an old retired person.

    As someone who actually did retire young, I can say this is some pretty dismal investment ‘advice’. But then again, you also pioneered negative cash flow condo investing, so I would imagine most people on SB know to take your investment advice as a sort of parody.

  49. 299
    wreckingbull says:

    By Justsomedude12 @ 286:

    RE: Erik @ 285 – I’d also add that considering we’re in the midst of a pandemic with large swaths of the economy shut down, a 10% decrease in rents is pretty benign.

    Covid will get worked out one way or another, and the economy will move back upward from this very small downturn.

    I don’t think that is the reason. The reason is what we have been seeing for the last eight years – a massive apartment building boom which has resulted in an oversupply. Also, while I don’t agree 10 percent is benign, usually these rent studies don’t include incentives. Most places are offering 1-2 months free with a lease these days. I’d say the real number is closer to 20%.

  50. 300
    Erik says:

    RE: David @ 295
    You are right, I think we are on the same page. I do Dave Ramsey’s total money makeover with my personal finances, which includes paying off your mortgage on step 6. I just haven’t paid off my home yet. I went straight to the wealth building faze and now I’m looping back to get everything else done. My investing side is where I do all the leveraging. I separated my personal finances and investing recently, and I use to leverage myself when I was too poor to separate my finances.

  51. 301
    Erik says:

    RE: wreckingbull @ 297
    I’ve made a lot of money condo investing. I make more investing in real estate than I do at my job. I’d say I’ve done pretty well and I’m on track to retire early.

    Now I have a decent size real estate portfolio with very low risk. I proved my method.

  52. 302
    Erik says:

    RE: wreckingbull @ 298
    You are one of the people on this site that do not understand investing. You made a high income and didn’t have to understand investing. When it comes to investing you are extremely ignorant.

    That said, I actually agree with you. A bunch of low square footage apartments were pushed out in Seattle causing an oversupply and pushing down prices. Good job on not being wrong 100% of the time.

  53. 303
    Erik says:

    RE: softwarengineer @ 296
    I was a stress engineer in a Boeing 787 Structures Leading Edge Engineering group and I didn’t hear any rumors about moving to Chili.

  54. 304
    uwp says:

    By Seattle Seller @ 282:

    When rents go down while purchase prices go up. something is out of whack.

    Maybe a global pandemic where people are stuck inside and would prefer a home vs an apartment?

  55. 305
    justsomedude12 says:

    RE: wreckingbull @ 298 – I think it’s a little strange to conclude the 10% Seattle/Bellevue rent decline that coincided with covid is really due to overbuilding, and not covid.

    So all of the other high priced cities that have had a similar or greater decline in rents also overbuilt on exactly the same scale and schedule as Seattle, and now they’re all declining in unison due to overbuilding? And the fact that it’s during covid is just a coincidence?

  56. 306
    ruxpert says:

    Covid cabin-fever relief on the horizon?
    UPDATE in the Corona Scandal by DR. REINER FUELLMICH translated to ENGLISH

  57. 307
    David says:

    By Erik @ 300:

    RE: wreckingbull @ 297
    I’ve made a lot of money condo investing. I make more investing in real estate than I do at my job. I’d say I’ve done pretty well and I’m on track to retire early.

    Now I have a decent size real estate portfolio with very low risk. I proved my method.

    Don’t pay too much for THAT house: https://youtu.be/kxwsrkDTGAk?t=42

  58. 308

    RE: Erik @ 302
    The Lady Engineer on the 787 was working at Tukwila Oxbow Around 2010 and Was Not Doing Stress Analysis, She Was Doing a Lot of Travel and Photo Op Jobs; worked mostly non-design PR tasks.

    She gave me the verbal allegation on the whole 787 engineering department “possibly” moving to Chili [she showed me a travel DVR of her on Boeing TV, she may have heard it from coffee pot chatter you didn’t hear]; but she also was recently divorced making puny Boeing pay with a $480K SEATAC home mortgage too….I noticed the import export bank and the Boeing unions with SC are recently getting “antsy” about the 787 Everett cost of union production wages….so the program is not only plagued in defects, but management was running around like a chicken with its head cut off to cut wage engineering costs at that time [the schedules were all going to pot] too. What I’m saying Erik, her Oxbow group may have had an understandable “potential” incorrect company leak, your 787 design stress group didn’t have. You’re probably right, she was a village idiot when it came to buying homes with a feasible plan too.


    The 787 is a program plagued with defects and poor management from day one. The engineering department always gets blamed [i.e., the 737 MAX crashes]. 787 Plastic based composite planes [90% outsourced] are better than aluminum? Not in my book. I see why you left the Seattle Area to find a decent spouse in the Midwest States, my daughter did that too…LOL…you do aerospace stress analysis too, how can you safety factor 787 composite parts with hidden”voids” in the part? Ya can’t, but the foreign 787 parts subcontractor needs “costly” x-ray machines at QA and most didn’t have ’em then [now too?] to weed them out…BTW, voided [interior unglued] plastic based composite defective parts get by foreign/domestic QA inspections all the time, its SOP. I saw that chronic potential defect CSI defect all the time as a safety engineer on all programs with composites, its horrifying. It just takes one bad “critical safety item” part to slip by and the whole A/C is junk.

    Thanks for the input Erik. It all floats down stream….LOL…I believe you more than her too. It still doesn’t excuse the 737 [its military based too] for “stealth” removing English drawings with Japanese Drawings; re: on-going Boeing stealth Seattle area outsourcing 90% of the 737 life cycle jobs to Japan…military A/C 737 manufacturing trade secrets for possible and likely outsourcing to Communist China is even worse. Trump brought this military “Asian” manufacturing 737 trade secret leak to China up too in 2016.

    Hey, time for a change….try a delicious large Mocha caffeine milkshake at Arbys for $4…now you have whipped cream and chocolate on your mouth and read the brief:

    “… Ballots piling up in King County drop boxes at unprecedented rate
    Elections workers began picking up ballots earlier than usual as a steady stream of voters packed them full. Some boxes have already been emptied more than once, and a disgusting surprise in one had King County Elections tweeting good-naturedly, “It’s a good night to thank an election worker!” Black Americans are casting early ballots in striking numbers, with many describing their vote as an urgent stand against racial injustice. Find ballot help in The Seattle Times’ voter guide and, separate from our news coverage, the editorial board’s endorsements. (Photo: Bettina Hansen / The Seattle Times)…”

    SWE’s take: What difference does it make what box you vote from, mailed or separate from the post office? Either one can be potentially messed with by party crooks and scooped up, separated and thrown in the trash by the handfuls regardless, just like NJ did to thousands of GOP ballots. I’m using the Post Office to vote today. It all floats down stream…my mind was made up four years ago on Presidential candidate. It hasn’t changed at all. And that King County ballot tracking system, no matter which box I stuff it in, is reliable? Lord only knows…its just like trusting FDIC bank insurance to protect your $CASH$ after the banks threatened to possibly close all their doors in 2008…a joke. Remember the 1929 Great Depression and locked down bank doors…LOL

    “…The presidential candidates’ stark divide over climate change is hitting home in Washington state, from Joe Biden’s plan to zap carbon emissions at a breakneck pace (you can see Gov. Jay Inslee’s fingerprints on this) to President Donald Trump’s inclination for states to chart their own path….”

