“Affordable” home price shot up 33% in less than two years

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As promised last week, here’s an updated look at the “affordable home” price chart.

In this graph I flip the variables in the affordability index calculation around to other sides of the equation to calculate what price home the a family earning the median household income could “afford” to buy at today’s mortgage rates, if they spent 30% of their monthly gross income on their home payment. Don’t forget that this math includes the (giant) assumption that the home buyers are putting 20% down, which would be $148,590 at today’s median price.

King Co. Actual & "Affordable" Home Prices

The “affordable” home price has shot up from $530,359 in November 2018 to an all-time high of $706,800 as of August. The current “affordable” home price in King County would have a monthly payment of $2,365.

The current gap of $36,150 between the affordable price and the median price is similar to the difference we saw between the two numbers in mid-2005.

If interest rates were at a more reasonable level of 6 percent (which is still quite low by historical standards), the “affordable” home price would be just $493,215—more than $200,000 below where it is today, and nearly $250,000 below the current median price.

Here’s the alternate view on this data, where I flip the numbers around to calculate the household income required to make the median-priced home affordable at today’s mortgage rates, and compare that to actual median household incomes.

King Co. Home Price, Income Req. to Afford

As of August, a household would need to earn $99,466 a year to be able to “afford” the median-priced $742,950 home in King County. This is up from the low of $46,450 in February 2012, but down slightly from the May 2018 high of $119,004. The previous cycle high in July 2007 was $99,321. Meanwhile, the actual median household income in King County is estimated to be about $94,500.

If interest rates were 6% (around the pre-bust level), the income necessary to buy a median-priced home would be $142,540—51 percent above the current median income.

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Tim Ellis is the founder of Seattle Bubble. His background in engineering and computer / internet technology, a fondness of data-based analysis of problems, and an addiction to spreadsheets all influence his perspective on the Seattle-area real estate market. Tim also hosts the weekly improv comedy sci-fi podcast Dispatches from the Multiverse.


  1. 1
    homelessinseattle says:

    Thanks for this data. What advice would you give to a young person with median income trying to buy their first home in the Seattle area on an FHA loan? Buy? Wait? Move?

    I don’t have $150K to put down 20%, and Seattle home price trends have greatly outpaced my income in the last 3-5 years. Which means I am actually saving less each year, as I need to devote more income to rent hikes.

  2. 2
    Blurtman says:

    Hey, but there is no inflation, heh, heh.

    And now we see how the Fed causes homelessness.

  3. 3
    IsErikRichYet says:

    Spoiler alert: the people making median income won’t have a 150k down payment. Lenders should have tightened their requirements in the last few months, but honestly, who knows?

  4. 4
    TJ_98370 says:

    Why the Hoped-for Solution to Out-of-Control Government Debts Won’t Work This Time

    Interesting comments about inflation as related to current world economy –

    “….What consumer price inflation does in today’s developed economies is destroy the purchasing power of the currency, and thereby the purchasing power of already struggling labor paid in that currency, and thereby dent consumption and create more social frustrations and inequities, that would then be addressed with even more borrowing and printing and inflation?…”

  5. 5
    Eastsider says:

    RE: homelessinseattle @ 1 – Rent has stayed pretty flat in the past 5 years. According to Zumper, 2BR rent has decreased by 8% YoY.


  6. 6
    Eastsider says:

    RE: Blurtman @ 2 – Check out the stat for homeless population. Between 2007 and 2019, the number of homeless people has decreased by 12.2% in the US.


  7. 7
    ruxpert says:

    Home Prices Will Drop In 2020-21 + The Data To Prove It!


    “Will the forest fires 🔥 and smoke end…
    …the hot real estate market?

    Here is the September Wenatchee Valley Real Estate Market Update.
    Keep watching to hear predictions on how and why prices will change
    after the election.”
    (remote-workspace, migration, etc …)
    Wenatchee Valley September 2020 Real Estate Market Update

  8. 8
    ruxpert says:

    COVID Financial Pain ‘Much, Much Worse’ Than Expected, Warns Harvard Study

  9. 9
    Milton McKenzie says:

    RE: ruxpert @ 7 – You’re quoting Zero Hedge as a reputable source?

  10. 10
    mountainfamily says:

    By homelessinseattle @ 1:

    Thanks for this data. What advice would you give to a young person with median income trying to buy their first home in the Seattle area on an FHA loan? Buy? Wait? Move?

    I don’t have $150K to put down 20%, and Seattle home price trends have greatly outpaced my income in the last 3-5 years. Which means I am actually saving less each year, as I need to devote more income to rent hikes.

    Change jobs, or move away? Not trying to be sarcastic or unsupportive here–we were chasing the bottom of the market for years and barely scraping by. We decided to adapt to the costs by getting jobs that paid enough to live here. One of us changed fields a bit to a higher paying one (tech), and the other of us grew a business more aggressively and specialized it in order to charge premium prices. I know it’s easier said than done, but you CAN choose to move elsewhere. We’ve certainly considered it but have opted to stay every time, since we’re motivated about our careers and want to live in the PNW. Why do you want to stay in Seattle?

  11. 11
    ruxpert says:

    RE: Milton McKenzie @ 9

    NPR Poll: Financial Pain From Coronavirus Pandemic ‘Much, Much Worse’ Than Expected
    September 9, 20205:00 AM ET

  12. 12
    ruxpert says:

    Federal Court Rules Pennsylvania’s Lockdown Order Unconstitutional
    Christian Britschgi | 9.14.2020

  13. 13
  14. 14
    SnP says:

    RE: homelessinseattle @ 1

    I feel for you, if we did not have a double income we would not have had a down payment for a house. We were able to put down 15% (our PMI rate was $30 a month), but we had saved our down payment by living in a DUMP apartment, and living off one income. It took a year and a half and then it took us another year and a half of waiting for the right house. We ended up north by 4 miles of where we envisioned living, but we don’t feel like we missed out in the 3 years we waited because we have a mortgage payment we can afford, and never went over budget. We also were able to save a 6 month emergency fund, and do improvements to our house right away.

    Renting is not throwing away money if you are able to put money into savings, and spend less than you would on a house because the bigger the mortgage the more interest (rent) you pay to the bank.

    The only thing we missed was putting some of our savings into an index fund instead of having it sit in savings account for years. It would have had far better returns.

  15. 15

    Great Insights and Differing Opinions Bubbbleheads, Its Still a Debate Though; Is it Pollution SMOKE or Just Hazy Fog In the Future…the Tooth Fairy Knows…tip your mugs and read the brief:

    In the Washington Post today:


    Long URL, great story on Boeing Seattle 737 MAX.