    SWE’s take: Climate change is a great hypothesis with conflicting data, like the recent record COLD Seattle Winters…one size does not fit all. Or CO2 levels with average temperatures peaking and decreasing since 1937….Lord only knows….polar bear populations are growing exponentially lately too…check it out.

    “… King County Prop. 1: Voters will decide whether to spend $1.74 billion on Harborview Medical Center. See what you’d pay, and what the money would buy…”

    SWE’s Take: Raise property taxes and build more practically empty new hospitals?

    “…This “tale of two hospitals” is a function of clumsy, if well-intentioned, federal and state directives to halt all non-emergency procedures, which appeared at first blush to be a reasonable precaution to limit unnecessary exposure and safeguard staff, beds and equipment.

    But instead of merely preserving hospital beds and other resources, this heavy-handed injunction has created a burden of its own design: a historic number of empty beds in systems left untouched by the pandemic.

    Those hospitals have resorted to unprecedented levels of furloughs to stave off temporary budget shortfalls, but industry and economic trends point to more lasting outcomes unless immediate action is taken.


    I’m voting “NO” on Proposition 1….Hades, the hospitals’ mandatory Medicare cost limits make growth a joke. Ask a recent Medicare patient how small their hospital Part A bill was…LOL…it didn’t pay for a fraction of the MSRP prices…

    “…”Oh my goodness … that’s got to be a problem.” Dr. Anthony Fauci last night said he wasn’t surprised at Trump’s illness after watching the event that would become a superspreader, and he also described how the White House kept him from talking to journalists…”

    SWE’s take: Ya test positive now and most have mild or no symptoms too…ask the Trump family. Flu has always been this way…it starts out like a lion and generally morphs into an innocuous mutated strain lamb after about 4-6 months, its SOP folks. They’re trying to scare us to death with politics IMO. Open up America again and stop the push for more “brainless” Socialist type dictating. Open the da_n schools up NOW you political hacks…

    “… Is it OK to travel yet? With many people making plans, and traffic at Sea-Tac Airport hitting a pandemic high, Travel Troubleshooter outlines key coronavirus benchmarks to consider…”

    SWE’s Take: I see United Airlines now alleges air travel safer than flu lock-downs….how many of you caught colds after air travel with recycled Airline air?…lots…I’m not suggesting don’t ride in a commercial jet, this virus risk has been innocuous and SOP all along.

    “…One Seattle music teacher has a unique way of helping kids get through online classes: the didgeridoo, an instrument developed by the aboriginal peoples of northern Australia. Cuauhtemoc Escobedo, of Eckstein Middle School, is trying to figure out how to build, disinfect and get 100 didgeridoos to his students. For the moment, though, he’ll try anything to engage his students — including playing didgeridoo music that one of his sixth-graders calls “voooom voooooom, very wavery and really fun.” (Photo: Bettina Hansen / The Seattle Times)..”

    SWE’s Take: Blowing through Viking Type horns will teach them math and science online….not. This is our Seattle area online public schools hard at work? I’d switch the nut off and watch Looney Toons on TV instead.

    Good News: The “V” shaped Trump recovery added about a million new jobs in Sep 2020 alone…real estate sales and prices have grown exponentially too lately…the flu is over.

  59. 309
    don says:

    Pretty hard to find Chili on the map, good thing they dropped the proposal.

  60. 310

    Hey, “I VOTED”….now get out to your mailbox in your “Isolation Pig” Pajamas and VOTE. McDonalds has McCafe gourmet Starbucks Type brews 2 for 1 With the BOGO coupon; Gulp Both Down and read the brief:

    “… Transit measure tests voters’ willingness to boost sales tax
    Seattle’s Proposition 1 would hike the sales tax to fund bus service and other transit programs, as government budgets reel from the pandemic and fewer people commute. Here’s what it would cost, and what it would buy. (Photo: Ken Lambert / The Seattle Times)..”

    SWE’s take: My disabled son used Metro’s ACCESS years ago and yes, it can help disabled folks and poverty level workers like him….but its a complete MOOT point when disabled homes got turned into Killer Flu prisons by Inslee. They are all locked up like prisoners in the Family Adult Homes like prisoners with no visitation allowed the last 6 months. Until they open up Seattle for business; vote NO on Prop 1 and furlough without pay all the bus drivers like they did the schools, churches, etc, etc….

    “… Today is the deadline for a deal on COVID-19 relief, a target imposed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. It’s not looking good. With time nearly up for Congress and the White House to deliver aid to Americans before the election, the big question is: If not now, when? Find today’s live updates here…”

    SWE’s take: Pelosi has a 27% approval rating last I saw. She doesn’t care about us voters; just her party’s political PORK Killer Flu money GRAB. She “unilaterally” extended the “BLOCKED” stimulus money to the poor deadline until Halloween last I read. The poor eat cake. We’re about $27T in debt now and she thinks there’s plenty more to borrow anyway. BTW, the Progressives had a good stock market run on $2-4T QE to the BANKSTERS from 2008-2016; Trump adds MASS jobs [1 million last month alone] and a “V” shaped 29000 DOW without using this progressives’ “Quantitative Easing Scam” with simultaneous much higher Obama tax tables stealing 30% more taxes [I assume now] from even the bottom 20% “POVERTY” household income poor [yes, many in that group owe federal income taxes, especially singles]…a HUGE difference in agendas and the Progressives fail to mention it now….IMO, vote your pocketbook, its our only hope now. Don’t believe “COMMUNIST STYLE” devilish lie promises fake political campaigns, just believe American Patriot vows in writing with hand on Bible, BEFORE ELECTION only too…promises made, promises kept IOWs.

    “…The pandemic has turkey farmers flapping about a sizable problem: too many big birds to fit Americans’ new Thanksgiving needs. (Here’s guidance from disease specialists on how to decrease risk as you make tough calls about the holidays.)..”

    SWE’s Take: Hey you isolation pigs won’t have family Thanksgiving Celebrations to mooch off anymore; enjoy the new Red Robin pizza carry out with $8 Take Out beers….pretend its delicious dark meat from the Turkeys we stopped buying….

    “…South King County has fewer registered voters than other parts of the county, but the Rev. Jimmie James is out to change that. He and leaders of other community organizations are educating and registering voters who have been historically underserved — and their work is making a difference. See voter registration and turnout rates near you. (Photo: Steve Ringman / The Seattle Times)..”

    SWE’s Take: Maybe we don’t register to vote because all we get are these tax and spend Progressive clowns anyway…LOL

    Good News: The Killer Flu Isolation Pigs won’t be eating Thanksgiving Turkey; they should just fast that day anyway…

  61. 311

    Global Cooling Sending Seattle Temperature Predicted at 38 degrees By Thursday Evening

    Snow in October is rare; but Covington/Kent could see mid 30s by Thursday…we’re always colder than downtown Seattle…break out the tire chains before November? Your HUGE utility bill “additional” mortgage payments on those huge new homes should hit soon now…

    Good News: Killer Flu isolation pigs can stay at home if it it snows soon…LOL

  62. 312
    ruxpert says:

    Dr. Elke De Klerk: We do not have a medical pandemic.

    World Doctors Alliance: “We Do Not Have A Medical Pandemic.”

  63. 313

    Hey, the Yuban 31 oz container is $12 at Safeway, $6.27 at WINCO….I had two WINCO Mugs Already, time for the Brief:

    “… Fall COVID-19 surge has arrived and may soon worsen, state officials fear
    Coronavirus cases are rising “at an alarming rate” in Western Washington, health officials say, and projections indicate we’re facing several difficult months. This has state health officials warning that the surge may strain local hospitals. And it’s not just our region: Across nearly the entire nation, the virus is rebounding with a vengeance, and this wave threatens to be the worst yet. (Photo: Erika Schultz / The Seattle Times)…”

    SWE’s Take: Its SOP flu cases to go up in Fall, its always been that way. Now go to the internet and sludge threw the foggy Killer Flu death-rate statistics and all I see is unclear and conflicting statistics probably all mixed together with diabetes, heart disease and other pneumonia causes mixed with colds, old age immune responses and other flu strains besides Killer Flu. Fuzzy Math IOWs, more akin to Crystal Ball Gazing than medically sound science data….check it out yourself.

    Good News: Erik and David have answers for the 2021 housing sales predictions. I predict diametric opposite directions sales/prices will go depending on who wins the Presidential Election. Its good news because the strong economy candidate now has an 87% of winning…just heard it today from a new report. Now smile and down a small ZOMBIE SKITTLES bag of Halloween candy, drooling red dye all over your isolation pig pajamas. I just spoke to my neighbor who is an experienced real estate agent; the current V shaped economic recovery is causing her sales profits to rise…she agrees with my prediction too.

  64. 314
    Jonathan says:

    Anyone else get exhausted trying to read softwarengineer’s comments?

    I’ve been looking at real estate in PNW for the past year. I just have one question:

    Washington State: Why are you selling 3br mobile homes for $300,000+ ?

  65. 315

    RE: softwarengineer @ 311
    It Sank to 36 degrees Last Night [Wednesday]…frost on windshields and roofs in Kent this morning. 32 degrees tonight? Switch from 70 degree October shorts and tee shirts just days ago to gloves and parkas now for the sudden Seattle COOLING? The rain that’s been pelting down turns to Halloween Seattle Snow? Now that is scary…LOL

    Grab your hot chocolate, warm up and read the brief, wear a robe and slippers with your isolation pig pajamas…BRRRRR…

    “…. Seattle faces 9 more months without Amazon workers
    If you worked at or near Amazon’s headquarters, you’ll remember when this area was packed. But now people are far and few between, and more than 130 retail, restaurant and service businesses have closed their physical locations in downtown Seattle permanently. With Amazon’s announcement this week that it’s extending its work-from-home plan through June, some remaining business owners say they can’t imagine making it without help — which seems unlikely in the near term. (Photo: Ellen M. Banner / The Seattle Times)…”

    SWE’s take: Amazon is no savior to Seattle real estate prices anyway. predominately $15/hr ware house wages is a joke. These folks can’t afford the rents here either….CRAM three Seattle City “typical” service wage workers in a 400 sf $2000/mo studio with no parking or near-by grocery stores….that should fix it…LOL…NYC does it, its acceptable now? The good news is the destitute and homeless service sector working city dwellers are forcing the few qualified middle class home buyers [like $250K/yr per household now] to switch to buying more subburbs homes to escape the high city taxes, Chop Hill violence and smashed windows…SPD is hiring but no one wants the job risks working as a city cop now for like $25/hr peanut pay with like violent thug flame throwers igniting your cop cars…

    “… How vaccines will be distributed in Washington state: Officials yesterday outlined who will get the doses first and how they will be made available to everyone else in several phases, prioritizing equity. But with a limited supply expected, decisions within each phase will be complicated. Find today’s live updates here…”

    SWE’s Take: This is not a plan to develop any quick vaccine IMO, its political pressure to drag your feet forever and slow its development down or it might help Trump. That’s not a workable China Killer Flu agenda, its political manure in my book and it smells HORRIBLE like Chinese corruption too. Good News, the Killer Flu medication [available right now] Trump used worked in days and gave him a “stable” negative testing result for weeks now too. God forbid we admit it?

    “…Seattle has grown far geekier in the past decade, vaulting to the top of the nation for the number of residents who work in science, tech, engineering or math. And it was pretty geeky to start with. FYI Guy digs into which jobs propelled this trend, and how women are faring in STEM fields…”

    SWE’s Take: STEM fields? Try Witchcraft with “Vegas Style” random numbers password thefts and “purposely” putting chip hacker open back doors galore [Intel Chips]…Tom Clancy calls this group of IT Warlocks and Witches “HACKTIVISTS”…the most skilled witchcraft geeks come from China, Russia and Iran [in that order] Tom Clancy communicates [and yes, these “foreign” IT devils invade Google, Face Book,etc….like Communist Thugs invading America]…they blame the American engineers for “unrelated” Hacktivist everything [like virus S/W organized crime protection money payouts or even direct payouts to spies and politicians in high places]. Clancy asserts Companies like MSFT love to hire foreign hackers, even the FBI/CIA hires ’em now. Read Tom Clancy’s 2014 “Support and Defend”, if ya want a clear “Military History” type recent fact check reference guide on foreign “enemy” origin Cyber Security root causes. They treat us like we’re stupid and fog this NWO topic up TOTALLY in my book.

    “… Need ideas on how to celebrate Halloween? From a socially distant “candy tube” to a dance party Zoom, here’s what your fellow readers are doing…”

    SWE’s Take: My HOA suggests leaving the candy in bags and have them “steal” as much as they want off your porch….not to worry “Hacktivists” are really angelic STEM workers, not real FRANKENSTEINS…LOL…I see Halloween pumpkins aren’t even sold at Safeway anymore, GRIM. The candy supplies look mostly unsold too. Am I wrong? Like Eddie Murphy said on Beverly Hills Cop, “Trust Me”…LOL

    Good News: Celebrate Halloween all OctoberIMO…but just give the kids candy if their parents OK it. That’s my plan..what’s your’s Bubbleheads?

  66. 316

    Practically No One at My 140 Unit HOA Wears a Flu Mask, and I haven’t Heard of a Any Neighbors Testing Positive Either; Our HOA developed Heard Immunity to Killer Flu? The Kids Don’t Social Distance Either Do the Adults for That Matter…But We’re “Lucky Dog Exceptions”? Now pull your flu masks down from Your “Lucky Dog Mouths”and gulp coffee….read the brief:

    “…The debate closer to home: U.S. Rep. Denny Heck and state Sen. Marko Liias, both Democrats, emphasized bipartisanship as they tackled the COVID-19 crisis, education and more in last night’s lieutenant governor debate (watch it here). Plus, today’s live election updates are up and running. And if you have a hot date with your ballot this weekend, find help in our voter guide and The Seattle Times editorial board’s endorsements…”

    SWE’s take: A virtual make-believe “Hot Date” With Your Voting Ballot? Sounds depressing versus a real F2F hot date during Killer Flu restrictions…

    “…An Auburn officer’s three deadly shootings have common themes: gun versus knife, and a shot to the head. Interviews, testimony and hundreds of pages of documents shed light on the shootings by Officer Jeff Nelson, the first police officer in Washington charged with murder under a new law that removed barriers to prosecuting cops…”

    SWE’s Take: Let the jury decide, and make it non-partisan jurors too.