    “…“The facts laid out in this report document a disturbing pattern of technical miscalculations and troubling management misjudgments made by Boeing,” investigators concluded. “It also illuminates numerous oversight lapses and accountability gaps by the FAA that played a significant role in the 737 MAX crashes.”

    Investigators said Boeing had “multiple missed opportunities” that could have shifted “the trajectory of the Max’s design and development toward a safer course.” The FAA had a series of its own missed opportunities, the report concluded.

    [FAA proposes $1.25 million fine for Boeing, alleging managers pressured employees to rush inspections]

    The two crashes are “clear evidence that the current regulatory system is fundamentally flawed and needs to be repaired,” investigators concluded…”

    SWE’s Take: So much for that alleged Seattle Times story that the FAA is about to certify the MAX soon….Tooth Fairy News IOWs. You’ve read the recent Seattle Times Take on the MAX, its almost diametrically opposite to this Post article…LOL

    “….The Big Ten reversed course this morning and announced it will play college football starting next month, with a new look. And could Pac-12 football be saved this season by rapid-response COVID-19 tests, with near daily testing?…”

    SWE’s take: Does that mean the PAC-12 needs to play too? Time will tell. Go Huskies!

    “…Hurricane Sally, packing 105 mph winds, made landfall in Alabama this morning and triggered flash floods within hours. Find updates here as even NOAA’s hurricane hunters work from their kitchen tables and bedrooms…”

    SWE’s Take: We all hope Erik and his family are safe…

    “…By refusing to participate in a multinational alliance working on ways to share and distribute vaccines to those most in need, the U.S. is not only being selfish, it’s creating a leadership void that may be filled by rivals, writes The Seattle Times editorial board. ..”

    SWE’s take: If ya want to share in our medical research for a Killer Flu vaccine, help pay for it too. Why stick the Americn tax payer with ALL the globalists bills?

    Good News: Erik may have Hurricane Sally to worry about but doesn’t have SMOKE air pollution to breath, about equal to 9 cigarrettes/day today they say…I wear my flu mask for that reason mainly alone…the contractor crew is building a new fence around my house today…the new fence designs include much more wood and nails than old designs, they look much nicer now too ;-)

  16. 16
    HTX says:

    By homelessinseattle @ 1:

    Thanks for this data. What advice would you give to a young person with median income trying to buy their first home in the Seattle area on an FHA loan? Buy? Wait? Move?

    I don’t have $150K to put down 20%, and Seattle home price trends have greatly outpaced my income in the last 3-5 years. Which means I am actually saving less each year, as I need to devote more income to rent hikes.

    I really enjoy reading from this site and all the comments shared by all the readers. Over the last couple of years, I’ve definitely felt the pain from some folks on here who would like to be homeowners. Allow me to share what we’ve done and perhaps it may aid (you) in determining your next course of action:
    – I used to live in Issaquah, my husband is from New England. Our jobs had taken us to Houston. We bought our first townhouse for $250K downtown Houston in 2011. We were in our 20s. We sold it for $350K in 2017. Bought a house in a great neighborhood in the burbs for $290K, put in $160k for reno and a pool. Are we going to recoup this money? – given the appreciation in Houston ? Probably not in the next 5 years. However, my husband has a 10-minute-commute and we live on the water. We are in a great school district and we have our own police department. SWE – I concur with your previous comments regarding great NASA engineers who left when the shuttle program ended in 2011. My husband was one of them. Our neighborhood is dubbed the neighborhood of the “moonwalkers”.
    – I had an offer from an organization in Seattle in late 2016, we were living in Boulder, CO at that time. The offer was $30K more than my then salary, but it made no sense to move from an expensive city, to a more expensive city. That was when I took another position and we moved back to Houston. I am in healthcare. If anyone is in healthcare, I highly encourage you to look in Houston as the pay is extremely competitive compared to similar occupations in the high cost cities.
    – We are in our 30s and we are looking for a second home on the east side of Seattle.
    – I have 11 folks on my team and half of them are from CA. I’ve seen more California and Washington plates in the last 2 years than the last decade combined.

    I’m not advocating for Houston (I cannot stand the heat and humidity!), just advocating what makes sense for a young person, financially. I recall reading a comment on here months ago that “living in an expensive city in one’s 20s and 30s is one of the biggest mistakes a person can make”. Forgive me, I’m sure I’m not quoting it in his/her exact words.

    Moving away from Seattle was challenging but it made sense for me as a woman in my 20s. Oh… and dating was soooooo much easier in the South!

  17. 17
    Whatsmyname says:

    RE: homelessinseattle @ 1 – I understand your frustration, but, honest question, why are you scaling yourself to the median? Did you expect the median Seattle salary when you got your first job?

    I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong, but in terms of sheer numbers I think the median buyer is a move up buyer. Tim, you’re still quite young, but you’ve owned for a few years now. If you were to sell your house in anticipation of getting a new one, would $148K be an unattainable down payment for the next one?

  18. 18
    TJ_98370 says:

    Covid-19 Has Created a Condo Conundrum in Downtown Seattle
    “For months now, Seattle home shoppers have had to weather an unrelenting seller’s market. After a torrid July, home prices climbed even higher in August, and inventory remained astonishingly low amid the coronavirus pandemic. This scarcity was felt across the Puget Sound region, where buyers had to do “some pretty illogical things”—waiving inspections, paying way above asking—to close on a property, according to Frank Wilson, the Kitsap regional manager and branch managing broker at John L. Scott Real Estate in Poulsbo. “These are counterintuitive to what we used to see with a negotiation process.”
    But there’s one sector of our local real estate market where home browsers can still avoid crushing competition: downtown condos. Though the pandemic has cleared out many offices, developers have pressed on with projects rising from the city’s core, adding to its condo supply at a time when few are willing to make the move downtown. The resulting inventory numbers are jarring: While it would take about one month to unload every single-family house on the market in Seattle at August’s rate of sales, accomplishing the same for every downtown and Belltown condo would require a whopping nine-month slog, per Northwest Multiple Listing Service’s August breakdown. In March, that number was under three. “I’ve gotten more inquiries about, ‘Can you sell my downtown Seattle condo for x?’ than we’ve gotten in a long time,” says Lindsey Gudger, the owner of Georgetown-based Every Door Real Estate. “And unfortunately, the answer for a lot of those people is, based on market data, ‘No, we cannot.’”……”

  19. 19
    Justsomedude12 says:

    RE: TJ_98370 @ 18 – In keeping with your agenda, I noticed you cherry picked the part you like, and left out:

    “Demand may be starting to return. Nasvik points to an uptick in transactions during the past several weeks, including significant interest from tech workers relocating to Seattle. He’s also witnessed some unexpected movement across Lake Washington: Young buyers from Bellevue have seized this opportunity to live in downtown Seattle condos. “It’s really bizarre,” says Nasvik. “That’s the last thing any of us expected, but we were happy to embrace it.”