    “… The first drug to treat COVID-19 has been approved, the FDA announced yesterday. But remdesivir is “not some kind of miracle cure,” and it won’t be used on everyone. Our FAQ Friday looks at how effective it is and what other treatments are being used. Find today’s live updates here…”

    SWE’s take: Looks like the same drug that cured Trump too…why isn’t used on everyone? Just Trump supporting doctors prescribe it? LOL

    “… Target shoppers can make reservations to avoid another frightening prospect: holiday crowds. And Santa Claus may still be coming to town … but not to Macy’s flagship store in New York, where he’s appeared since the 1860s. Other stores plan socially distanced Santas. There’s not much holiday cheer at the Gap, which yesterday said it’s closing hundreds of stores…”

    SWE’s Take: Santa’s Not Giving Out Gifts This Year, He tested Positive.

    “…Seattle has sued the Trump administration over the president’s threat to cut funds to “anarchist” cities. That’s an “abuse of federal power,” Mayor Jenny Durkan said as she joined two other cities in the lawsuit, amid possible signs of attempts to carry out Trump’s orders…”

    SWE’s Take: At least they got the topic right…”anarchist cities”…

    Good News: If ya can’t talk to take out folks with muffled face masks on and they can’t understand ya either…order only with coupons displaying pictures of food ordered and just order that without much speech…signal to the coupon picture, limit words to “Just This” and point. Learn to tip at take out restaurants too, ya get a buck if its all in the bag…pre-order with iPhone or laptop? Be careful, that may take an hour of vague “time wasting” scrolling too…LOL

  67. 317
    ruxpert says:

    In The Hamptons, Sales of Homes Priced at $5 Million-Plus Jumped 291% Last Quarter
    The market’s rebound is being driven by New Yorkers fleeing the city amid Covid-19


  68. 318
    ruxpert says:

    Your Guide to The Great Reset – Episode 387 – Corbett Report


  69. 319

    Hey, Your Car Tires Lose a Bit of Air Pressure When the Temperature Drops, But Gains Air Pressure When Its Warmer Again…so pressurize your systems with hot coffee and read the brief:

    “…Seattle has grown far geekier in the past decade, vaulting to the top of the nation for the number of residents who work in science, tech, engineering or math. And it was pretty geeky to start with. FYI Guy digs into which jobs propelled this trend, and how women are faring in STEM fields. Read more…”

    SWE’s take: STEM degrees are useless learning source control S/W development coding, its a company trade secret not taught in colleges. STEM degrees do help in “limited job”microchip design and aerospace stress analysis; but we don’t do that much in Seattle anymore, its all died out or outsourced/insourced now. Does geek=hacktivist in witchcraft “non-engineering” Cyber Security crime now? LOL

    Read and Weep geek Bubbleheads thinking STEM is really important in Seattle…here’s where STEM is really needed and it ain’t Seattle or Just America anymore:

    “..The semiconductor industry is a global business today. The leading semiconductor manufacturers typically have facilities all over the world. Samsung Electronics, the world’s largest manufacturer of semiconductors, has facilities in South Korea and the US. Intel, the second-largest manufacturer, has facilities in Europe and Asia as well as the US. TSMC, the world’s largest pure play foundry, has facilities in Taiwan, China, Singapore, and the US. Qualcomm and Broadcom are among the biggest fabless semiconductor companies, outsourcing their production to companies like TSMC.[16] They also have facilities spread in different countries…”

    We invented it and they stole it from us…LOL….like Bruce Springsteen’s “My Home Town”….”and these jobs ain’t comin’ back”…LOL

    Good News: Maybe you electric car freaks will wake up and smell the coffee…I just learned 70% of the electricity in America comes from FRACKING, NATURAL GAS AND OIL [I assume the rest mostly comes from dams and nuclear]….why do we want to kill these CRITICAL energy industries down to NOT power electric cars and such? I know the Tooth Fairy knows…LOL …its just like Obamacare, you vote it in and later realize it doesn’t work at all, even decades later, after we’re a hopeless 3rd World Country with China as our OVERLORD as Seattle Home prices go down the Communist toilet.

  70. 320
    Eastsider says:

    According to Zumper, current median rent for a studio apartment in Seattle is $1,225/mo, the lowest level since tracking began in Nov 2014. 1BR and 2BR rent also dropped precipitously over last 6 months. Rent for 3BR+ is stable.


    Also, will there be any businesses (e.g. restaurants) left to serve office workers when Amazon reopens? Seattle is heading into a recession/depression IMO.

  71. 321
    ruxpert says:

    Apartment Rents Are Plunging in the World’s Richest Cities. It’s Time For You to Negotiate

  72. 322
    justsomedude12 says:

    RE: Eastsider @ 319 – Some businesses/restaurants will close, and when covid is under control others will take their place. Commercial landlords will have to reduce their lease rates to entice businesses/restaurants back in, and that will benefit the new businesses/restaurants. Basically the free market at work. It’s sad for those that won’t make it, but things will go on.

    Same with residential rentals. A downward adjustment to rents that will make it more affordable and entice people back in post-covid.

  73. 323
    ruxpert says:

    Chief Science Officer for Pfizer Says Second Wave Was Faked on False-Positive COVID Tests, and that the “Pandemic Is Over”

  74. 324
    Eastsider says:

    RE: justsomedude12 @ 321 – It takes a lot of capital to start a new business. Businesses don’t like the uncertainty of arbitrary lockdown, civil unrest, and higher costs. And if income tax is raised, a lot of small businesses (s-corp’s) will bail.

  75. 325

    Hey it Dipped to 37 degrees Last Night in Kent, But That Wind CHILL Yesterday Made Seem Like 25 degrees…LOL…so make your brew extra hot and read the brief:

    “… Dwell Development co-principals Anthony and Abbey Maschmedt renovated three historic homes in Seattle in a year, introducing cutting-edge efficiency while preserving and enhancing original elements. Read more…”

    SWE’s take: Dangerous Old Insulation

    Two types of old insulation that are dangerous to your health are urea formaldehyde foam, which is usually gray or yellow and brittle, and asbestos. Formaldehyde off-gasing is a concern, so this product is no longer on the market. Most people are aware of the dangers of asbestos, which may cause cancer and other health problems. If you suspect your home contains asbestos insulation, you should not remove it yourself. Instead, hire an asbestos abatement contractor to safely remove this insulation before proceeding with any renovations.

    “…Military, police in Washington state prepare for possible civil unrest after election..”

    SWE’s Take: I assume the “Military” is Army and National Guard that normally carry like 38s and AK-47s to defend themselves [and Seattle] from MASS GANGS of anarchist violent demonstrators, clutching flame throwers, bricks and a mirade of other weapons to destroy Seattle…

    Good News: Buy a house with a fenced wall around it [razor barb wire on top too?], it will help ward off the likely anarchist GANG attacks this Thanksgiving season. The police are all quitting/retiring in MASS, in 100 bunch droves now, understandably they’re like “scared rats” leaving the Seattle City? “CHOP HILL” war zones sinking ship now….its forced in Trump’s “military” replacements anyway.

  76. 326
    ruxpert says:

    A Sophisticated Condominium In Seattle By Christie’s International Real Estate, Seattle

  77. 327
    ruxpert says:

    “Hyperinflation accompanied by a housing collapse is simply impossible—by definition.”
    —None-too-clever financial blogger.

    Inflation, Hyperinflation and Real Estate
    But what is the effects of rising interest rates in an

    inflationary/hyperinflationary environment? Real estate price collapse.

  78. 328
    ruxpert says:

    Fed JUST said Housing Crash is Coming (Details)

    Storm Clouds Approaching the Housing Market

  79. 329

    Grab a Pumpkin Flavored Mug Jack in the box Coffee, Gobble Down a Pumpkin Reeces Boo Bar and read the brief:

    “… What’s driving UW’s Dr. Vin Gupta as he shares coronavirus answers with the nation
    Pick any weekday and you’ll likely see UW’s Dr. Vin Gupta on at least one news show, speaking with passion and expertise on masks, traveling, vaccines and more. Gupta, who’s absorbing political fire and death threats as one of the nation’s most visible commentators on COVID-19, is a reluctant star. But still, MSNBC anchor Brian Williams says, “He speaks for those he is treating — the patients who cannot speak for themselves.” (Photo: Mike Siegel / The Seattle Times)…”

    SWE’s take: President Gupta is our real President now? What about Trump and Even Biden? Medical doctors advise the Executive branch of America, not control it. Its this “China Killer Flu” lock down mode forever stance that’s killing Biden’s Campaign “GROUND GAME” and Trump’s MASS ATTENDED Rallys have effectively neutralized “the high cost Biden advertising” efforts alone pollsters are alleging to date and now point to…Hillary did the same thing in 2016, she didn’t F2F travel to swing states enough either and lost. Virtual Type TV ads alone are useless. Another year of “Ghost Town” airports lock down affecting Boeing sales and Seattle homes will be down to $300-400K average prices by 2022?….why wouldn’t they bubbleheads?

    “…Shooting deaths and injuries spiked dramatically in King County in the first nine months of the year. And in Seattle, shootings are at the highest level in more than a decade. The pandemic and other social strife are likely contributing to the violence, prosecutors say…”

    SWE’s take: This HORRIFYING Seattle “Chop Hill violence” was there long before the Pandemic. Our establishment politicians consider this risk manageable and good for home sales….LOL

    Good News: It was 31 degrees in Kent last night, but warmed up to 36 degrees when the clouds came in later in the morning. Break out the bikinis and sun tan lotions…LOL

  80. 330

    Hey…Get Your Free Pie or Milkshake at Arbys through Halloween, just mention their ad. Try the coffee Jamocha milkshake and read the brief:

    “…The rush for a vaccine may backfire, raising the risk that the virus will linger and delay Americans’ return to normal life, some researchers say…”

    SWE’s take: Drag your feet and be lazy? That will make the vaccine better? How about much worse? The lazy Killer Flu isolation pigs hate work now?

    “…On the lighter side, pandemic trick-or-treat setups are getting wildly creative as they go far beyond socially distant candy chutes…”

    SWE’s Take: My HOA suggested just leave bags of candy on your porch and hope one thief doesn’t grab it all…LOL

    “…Many of Seattle’s large parks hold “a spiraling public-health and public-safety crisis,” business and neighborhood groups wrote to the mayor and City Council yesterday as they called for action on homeless encampments. Public health officials, though, say people who are living in parks shouldn’t be removed during the pandemic. Meanwhile, the council yesterday passed a compromise plan for outreach. (Photo: Mike Siegel / The Seattle Times)..”

    SWE’s take: Perhaps the feces and drug needles in the park grass aren’t an issue….but imagine living in a tent in this COLD weather. That alone will kill ’em all off?

    Good News: Unemployment is up and there’s jobs galore out there too. The Killer Flu isolation pigs don’t want to work? Plenty of jobs for those “skinny ones” that want to work though.

  81. 331

    The Bubbleheads Teleworking Face Likely High Tech Pay Cuts Watch Their Pay Checks Shrink Oct 2020 and Now This From Boeing…Yikes 31,000 Face the Bloody Lay Off Ax Now?

    “… Boeing nearly doubles its planned job cuts as losses mount
    Boeing today announced that by the end of 2021, it will employ 31,000 fewer people than at the beginning of this year…”

    SWE’s Take: The % amount of the Killer Flu teleworking pay cuts in Seattle by High Tech is masked to date; but its an issue and will clearly reveal itself in puny paychecks soon we’re all too embarrassed to admit to? 31,000 Boeing pay cuts is 100% of their pay, that’s clear. We’ve got to open up lease space for real F2F offices again…or office space landlord rents will plummet in 2021.

    “… Washington state will decide for itself whether vaccines are safe after they’re approved by the FDA, Gov. Jay Inslee announced yesterday. As trust in the federal government wavers, several other states are doing this, too, but top health experts have said it could backfire. Find today’s live updates here…”

    SWE’s Take: Yeah right….walk the talk Inslee…you’ve been letting politics stall the China Killer Flu vaccine milestone MISSION IMPOSSIBLE since day one. Its recently killing your anomalous Democrat Swing State poll numbers too and helping Trump…the 30-40 year olds are switching/resonating to the Trump Train in MASS crowds now…they don’t want a shut down forever and normal life ruined for 2020. Oh Wash St will elect you anyway Inslee…so what, it has no impact on the National Presidential electoral college count for Trump. Its too late to reset again too.

    “… The U.S. reported a record of more than 500,000 new cases over the past week, even as the Trump administration said it ended the pandemic…”

    SWE’s Take:


    “…Amazon is hiring 100,000 workers as it ramps up for holiday shopping. UPS, Walmart and Target are also hiring for roles that reflect how the pandemic has changed shopping patterns…”

    SWE’s take: I got one of those HIRING AT AMZ FOR PUNY PAY $15/HR too for my daughter…did you Bubbleheads get it too? Jobs galore but no takers?

    “…Hurricane Zeta is speeding toward storm-weary Louisiana, packing 90 mph winds. Landfall is expected within hours near New Orleans, where a pump system failure has raised the city’s risk of floods. This story will update…”

    SWE’s Take: Erik’s survived 3 of these hurricanes so far, this is #4 for him.

    Good News: Erik’s fine so far.