    Are these home shoppers making good investments? Nasvik notes that both buyers and sellers desire certainty, which the pandemic may not allow for anytime soon. But he’s bullish on downtown’s recovery, and Gudger wouldn’t bet against the area’s long-term rebound. “I think that five years from now,” says Gudger, “if you buy a downtown condo now, you’re going to be in pretty good shape.””

  20. 20
    Eastsider says:

    RE: Blurtman @ 13
    Seattle spends $100k per homeless person based on one estimate. The more homelessness, the bigger the homeless budget. Who benefits from increased homelessness? Ask your city council and their cronies.

    According to survey data, approximately 9.5 percent of the city’s homeless say that they came “for legal marijuana,” 15.4 percent came “to access homeless services,” and 15.7 percent were “traveling or visiting” the region and decided that it was a good place to set up camp. As the city builds out its addiction infrastructure and focuses social services in the downtown core, the problem will intensify. Even King County’s former homelessness czar admits that the city’s policies have a “magnet effect.”

    Seattle Under Siege

  21. 21
    TJ_98370 says:

    RE: Justsomedude12 @ 19
    “In keeping with your agenda, I noticed you cherry picked the part you like, and left out: ……”
    Hi Justsomedude12. – I don’t have an agenda. What I posted was just the first part of the article. I posted a link for anyone interested to read the entire article. I do agree with your point though, the first part of the article was more negatively biased than the last part.

  22. 22
    Justsomedude12 says:

    RE: TJ_98370 @ 21 – Just seems like all your posts coincidentally have that same narrative.

  23. 23
    TJ_98370 says:

    .RE“Just seems like all your posts coincidentally have that same narrative.”
    Point taken.
    I admit that I am biased toward hoping the whole real estate speculation/appreciation thing collapses. As a boomer, I can remember my dad being able to buy a decent home for under one year’s annual salary when working for the Navy as a civilian. That was when housing was “shelter” not an investment. The Tim’s “Seattle Bubble Blog” was originated with him lamenting that Seattle housing was unaffordable for first time buyers. It appears that things have gotten worse over the last several years. I guess I am attracted to any info that may indicate that there is a correction coming.
    Personal – I’m retired living with reduced income. I want to move to a house more amenable to my needs. But real estate has gone crazy! I watch Seattle real estate because whatever trends develop in Seattle eventually spill over to Kitsap County in one way or another. I’ve watched properties sell for over 45% increase over original purchase price in my nabe within three years. That is totally nuts in my opinion and I do not see how that kind of activity is sustainable. But what do I know………
    Reply — Quote

    : Justsomedude12 @ 22

  24. 24
    N says:

    TJ – I read the article. You made a valid point. The counter in the 2nd half of the article was more about anecdotal evidence than hard data. Maybe the flight out of downtown is temporary but 3 months of inventory to 9 months is a jump anyway you look at it but regardless of those specifics I’d rather see different perspectives then all bull or all bear.

  25. 25
    Whatsmyname says:

    By TJ_98370 @ 23:

    That was when housing was “shelter” not an investment.

    Granted, there are no cave paintings of apartment blocks, but you are kidding; right?

  26. 26
    Justsomedude12 says:

    RE: TJ_98370 @ 23 – I sympathize. I also wish RE prices were not so volatile.

  27. 27
    Justsomedude12 says:

    RE: N @ 24 – The ironic thing is that savvy buyers and investors will use the increase in Downtown inventory as an opportunity to buy.

    Others will wait until Covid is over and things have “settled down”. But they’ll only know that things have settled down when inventory is back down again. Obviously at that point they’ve missed an opportunity.

    It seems so easy to time the market and buy at the right time, but in reality human nature causes people to do just the opposite.

  28. 28

    RE: HTX @ 16
    Yes Thank you for Your Honesty About Rocket Scientists being NASA Extinct Dinosaurs

    I Started Hearing About it twenty years ago, that 2011 bunch of layoffs went along with early retirements too? We complained about NASA a couple decades ago, because it wasn’t our dad’s Oldsmobile anymore and mentors for new rocket scientists were gone long before we could have used them now:

    This is a 2012 news article about NASA:

    “…I watched “60 Minutes” a few weeks ago and one segment really caught my attention.

    A group of men, most in their late 50’s and early 60’s that had worked at NASA for years were interviewed. Now with the end of the space program, they are jobless. It was a very emotional discussion, and several of them wept during the interview.

    These were men that had literally grown up with the space program — most with 25-35 years at NASA. Today only a handful of people are left.

    If NASA wanted to send a man to the moon or Mars today, it couldn’t do it. All the knowledge and experience is gone. NASA would literally have to start from scratch…”

    Now, grab your cup of coffee and read the brief:

    “… In Seattle’s bad air, what’s happening to the birds?
    Are they vanishing, or can we just not see them in all this smoke? Birds can be hit hard when air quality is bad, and some local birders say things aren’t looking right. Above, a song sparrow makes the best of things, taking a bath in a Lake Forest Park backyard this week. (Photo: Mike Siegel / The Seattle Times)…”

    SWE’s take: Good news story. Yes the birds are gone this week during smoke pollution. It may be the flapping of the wings and lack of energy? I’m looking forward to the rain tomorrow, the birds are too.

    “… COVID-19 contact tracing, hailed as a key part of slowing the virus, is falling short in Washington state. This has health officials pleading with the public to cooperate. A lack of clear data on antigen test results is also leaving the state “blind to the pandemic,” a public health leader says. Find today’s live updates here…”

    SWE’s take: Tracing medical history by patient name is illegal….all medical personal information is. So why are we blaming the Constitution laws as bad? Imagine being laid off for testing positive and are asymptomatic [no symptoms what-so-ever]… most that test positive are asymptomatic BTW; that’s why with huge positive case numbers in America due to much more thorough testing, it simultaneously has the lowest death-rate from Killer Flu in the world. For every Yin there’s a Yang…its all non-partisan too, why wouldn’t it be? Believe W.H.O. on the importance of total case numbers tested if ya want, I just think they’re a phony Chinese lapdog…LOL

    “…A student has filed a class-action lawsuit against the UW, demanding tuition reimbursement after COVID-19 closed campus…”

    SWE’s take: Anyone that registered at U of W this year just got stung by the Killer Flu Bee. Public schools too.

    “…Pac-12 football took a major step toward returning to play as the governors of Oregon and California lifted restrictions, and Trump called on the conference to “get going.” Here’s what would have to happen next for a fall kickoff….”

    SWE’s take: Give us back our Huskies, please?

    “… Beyond the man cave: Maybe you’re an empty-nester, or just have an unused room or finished basement. A little planning and some creative ideas can help you make the most of that extra space and make home a happier place to be…”

    SWE’s take: Sell it, pocket the money and live somewhere smaller instead. I love my man cave BTW. Tenants living with me would be a shock to me now.

    Good News; Louisiana may build back from 2009 Obama NASA layoffs? Erik Smiles.


  29. 29
    ruxpert says:

    Is RE the best investment in/for volatile times?
    Armed Militias in Louisville

  30. 30

    I Read all the Comments and one main Thread Appears: One Size Does Not Fit All

    Some want a retirement savings, some don’t care [for now]. The smoke/fog of JUMBO home mortgage FICO scores and 20% down payment required is clarified by this link. Are there exceptions, I need a link like mine to believe. Are 2.5% 15 Year loans a joke with no documented URL? Will the SMOKE disappear after it rains today? Time will tell, if we ever get it in writing…LOL


    Time to make your own coffee indoors and save breathing in SMOKE outside to get a Starbucks and read the brief:

    “… The outdoors, a lifeline during the pandemic, has been choked off by smoke. With more people staying inside, will the virus spread faster? Our FAQ tackles that and how COVID-19 compares to the flu. Find today’s live updates here…”

    SWE’s Take: Now the virus gets worse with home isolation? Clear scientific opinion we all can trust? LOL…I hate politics.

    Good News: The second stimulus package not needed for Killer Flu now that the 29000 DOW “V” shaped recession has ended with job openings all over Kent too? It depends on which political party “floats your boat”, as Tim would say….

  31. 31

    A very interesting Podcast, though NYC specific. I always listen to most everything Jonathan has to say, moreso than Noah. I like Noah equally to Jonathan as a friend, but he doesn’t have the cred that Jonathan has. I don’t know John at all so you can decide on that. Lots of relevant comments including the difference between wealthy people and density and poorer people and density. Also the un-sustainability of the surge of bidding wars in the burbs. The end thoughts about the shift from renting in-city to buying in burbs is also very important. If you look closely even in our market, a lot of the listings coming on out of season to a higher degree for this season are owners selling rentals since the price pressure is more on rent prices than sold prices.

    Maybe the things I find to be interesting are not interesting to you. :) But posting something that is at a high enough level to attract my attention. I’m still listening as I’m typing and I’m pretty much tuning John out at this point. Let me know what you think of him as I have a bias.


  32. 32
    don says:

    RE: Ardell DellaLoggia @ 31

    Thanks for linking this, Ardell

    Miller, being a rock star appraiser and long time observer of his market, is a person whose “gut” I would trust as a fair commentator.

    His comments about the “exodus from the city” media crowd are telling. Headlines designed for views and clicks are a drug for media as it is what pays the bills. Miller’s aside that ” if true, by the end of this month only 5 people will be left in Manhattan” [paraphased] was hard to catch in the talk, but expresses the draw of commercially powerful cities.

  33. 33

    RE: don @ 32

    I think the picture shows in this link. Me in the middle, Jonathan on my left and Noah on his left at the end. Noah was a lot younger then. Jonathan hasn’t aged a bit. :)


  34. 34

    RE: mountainfamily @ 10
    Change and Flux is Today’s Norm Now

    I just read this today, the Golden Steer, a Kent Icon restaurant for decades, is going belly up:

    “…To our longtime and loyal customers,

    After nearly 22 years of owning the Golden Steer Steak ‘n Rib house, (and being only the second owners in its 56 year history),

    Suzanne and I have decided to sell our restaurant to a wonderful business group named Royal Punjabis Group. The group is comprised of local business owners that have managed and operated a number of convenience stores, restaurants throughout the State, and an accounting firm here in the City of Kent…”

    SWE’s take: The Killer Flu Pandemic is forcing real estate sales. The Golden Steer will be missed dearly in Kent. Did you know this restaurant owner ran for Kent Mayor the last couple elections? He lost BTW. Mitzels in Kent bit the dust too.

    Now…time to sell equity and $CASH$ in your Kent area Burger King coupon for two sausage/egg/cheese biscuits, hash browns and a coffee for $4, drink the Burger King “cheap” coffee and read the brief:

    “…Between the coronavirus pandemic, police brutality protests and now wildfires that have polluted the air, it’s been a rough year for many. Unfortunately, it might get worse before it gets better. Read more…”

    SWE’s take: You omitted violent wars of looting, burning and anarchy riots on our streets too. BIG OMISSION.

    “…Seattle officials ordered the closure of Pier 57 on the downtown waterfront Friday, citing concerns that a second sudden collapse of nearby Pier 58 could put people in danger. Pier 57 is privately owned and houses the Miner’s Landing tourist shopping center, along with the Great Wheel attraction. It’s located directly next to Pier 58, […] Read more…”

    SWE’s take: Sounds like the structural engineers for the City of Seattle “finally” closed down the monstrously heavy steel Big Wheel due to ancient pier collapsing next to it….no surprise to me, listen to the safety engineers…your lives may be at stake. We must error on the side of caution. Tacoma has a beautiful waterfront area, switch to that. Bad location to put tons of steel on it.

    “…The Pac-12 Conference is reportedly leaning toward a seven-game football season beginning Nov. 7, which would be a stark departure from its earlier position. This comes after a “game-changer” on coronavirus testing. Read more…”

    SWE’s take: Testing game changer? LOL…try the politics of closing of college football helps Biden lose now….LOL

    “… If you’ve got cabin fever, try getting wild outdoors. There’s plenty to discover in our region while observing safety requirements. This sample itinerary has all-local, socially distanced day trips or weekend road trips for families. Read more…”

    SWE’s take: How the Hades do you do that, with toxic smoke pollution? Even the “suddenly” disappearing birds agree with me…

    Good News: Boy am I glad I retired before this manure hit the fan…LOL

  35. 35
  36. 36
    Erik says:

    RE: homelessinseattle @ 1
    Buy for as little down as possible and take a year of mortgage forbearance so you have nothing into the house. Then figure out what is most lucrative. That could be foreclosing and squeezing more free rent out or that could mean selling for a profit. Don’t make your first house your forever home, use it as a steppingstone to generate more money so you can get what you want later.