  82. 332
    ruxpert says:

    RE: ruxpert @ 322

    COVID: The Virus That Isn’t There: The Root Fraud Exposed

    So why are estimates of the reliability of COVID testing all over the map? Why is it that
    “the media appear to have deliberately tried to give us bad information about most aspects of the illness and of the pattern and severity of illnesses and number of cases”?!

    “The testing mess, lack of reliable data on Covid-19, and a hypothesis why.”

  83. 333
    Erik says:

    RE: softwarengineer @ 330
    Zeta hit us directly and we have no power. I believe it was a category 2 and nearly a 3 when it hit us. Our fences fell down, got a little water in the house, and debris was hitting the house. We cleaned up outside today and I still got paid since the facility I work at was shutdown. I’m still collecting a paycheck and that’s what matters.

    Another Boeing engineer called me today that got an involuntary layoff notice. I told some engineering managers in Everett to send the laid off employees my way and gave them my personal cell number. I connected the laid off engineer with my senior manager in NOLA, and she asked for his resume and I’m pretty sure he’ll get a job. In aerospace, you gotta be ready to move. We gotta help one another out.

  84. 334

    RE: Erik @ 332

    Good to Hear You’re OK and Family Safe Erik

    You’re renting there, at least the landlord picks up the remodeling tab.

    You’re right Erik….don’t be pig-headed and be ready to revise life’s plans spontaneously and drastically….I had a Supervisor at PACCAR in 1978 that told me to work in a another job for less money but with a stable pension….I’m where I am today because of that GREAT advice 42 years ago [laid off high tech folks were begging to get my job 15 years later too]. I replaced a Contract Engineer then, but PACCAR laid off everyone in 1982 too….I got out of Boeing just in time. My wages went up 50% in two years after leaving the Big “B” too. High Tech paid a lot more than PACCAR/Boeing then; but I learned automotive transmission design and “robot” computer programming NC at PACCAR then too…did a lot of stress analysis on lift jigs then too. I probably saved lives too…the shop designed lift equipment at PACCAR was a joke and broke heavy loads on victims too…

    His name was Walter Ebberson and he’s probably deceased now….he was my old friend and very wise too. That’s why I emphasize Toastmasters Erik…ya get to communicate with winners for advice, not losers.

    OK, Grab Your $1 a mug Jack in the box coffee with a coupon and read the brief:

    “… These Seattle-area businesses got called out the most in COVID-19 complaints
    At the Gold Bar Family Grocer in Snohomish County, a cashier wouldn’t wear a mask. At a tea and apothecary shop in Fremont, a sign on the door told customers to take them off. Fred Meyer made the list, too, of more than 64,000 coronavirus-related complaints that have flooded in about businesses across the state. FYI Guy looks at the weirdly wide variety of Seattle-area businesses that racked up the most complaints. (Photo: Steve Ringman / The Seattle Times)..”

    SWE’s Take: Get off your political high horse Seattle Times; we most all don’t believe your shutdown forever lies using “handpicked” doctors that agree with you. In fact, I heard a good allegation from a “poll pundit” a couple days ago…the 30-40 year old [parents with kids in school] are resonating to the politics of ending the shut downs now and getting back to work. This BS has gone on way too long.

    Good News: The hard workers like Erik will survive. The fat lazy isolation pigs will fail.

  85. 335
    ruxpert says:

    Tech vets launch Seattle real estate startup to crowdfund rental home investing
    by Kurt Schlosser on October 22, 2020

  86. 336

    Hey…Happy Halloween Bubbleheads….grab some candy you won’t be handing out to Trick or Treaters because Halloween Was Cancelled This Years…maybe 3-4 bars….wipe the chocolate off your “isolation pig” mouth and sip your coffee while reading the brief:

    “…Public health officials are trying to increase coronavirus testing in South King County, where the population has been disproportionately affected by SARS-CoV-2 compared to the county at large. Read more…”

    SWE’s take: Here’s the latest psychic reading on Killer Flu death rate in America:

    “…You’ve probably heard a variety of phrases to describe the COVID-19 death rate. But the most important assessment is what’s called the “infection fatality ratio,” or IFR. The IFR is the basis of the estimate that the COVID-19 death rate is six times that of a typical seasonal flu year.

    The IFR is one of two measures used to determine how many infected people die from the disease. It is an estimate of the proportion of deaths among all infected people, not just those with confirmed diagnoses. Because it is impossible to test everyone, scientists and statisticians create an estimate based on antibody testing of a sample of the total population…”


    I didn’t make this up, “scientists and statisticians create an estimate” out of thin air folks and the “window of error” is off the Richtor Scale statistically [2500% Joke Window of error folks, using 1-25% death rate on an ambiguous incomplete test case denominator]. Doctors make VERY poor mathematicians IOWs.

    Good News: We’re getting fat on flu isolation and eating less Halloween Candy is good for us….LOL

  87. 337
    Blurtman says:

    Realtor and son of former Democrat lawmaker charged over Antifa firebombings and assault

    Two Antifa “protest buddies” have been charged for their alleged involvement in the plotting and execution of serious violent attacks on Seattle police at Antifa riots throughout September.

    Danielle Elizabeth McMillan, a 29-year-old realtor, has been charged by King County prosecutors for attempted arson in the first degree, a Class A felony. She is accused of bringing a concealed firebomb to an Antifa black bloc riot outside the Seattle Police East Precinct on Sept. 1 in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, the area previously occupied by CHAZ. McMillan is alleged to have lit and thrown the incendiary device at the facility. The device failed to make it over the fence protecting the building and shattered on the ground.

    McMillian’s alleged black bloc accomplice, 19-year-old Jacob Bennet Greenburg, is charged with felony first-degree attempted arson, felony first-degree assault and felony first-degree reckless burning in relation to three violent Antifa riots in September in the same neighborhood. He is the stepson of former Washington state lawmaker Laura Ruderman, who served in the 45th Legislative District as a Democrat from 1999–2005.

    Greenburg is accused of successfully throwing a lit Molotov cocktail at the East Precinct on Sept. 1 shortly after McMillan’s failed attempt. The building was occupied by staff when it caught fire. The criminal complaint also accuses Greenburg of being the masked militant who bashed a Seattle Police officer on the head with a metal bat near the East Precinct on Sept. 23. The assault was captured on camera in a viral video. The officer’s helmet was cracked from the impact. Three days later, Greenburg allegedly returned to Capitol Hill at another Antifa riot where he was filmed squirting accelerant to grow a street fire.

    The affidavit provides some of the clearest evidence of Seattle Antifa organizing using encrypted messaging applications like Signal and Telegram. Investigators seized two phones owned by Greenburg in late September which revealed a trove of alleged communications between him and McMillian showing the planning of terrorist attacks and the desire to kill law enforcement.

    “At [Cal Anderson Park] I can meet you,” McMillan wrote to Greenburg on Sept. 1 before the riot. “What’s needed for the cocktail,” she asked.

    He replied: “Gas, mid sized bottle, wicc, rag”

    After the riot, they congratulated each other. They expressed a desire to memorialize the “direct action” with tattoos of Molotov cocktails and antifa symbols.