  37. 37
    David says:

    By Erik @ 36:

    RE: homelessinseattle @ 1
    Buy for as little down as possible and take a year of mortgage forbearance so you have nothing into the house. Then figure out what is most lucrative. That could be foreclosing and squeezing more free rent out or that could mean selling for a profit. Don’t make your first house your forever home, use it as a steppingstone to generate more money so you can get what you want later.

    What happens when he cannot get another loan for 7 years?

  38. 38

    RE: Erik @ 36

    Yes Erik Has Proven His System Works , One Size Does Not Fit All, But Erik Found a Size That Fits Him

    Too bad we didn’t have mortgage forbearance 30 years ago….it was just the opposite then, 30% maximum net pay mortgage payments [after all debts removed from full net pay after taxes]and 20% down for conventional loans….sounds like we may be returning to this less banking risk as the deficit nears $30T. Time will tell.

    Now….grab your $4 Coupon Bundle Burger King double biscuit hash brown breakfast coffee and wipe the biscuit crumbs off your smiling faces, read the brief [breakfasts close at 1030AM, ya better hurry]:

    “…Even as some job sectors remain in free fall, others are not only already bouncing back, but, in some cases, can’t hire enough people. Read more. ..”

    SWE’s take: Ya can’t have it both ways, like the Kent area’s HELP WANTED signs all over the place, what is it a worker shortage or too much political koolaid?

    “… Researchers are closely studying northern and southern resident orcas for clues to their survival. Their newest tool: underwater cameras attached to the whales’ skin. Read more. ..”

    SWE’s take: Perhaps these savvy researchers are ignoring the root cause of Orcas extinction. Try measuring the heavy element pollution change in Puget Sound from OVERPOPULATION sewage water…now blame global warming on that….LOL…Happy 50th anniversary Earth Day, Seattle Times won’t print that…LOL

    “…Where are these ideas coming from? We are part of a network of families of color across the region who have been meeting and sharing experiences for months online since COVID closed schools. Read more…”

    SWE’s Take: Why not ask the actual clients [students] if they want online schools….97% say NO. Period.

    “… Fall gardening tips from farm-to-table experts inspire gardeners to plant cool-season vegetables now to enjoy a few more months of fresh produce – no need to wait until next spring. Know how to plan and when to harvest…”

    SWE’s take: Hey we harvested “old” potatoes left in the ground in the Fall from a farm garden when I was kid….every thing else was brown and dead…don’t waste your money or time…

    “…Cauliflower “steaks” — thick slabs that leave you with floret-dense rounded ends, which are the best part — have been popular in the last decade, but they can’t hold together and may fall through the grill grates. Solution? Cut the cauliflower into quarters. Read more…”

    SWE’s Take: No wonder we all mostly chomp down Big Macs and fries like Trump…burnt cauliflower fake news steaks? Yuck.

    “…Rant & Rave: A high school teacher thanks their students for a good opening week online..”

    SWE’s Take: They get paid full teachers’ paychecks for online schooling 97% of the clients/students hate? Is there a disconnect here? Students’ lives don’t matter?

    Good News: Erik is smiling, hurricane Sally missed his new home he’s renting. The air is MUCH cleaner today in Kent, that air pollution was the “black pit” toxic mixture of building materials and plastics, it wasn’t just mostly wood smoke folks, ask the birds…BTW, I saw 6 birds flying yesterday in the cleaner atmosphere, there is hope.

  39. 39
    Erik says:

    RE: David @ 37
    Get the foreclosure removed from your credit report. A foreclosure can take about a year, but it’s well worth it in my opinion. Nothing done illegally.

  40. 40
    Blurtman says:

    RE: Erik @ 39 – Hey, you’re not Tishman Speyer. And if you were, even after defauting on over $1 billion of loans, you’d be able to borrow immediately, no problema.

  41. 41
    Whatsmyname says:

    Even Trump was able to default on more than a couple loans before it got to where only Russia would finance him.

  42. 42
  43. 43
    Erik says:

    RE: Blurtman @ 40
    I’m going to teach my kids how to fix their credit when they are 18 so they can spend their lives not worried about paying their debts.

  44. 44
    David says:

    By Erik @ 43:

    RE: Blurtman @ 40
    I’m going to teach my kids how to fix their credit when they are 18 so they can spend their lives not worried about paying their debts.

    I’ve been working on cleaning up errant credit reports since I have not had any debt in at least 7 years. Transunion seems to have a scam going where you cannot access their webpage to dispute anything.

  45. 45
    TJ_98370 says:

    By Erik @ 43:

    RE: Blurtman @ 40
    I’m going to teach my kids how to fix their credit when they are 18 so they can spend their lives not worried about paying their debts.

    You are going to teach your kids how to game the system so they “……can spend their lives not worried about paying their debts.” (read – don’t have to be responsible for their actions)

  46. 46
    David says:

    By Whatsmyname @ 41:

    Even Trump was able to default on more than a couple loans before it got to where only Russia would finance him.

    Still reading Dick Tracy comics? FYI, those are fiction.

  47. 47
    Erik says:

    RE: David @ 44
    Never dispute online. Always send certified mail and have your letter notorized. If I’m feeling ambitious, I go in and get signature required. Online disputes won’t work.

  48. 48
    Mikal says:

    By David @ 46:

    By Whatsmyname @ 41:

    Even Trump was able to default on more than a couple loans before it got to where only Russia would finance him.

    Still reading Dick Tracy comics? FYI, those are fiction.

    How? You have something to verify?… because that’s what I have read. Show me I’m wrong.

  49. 49
    Erik says:

    RE: TJ_98370 @ 45
    The chances are that my kids won’t be making bad financial decisions and get themselves in bad situations since I’m their dad. I don’t want them to tie their emotions to their finances. That is a huge mistake most people make and that’s what keeps people poor.

  50. 50
    David says:

    By Mikal @ 48:

    By David @ 46:

    By Whatsmyname @ 41:

    Even Trump was able to default on more than a couple loans before it got to where only Russia would finance him.

    Still reading Dick Tracy comics? FYI, those are fiction.

    How? You have something to verify?… because that’s what I have read. Show me I’m wrong.

    You probably think Hobbits are real and the JRR Tolkien wasn’t actually a Christian. AND that the Hive Bar owner deserved to commit suicide.