    “Can we like pls slit every spd [Seattle Police Department] throat,” asked Greenburg. McMillan responded to him another time: “Thanks for being a good and loyal protest buddy.”

    The criminal complaint shows photos of an Antifa rioter identified as Jacob Bennet Greenburg
    Further communications show they discussed launching a firebombing attack on the Seattle Police Officer’s Guild, gathering supplies and discussing how to destroy evidence.

    In one chat thread, Greenburg bragged about firebombing the city’s juvenile detention facility. On July 25, antifa in multiple American cities organized riots in “solidarity” with the Youth Liberation Front in Portland, who were involved in mass nightly violence against officers guarding the federal courthouse. Greenburg wrote: “Oh I was also a part of the youth jail fires. Hell yea dude. That’s fucking awesome. I was the one who Molotov the east precinct and other then [sic] that I’ve broken windows for other people to do [direct actions] and I tag all over the place.”

    In exchanges with McMillan on Sept. 24, Greenburg boasted about assaulting the officer on the head with a bat. “Very proud of you!” McMillan wrote. Greenburg responded, “Appreciate it. I’m proud too hehe. Wish he didn’t have a helmet on lol.” McMillan later asked him if he deleted their communications.

    Beyond McMillan’s alleged violent Antifa activities, she has a long criminal record that includes convictions for assault, reckless driving, violation of a no-contact order and numerous drug-related offenses.

    The affidavit identifies “suspect 2” as Danielle Elizabeth McMillan, who was dressed in black bloc at a riot when she allegedly hurled a firebomb at the police east precinct

    Over the weekend, real estate company Windermere announced McMillan was no longer employed with them.

    Windermere tweeted: “Earlier today we were made aware that Danielle McMillan was arrested on charges of attempted arson on the Seattle Police Department’s East Precinct. Due to the alarming nature of the charges, Danielle was released from the office in Woodinville, WA where she was licensed.”

    McMillan responded to her former employer on Twitter, writing: “Anyone can be ‘charged’ with anything. People can judge all they want; there are thousands of innocent people who have been sent to prison. I have enlisted representation and how people react due to allegations is on them.”

    McMillan recently deleted or obscured all of her social media accounts. She previously used the name “@realtor_1990” on Twitter before now changing it to “@1158Garcia.” Her deleted Facebook and Instagram accounts used the name, “Realtor1312.” The numbers “1312” correspond to the antifa slogan, “ACAB”—all cops are bastards.

    McMillan’s bail was set at $100,000, which was paid. She has been reached for comment. Greenburg’s bail is currently set at $750,000. He is still in the county jail.


    Hey, but Antifa is just an idea according to the senile one.

  88. 338
    ruxpert says:

    RE: ruxpert @ 331

    “Fear Was Instilled Into The Public”
    ‘Our economy came crashing down’
    Covid-19: EXPOSED (OFFICIAL MOVIE) | Dr. Lawrence B. Palevsky & Jason Shurka

    This is the Covid-19: EXPOSED Official Movie. This is a 30-minute film in which the world-renowned pediatrician, Dr. Lawrence B. Palevsky, reveals the scientifically-backed TRUTH regarding the coronavirus.

    “More generally, the newly demonstrated willingness of state officials to destroy, with just a few executive diktats, hundreds of billions of dollars of capital value cannot but push some entrepreneurs and investors into inactivity. Why build, or build grandly, when some pompous governor or mayor – someone whose only ‘skill’ and most intense itch is to exercise power over fellow human beings – can, with a mere signature, smash down a sledgehammer and turn to mush the fruits of years of hard work and sacrifice?”

    Fear Is A Viral Monster

  89. 339
  90. 340
    David says:

    RE: Blurtman @ 336 – Hire her as your realtor and see what happens when she decides you own too much white privilege and burns that shiite to the ground.

  91. 341
  92. 342
    Jeff says:

    After a quick review of the last 40 posts I propose for Tim to consider changing the name of this site to “MAGA Bubbles”. Has a catchy ring eh?

  93. 343
    ruxpert says:

    Divisive division distraction & the hypocrisy of scoundrels.
    Both parties are allowing the cancerous corruption to consume us all.

  94. 344
    redmondjp says:

    By ruxpert @ 342:

    Divisive division distraction & the hypocrisy of scoundrels.
    Both parties are allowing the cancerous corruption to consume us all.

    Yes, because there is one entity behind the curtain with puppets on both the left and right hands. People need to step outside of their box and try to understand the bigger picture. The information is just a few clicks away, but the biggest obstacle is between one’s ears.

    Most people prefer to live in a fantasy world and ignore reality. Sadly, too many of our population today fit into this category. This makes me fear for our future. If enough people wake up to what is really happening, this can all be stopped. The fear that is now being used to control us can easily be turned around and used against the entity behind the curtain to great effect, as there are far more of us than make up the entity.

    For starters, go to the World Economic Forum website and start reading about ‘The Great Reset.’ Then ponder what that could possibly mean, and how it will affect your life. And remember, Uncle Bill said that everybody will need to take the corona virus vaccine at least twice a year, in a speech a few months ago.

    Are you enjoying our ‘new normal’ yet?

    Back to real estate: the second $2M new home near me is almost complete (the “holiday” light strings are already installed on the roof edges). The first home was bought, all-cash, by people from the far east almost a year ago, who entered this country on an educational visa via Vancouver, BC (google is your friend, right?). You would think that when you are buying a house in this price range, that only licensed and bonded contractors would be used, and you would be wrong. Two dudes in an unmarked 15-year-old minivan with a couple of ladders lashed on the roof rack, working until after midnight and on the weekends. You can guess yourself what trade they were in.

    If I could tell new homeowners one thing: learn about what maintenance your 4300s.f. OSB box needs, to keep your OSB from getting prematurely mushy. The builders leave the shell open to the elements for several months and the OSB sheathing on the roof and exterior walls gets quite swelled up when it rains, and later they slap some wrap and siding over it, followed by a scant misting of what could be paint. Smart buyers would spend a few grand right away and have a good painting contractor come back after about a year and re-caulk and paint the entire exterior, most especially the trim. That would be the best money spent on making your house last a few years longer.

  95. 345

    Be Thankful For Your Blessings as an Isolation Pig Holding Thanksgiving Dinners at the Same Place as Schools and Churches…Imaginary Virtual Turkeys?

    LOL…now guzzle your Hot Mug of 800 calorie a “$6 a mug Starbucks Mocha” With Isolation Pig Whipped added on of course..read the brief:

    “… Washington schools’ plans keep crashing down as the virus surges, and reopening buildings will be many magnitudes harder than originally imagined. Missing from the public conversation about reopening is a serious look at how schools will contain cases when they arise, with districts left to interpret the data and navigate political pressures on their own. Find today’s live updates here…”

    SWE’s Take: Online Public Schools= No public schools IOWs…even the King County public school students are wearing “end the Killer Flu school shutdowns now” MAGA hats now…LOL…so are their parents stuck with caring for them 24/7s.