  51. 51
    David says:

    By Erik @ 49:

    RE: TJ_98370 @ 45
    The chances are that my kids won’t be making bad financial decisions and get themselves in bad situations since I’m their dad. I don’t want them to tie their emotions to their finances. That is a huge mistake most people make and that’s what keeps people poor.

    I’ve had some luck online with Experian and Equifax – to my surprise. About 2 months ago I bought a new Tacoma V6 with ZERO documentation other than stated income. Financed it for 5 years (maybe 6, can’t remember) and then paid it down to $3,500 the first month.

    I need to show credit history just so I have some credit history.

    That being said, good credit matters only if you need it.

    In some ways, I find it odd that a depreciating truck (neg’d to just $29k out-the-door) can be so much easier to finance than a $100k house that holds value long-term. Granted, a Toyota Tacoma repossessed would be easy to sell I suppose.

    My credit scores with the Experian and Equifax are 763 currently.

  52. 52
    Erik says:

    RE: David @ 51
    Glad you were able to get your credit score fixed online, it’s never worked for me though, so I send the letters.

    I paid $6500 for my used Toyota Camry with 167k miles already on it. My previous Nissan Frontier had over 400k miles when I gave it away to my niece. I’m a cheapskate though and I like to save all of my money for investing.

  53. 53
    Whatsmyname says:

    RE: David @ 50 – I guess we now know who spends his time thinking about hobbits and JR Tolkien. Aren’t you the same David that likes to make racist posts, and brag about being an uncooperative witness in a serial killing case? What would you say your odds are in getting any future PD work in Seattle?

  54. 54
    David says:

    By Whatsmyname @ 53:

    RE: David @ 50 – I guess we now know who spends his time thinking about hobbits and JR Tolkien. Aren’t you the same David that likes to make racist posts, and brag about being an uncooperative witness in a serial killing case? What would you say your odds are in getting any future PD work in Seattle?

    PDs are losers who cannot hack it in the real world of private commerce. Same with prosecutors.

    Whenever you see a judge, PD or prosecutor who has been forced out into the world of private attorneys, I always welcome them to the “World of Commerce”.

    They usually look uncertain and scared – cuz the government check has stopped.

    I’ve never said anything racist – you can search this forum til your hair turns green and not find anything racist. YOU define racist as telling the truth about what is actually happening in the actual world.

  55. 55

    Not much New to Report on Real Estate Today, the Big Banksters Got Caught Money Laundering Big Today and the DOW Plunged [about 600-800 points so far] over Uncertainty, Besides That Seems Like a Tame Day Compared to the Last Two Weeks…LOL

    Now Let’s Drink Our Caffeine and Wonder Why Unemployment Goes Up When Hiring Goes Up at the Same Time…LOL…its True per the Brief:

    “… The pandemic has scrambled the local job market in weird ways: Despite deep unemployment, some employers can’t hire fast enough…”

    38000 unfilled jobs right now in Seattle area and no takers? LOL…is the unemployment count run by the Tooth Fairy too? I’ve seen it Kent/Covington for months now, positions available signs all over and they say an 8% unemployment rate too; with homeless panning for $CASH$ all over too. I talked to the IHOP manager yesterday and told him the Golden Steer Restaurant in Kent was just sold to an India Company 7-11 subsidiary [I hope they got a good price]….the Golden Steer was a 52 year old Icon in Kent BTW and they served good steaks…Mitzels Kent bit the dust too…even the Jack ‘n the Box workers I know are quitting and getting like $13/hr at Carl Jrs, Jack ‘n the Box prices all went up too, no more $4.99 combos, is all $7-10 now. The $2.59 Jumbo Jack a year ago is now $4.29. IHOP was doing good business and so was Nikkis in Covington, the tough ones make it by, like Erik…LOL…Seattle’s job market is sizzling! Its all good…LOL


    “…Wellness: Weight stigma can harm both physical and mental health. There’s much hand-wringing about the association between “obesity” and elevated COVID-19 risk, but what we need is more mask-wearing and less fat-shaming, nutritionist Carrie Dennett writes…”

    SWE’s take: It appears many aren’t listening at all lately….I see many folks that gained like 50 lbs in flu isolation and almost no one that has lost weight…the car line ups at the food banks are miles long too…LOL

    Good News: Dave and Erik paid way too much for their foreign engineered cars/trucks….did you know they have to trash all cars over 50,000 miles in Japan [its illegal to drive them after 50K mileage]…Dave ya could of got that new $30K Japanese Engineered Truck for as low as $1000 shipped a few years old directly from Japan:



  56. 56
    whatsmyname says:

    RE: David @ 54 – I mentioned PDs because you have said you did that work here. Are you calling yourself a loser?

  57. 57

    More Unemployment Fake News Hits the Election 2020 Mail-in Ballot Crunch

    “..Murren said the biggest reason for delays during the primary was the consolidation of polling places. Because of COVID-19 and a shortage of poll workers, Philadelphia reduced what are normally more than 800 voting locations in the city to just under 200..”

    SWE’s Take: This is a whole lot worse than that tied Florida race in 2000 Bush/Gore…they at least had a 5/4 vote Supreme Court judge agency set up then to give it to Bush anyway….this is a “Constitutional Crisis” conundrum when IMO, we’re scared to go to work and catch the plague…LOL…its also non-partisan IMO. The DOW shivers and retreats during uncertainty. So do Seattle area home prices go down too [at a “safe distance” theater near you]…at least ya may of got your $1000 newer car with low miles directly from Japan, you’re my kinda savvy investor….just vote your pocketbook, no one else will…LOL…I may be for Trump, but if my livelihood depended on a “tax deduction” from a real/decent$15,000/yr “Obamacare” health care plan, Hades I might go Biden then…LOL…boy am I glad I traded my 2011 Dodge Charger in for an upgraded 2014, before the Recession hit….the 2014 was a $35K MSRP SE model on sale for $29K Dave [the Hemis went down $7K in price in 2014 too, they were $10K more than a six cylinder base in 2011, now they’re $3000 more]….then they subtracted another owner loyalty FCA $6000 discount and my 2011 trade in fetched like $20K after 3 years of use [about 36,000 miles on it]…I paid $22K new….LOL…not anymore, the newer Chargers hold value like a leaky bucket now that they’re popular now…”it all floats down stream” like Stephen King would say…

  58. 58

    RE: whatsmyname @ 56
    You Have Much Establishment Politics Views and I’m Glad You Share Them With Us

    Life would be dull without all this fireworks and politics fogging the way?….I learn from both you and Dave…LOL

    My energy level, like the flocks of birds coming back to Seattle clear skies lately, is way up today and my optimism is too. Its all good.

  59. 59
    ruxpert says:

    “We’re starting to see a second wave of layoffs as the Payroll Protection Plan money runs out and the economy doesn’t recover as hoped. Meanwhile, states and cities are also planning huge layoffs in the coming weeks as tax revenues dry up and the costs of riots and looting begin to add up. Putting all of this together reveals that unemployment may actually rise, starting now, after declining from May through August.”

    ‘Rickards sees the improving numbers on the employment front the past couple of months as a false spring and says “we’re looking at disinflation and deflation for now, despite all the money creation we’re seeing.” ‘

    Rickards: The Layoffs Are Just Beginning

  60. 60

    RE: ruxpert @ 59
    Good Point ruxpert:

    I wondered about that too…albeit it may also be laziness/lethargy to file for the PPP loan….my hair dresser own her own small business, was unemployed for about five months, but never filed for a PPP loan like Erik would have….LOL…bad chess move IMO.

    Another stimulus conundrum affects 10s of millions of disabled folks with a protective payee [my volunteer job BTW] that are required to file a 1040, but won’t file a 1040 to the IRS to get the stimulus check for their client. That stimulus check is untaxed to the disabled on Medicaid/Medicare and the responsibility of the Protective Payee to get it for their clients at no cost to the client either. Almost all Protective Payees fail to file their clients’ 1040s completed [not me], hence no stimulus checks to disabled folks. The Protective Payee also has the mandatory task of getting a debit card for their client without direct deposit information sent to the IRS for their clients. The disabled in Washington State get that stimulus money and its only spent on them and not considered income either….for all of us too that got the money…

    Trump has much unspent stimulus money now too due to lazy non-partisan lemming thinking IMO…hey, if ya don’t fill out the paperwork ya get no low hanging fruit, ask Erik.

  61. 61
    ruxpert says:

    RE: softwarengineer @ 60

    Yes, I am curious about this ;-) Thanks

  62. 62
    David says:

    By whatsmyname @ 56:

    RE: David @ 54 – I mentioned PDs because you have said you did that work here. Are you calling yourself a loser?

    I’ve never been a PD in Seattle.

    I’m also rather proud to have refused to cooperate with the King County DA in a murder trial as a witness. Seattle politicians are under review for potential Federal prosecution.

    I’ll cooperate once King County recants, prostrates, apologizes and LOUDLY reverses course on not cooperating with ICE. They’ll also need to apologize to me personally for putting me in danger with their actions. Even then I will not cooperate unless they find a way to turn the case over to the Feds.

    Then I will cooperate.

    I’ve sent letters to King County and CCd the Defendant as well. Real poison-pen letters that might be a problem at trial anyway.

  63. 63
    Erik says:

    RE: whatsmyname @ 56
    I finally figured out PD is public defender. My friend’s wife was a public defender out of college until she got some real experience and then went out and got a real job. I don’t think she went to a great school or was an all star, so she had to start out at the bottom. Public defender is like an internship unless you are a loser and it becomes your full time gig. I don’t know that much about lawyering, but I do know that much. Why, are you a lifelong public defender?

  64. 64
    Whatsmyname says:

    RE: David @ 62 – Interesting. You used to validate your opinions on minorities by the vile, criminal indigents that you were getting off. Since then you moved to Florida, and are mixed up with serial killers. Now you sound more like a mob lawyer. Or maybe a male prostitute.

  65. 65
    whatsmyname says:

    RE: Erik @ 63RE: Erik @ 63 – It took me a while to figure it out too. David used to throw it around in his posts. Now I have to wonder why. I am not a pd or any kind of lawyer.

  66. 66
    David says:

    By Whatsmyname @ 64:

    RE: David @ 62 – Interesting. You used to validate your opinions on minorities by the vile, criminal indigents that you were getting off. Since then you moved to Florida, and are mixed up with serial killers. Now you sound more like a mob lawyer. Or maybe a male prostitute.

    You’ve gotten confused, the serial killer is in Seattle – NOT Florida. And Florida still thanks WA State for Ted Bundy.

    And yes, the serial killer is of a particular minority group AND an immigrant from a certain continent. And YES, the crime statistics tell a very clear story about where MOST violent crime originates including serial killers) demographically. And this fella falls into that category.

    The stats have been so well established for SO many DECADES that it is pointless to deny the obviousl truth.

  67. 67
    David says:

    By Whatsmyname @ 64:

    RE: David @ 62 – Interesting. You used to validate your opinions on minorities by the vile, criminal indigents that you were getting off. Since then you moved to Florida, and are mixed up with serial killers. Now you sound more like a mob lawyer. Or maybe a male prostitute.

    Also, have you considered moving to Baltimore? Why are you in lilly-white Seattle.

    You are the ethnic hero Baltimore needs !!

    However, I think your pasty little white butt would be this guy on your first night in Bal-D-More:


  68. 68
    Whatsmyname says:

    RE: David @ 66 – The important questions remain unanswered. What’s your relationship with this serial killer, and how were you getting all those criminals off?

  69. 69
    David says:

    By Whatsmyname @ 64:

    RE: David @ 62 – You used to validate your opinions on minorities by the vile, criminal indigents that you were getting off.

    It is TRUE that I have a 40% win rate in murder trials – I have yet to represent a white murder defendant. Every one of them males of a particular ethnic group.

    These are very difficult individuals to convince a jury to clear because of the stigma and presumption of guilt that actually applies.

    I really wish I could get a lot of those memories out of my memory sometimes – the stuff they won’t show you on the news because people would change the channels.

    Like the one where the cartel cut the guys legs off with an electric knife – using a pipe bender to snap the thigh bone – while he was alive and videoed it.

  70. 70
    ruxpert says:

    Covid-19: Ohio Stands Up – Jon Rappoport Interviews Attorney Tom Renz

    Confronting Lies about the Virus: Fear Campaign no Scientific Basis

  71. 71
    whatsmyname says:

    RE: David @ 69 – Sounds like the gangster movies I used to love. Gangsters will be gangsters. Fortunately, I know a lot of really great Italians who are nothing like that. Italians are even white people now, although my great aunt died without ever quite accepting that.