    “…Batten down the hatches: Three wet weather systems are blowing toward the Seattle area. We could soon see serious winds and significantly cooler temperatures, according to the National Weather Service…”

    SWE’s take: Hey you lemmings bought those “new” giant energy burners in Seattle, now pay your utility bills you New Green Deal fakes. It was 35 degrees and frosted roofs in Kent last night.

    Good News: Erik’s landlord got stuck with the hurricane damage, he’s renting now….LOL

  96. 346

    Hey You Hungry “Killer Flu Isolation Pigs”, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts is Handing Out Free Election day Doughnuts Tomorrow…get a bigger belt at the store on the way back too…LOL

  97. 347

    RE: redmondjp @ 343
    Yes redmondjp

    The new million dollar 5000-6000 sf million dollar MONSTER HOUSE near my modular [Kent] was lacking a roof for weeks during the October monsoon we had….its roof is up now, but weeks too late. That $4 million dollar Hindu Temple they stopped construction on for the last couple months has some signs of workers there now, but no completion date insight at this SLOW pace and wide open to the weather rains too. I see the Hindu Temple SFH next door it has a full house now in the parking lot lately, like about 500-1000 worshipers jammed in a SFH…Inslee, sic your Killer Flu police on them and shut it down, fine ’em all? LOL…the 4 foot deep crawl space for new home construction dug two months ago still has a deep muddy swamp lake in it too…LOL

    The fun goes on and on…

  98. 348

    Virtual Killer Flu Turkey Dining at Your Laptop With Imaginary Thanksgiving feasts?

    Virtual Christmas with public schools permanently closed this year…unwrap those imaginary presents while attending your imaginary public schools and colleges…with fake football and no fans???

    Don’t get depressed Killer Flu Isolation Pigs; Red Robin is throwing in FREE 10″ PIZZA if ya order a ten dollar burger….the Red Robin Checkout takeout coupon code is FREEPIZZA….all is good…LOL

    Good News: Erik is getting FULL PAY Hurricane Zeta administrative leave, as his employer closed down for the Zeta storm.

  99. 349

    Too Close to Call or Polls Become a Complete Joke Where a Good Ground Game [decent attended rallys] is Centered, Like Pennsylvania:

    Its still too close to call with 80% of the votes counted and Trump leads by 55%…and there’s a big to do about Penn? I see Biden was lured there too to waste his scarce rally time last month. My guess is Penn has nothing to with voter fraud, its Wisconsin and Michigan the Organized Crime attacks…in 2016, they were busing in illegal aliens to cast fictitious votes in those states:


    Its like that “too big to fall” or “too close to call”; c’mon man, its all political manure in my book.

    Good News to the Seattle Political Favorite: Inslee won as we expected. The Seattle Lemmings are clasping hands, dancing in circles singing with glee [until they get their Property Tax and rent increase bills…LOL]

  100. 350

    Today’s Confusion Masks Understanding Where Seattle Home Prices Goes:

    “…Major Crash Factors for the US Housing Market:

    Democrat blocking of Trump policies and stimulus during and after the pandemic
    pandemic is slow to pass or comes back in October
    home prices ridiculously high given that we’re in a recession
    stock market at peak volatility
    bankers quickly anticipate trouble and begin tightening mortgage lending
    the Fed has to raise interest rates too quickly in 2nd half of 2020 to cover debt, and given the size of the loans, a 1% increase would create defaults and panic selling
    global economic failing impacts US economy
    key housing bubbles in NY, Boston, Los Angeles, San Jose and San Francisco collapse
    Trump loses election in November (Democrats are anti-business and previously allowed the China trade imbalance
    cold war with China escalates
    a return to globalism which would wipe the US dramatic gains of the last 3 years
    “America First” dream dies followed by dramatic drop in purchases of China products
    China’s debt ridden, export dependent economy topples
    single-family housing construction permits decline
    homeowners too fearful and dumping overpriced homes and condos while the getting’s good
    massive student loan and personal debt defaults
    investment tax breaks end
    stimulus spending ceases
    yield curve inverts again thus scaring the financial community

    Cities such as Austin, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, San Diego, Los Angeles, Baton Rouge, Bismarck, Anchorage, Casper, Midland, Lafayette, Bakersfield, are at risk. The price of oil dropping is jeopardizing the whole state of Texas and Miami / Florida’s tourism industry is being wiped out. If people aren’t driving or flying, and it’s spring, low energy prices aren’t much of an economic boost….add Seattle to the list too…”

    Good News: I’m invested in just long-term CDs and Money Markets, Thank God I got out of equities before the Stephen King Killer Flu Fog hits Puget Sound….so has Erik.

  101. 351
    ruxpert says:

    RE: softwarengineer @ 349

    ‘Confusion Masks’ / ‘Killer Flu Fog’
    Hysterical Paralysis
    *There is no vaccine for Tyranny of Corruption Collusion Confusion

  102. 352

    Another “REDO” Election for 2020? Or will the Supreme Court choose our President, Like Bush/Gore in 2000?


    FBI Director Wray alleges no election fraud? Fire him.

    This “legal” mess may go on for months Bubbleheads…they say the 2018 Dem House wins were orchestrated by the same type of corrupt S/W in voting machines “Chavez used in Communist Venezuela”? And they’re using it in 2020 too. Its not a question, its a fact Bubbleheads. We have become a 3rd world country.

  103. 353
    don says:

    RE: softwarengineer @ 350

    The article you quoted needs attribution, or do you want us to believe you wrote it?

    A link is appropriate.

  104. 354

    RE: don @ 353

    The only key real estate point I see being tossed around at the moment is Biden saying he will get rid of the stepped up basis. I think in the end game of that NAR will get them to carve out Primary Residence or at least allow the exemption of $250,000 on the decedent’s final return if the house is sold fast enough. I don’t disagree with getting rid of the decades old stepped up basis because it came into effect back when Estate Tax/Inheritance tax was much much higher at 50% to 80%. As Inheritance Tax diminished and in large part became exempt, they never removed the Stepped Up Basis for market assets of Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate and some other assets. It is time for it to go, but Primary Residence should have a slight tweak though not a full step up. NAR silent on this so far but agents are freaking out that NAR isn’t weighing in on it.

  105. 355
    don says:

    RE: Ardell DellaLoggia @ 354

    That will be a battle if changes are proposed. People of all political stripes own homes and investment RE.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if depreciation deductions and 1031 exchanges get looked at as well,
    although most discussions about depreciation fail to include the “recapture” tax on eventual sale.
    It all looks like hiway robbery until some poor investor writes the check for that. The tax payment scene ends up on the cutting room floor in most cases.
    I do agree that stepped up basis should be looked at, though. Canada doesn’t do it, but the whole tax environment is the context.

  106. 356
    Luke says:

    By Jeff @ 342:

    After a quick review of the last 40 posts I propose for Tim to consider changing the name of this site to “MAGA Bubbles”. Has a catchy ring eh?

    Wasted 30 minutes scanning through the conspiracy theories, conservative rants, and pure stupidity. This blog is dead.

  107. 357
    Blurtman says:

    Why banks need to be a utility and why financialization and deindustrialization will lead to a revolution. And yes, this does contain RE relevant content.


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