  72. 72

    More Cleaner Air In Seattle This Morning With Morning Drizzle and 50 degree Temperatures With Low Wind Speeds….so make your mug hot this morning and read the brief:

    “… How Manuel Ellis slipped through the cracks of the mental health system
    Jeremy Dashiell visits a mural honoring his friend, Manuel Ellis, in Tacoma. Ellis, whose death in Tacoma police custody has been ruled a homicide, wasn’t diagnosed with schizophrenia until he was in his late 20s. By then, he’d come to know police, not mental health therapists, as his primary crisis responders. Our Times Watchdog story explores how his death has shined a fresh spotlight on the consequences of such interactions. “He was a genuine, humble person,” says Dashiell. “I’m going to pray for justice. … No one deserves to be treated the way he did.” (Photo: Erika Schultz / The Seattle Times)..”

    SWE’s Take: Jeremy is not alone with lack of Mental Health King County Help a rule, not an exception. I know of a plethora of homeless folks of all ethic varieties that got that way through thought disorders and receive no mental health assistance and support. None. Evidently King County just does not care.

    “…We come to you today from the “anarchist jurisdiction” of Seattle. That label is from U.S. Attorney General William Barr, who yesterday said the six-block protest area that was cleared nearly three months ago has pushed the city into the realm of anarchy. The move could be a first step in a push to cut federal funding…”

    SWE’s take: OK, don’t call it anarchy destroying other folks property and possessions, even stealing them from the owners [like CHOP]…then what would you call it? Christmas giving by the Silent Majority to appease criminal thug gangs? Barr is right on and ya know it too.

    “…Seahawks coach Pete Carroll has been fined $100,000 for not wearing his face covering properly at Sunday’s game. The team also got painful news on injured Marquise Blair and Bruce Irvin, whose shoes will have to be filled quickly. On a sunnier note, here are five things to know about Russell Wilson’s absurdly hot start to the season…”

    SWE’s take: The NFL stands for “No Fans Left” now and the coaches are to blame, we must fine and punish these anarchists? LOL

    “… New guidelines about how the virus spreads were yanked down from the CDC’s website yesterday. The guidelines marked a profound shift, experts said after they were posted quietly. But the CDC said they were a “draft version” that had been posted in error. This threatens to undermine the agency’s credibility, amid accusations that the Trump administration is meddling in its scientific process. Find today’s live updates here…”

    SWE’s Take: The CDC Clowns also invented we live longer lives now, when the Census Bureau contradicts that allegation that life spans in America have shortened to 1960s levels…the CDC is made up of Tooth Fairies? Medical professionals with crystal balls?…LOL

    “…Older Americans are having second thoughts about where to live as COVID-19 steals lives, independence and social interactions at senior housing facilities…”

    SWE’s take: I visited a disabled facility Sunday and the other isolation “bunk buddies” looked depressed with frowns on their faces. My son got a “Grub Hub” style delivery of his favorite restaurant take-outs this weekend that I [voluntary medical representative and protective payee] bring to him, with his own money, the Trump stimulus check. The others have no legally responsible protective payee that generous. Its starting to resemble a jail with prison guards, not a “happy” disabled home…this anarchy has got to end….

    “…Don’t expect to return to normal life for six months or more, Britain’s prime minister said today as he ordered new restrictions to slow infections, which are doubling every seven days. Europe is finding that mass testing is no magic bullet, and in some ways it may be making matters worse. Smartphones were supposed to be a key part of the fight, too, but that’s not working out so well…”

    SWE’s Take: This should conceivably destroy Seattle Real Estate values…why shouldn’t it?

    “…Seattle Pacific University will cut tuition by 25% to try to attract more students to the private Christian university in north Queen Anne…”

    SWE’s take: How many students want online college with full tuition? Almost none, let’s be honest for once. Public schools, same conundrum. I’d quit college now too, get a paying job, there’s help wanted signs all over Seattle now…online schooling is a complete joke. Try Christian Private schools versus Public Schools….they’re cheaper private schools with face to face classrooms too.


    I’m quite sure guys like Erik and Dave would switch to cheaper private schools or delay college for their kids too now… why wouldn’t they?

    Good News: The Seahawks lose a game now, and no one cares anymore…LOL…time to take a walk outdoors too, the air is clean and the birds are back…the birds remind me of the canary in the mine, when its dead well will be dead soon too…LOL

  73. 73

    Kiss Halloween Good-bye:

    The CDC Clowns want trick or treating banned now…..Thanksgiving family get togthers too? Those Christmas gifts to friends and family now Killer Flu contaminated too? LOL


    Everything is “high risk” for Killer Flu except MASS BLM demonstrations screaming and spitting in your face ? LOL…politics is COMPLETE JOKE now. All politics is HYPOCRITICAL in my book, not just the right wing. I see Trump attacked China in front of the UN today over the Killer Flu, the Chinese were calling Trump’s Chinese travel ban last January xenophobic when China locked down its own citizens simultaneously. I see even Bill Gates wildly alleges the early reaction January Chinese travel ban made it worse…I want some of the strain he’s smoking…the Progressive/Establishment thinking simply abandoned common sense science?

  74. 74
    A says:

    RE: David @ 69

    Jesus Christ! That’s intense. Do you feel safe after seeing so many horrible videos and cases?

    Also guys, I heard that the dream liner facility in Everett is about to close, 30k Boeing jobs going to vaporize. Is this true? Was on KING 5.

  75. 75
    David says:

    By Whatsmyname @ 68:

    RE: David @ 66 – The important questions remain unanswered. What’s your relationship with this serial killer, and how were you getting all those criminals off?

    I watched him rape Mike Honcho (Google it).

  76. 76
    ruxpert says:

    RE: softwarengineer @ 73

    Bingo Bango! Corruption / Hypocrisy Cancer Spreading!

  77. 77
    David says:

    By A @ 74:

    RE: David @ 69

    Jesus Christ! That’s intense. Do you feel safe after seeing so many horrible videos and cases?

    Also guys, I heard that the dream liner facility in Everett is about to close, 30k Boeing jobs going to vaporize. Is this true? Was on KING 5.

    By Whatsmyname @ 68:

    RE: David @ 66 – The important questions remain unanswered. What’s your relationship with this serial killer, and how were you getting all those criminals off?

    I carry a weapon almost all the time. I’m highly aggressive in person and don’t let things perk. But it does take someone presenting themselves as a threat or douchebag.

    787 production is moving to South Carolina reportedly.

  78. 78
    Eastsider says:

    San Francisco apartment rents are collapsing.

    Looking For an Apartment In San Francisco? Ask For a Lot Because Landlords Are Desperate

    Check out the avg. rent over last 6 years in the chart –

  79. 79
    Eastsider says:

    Seattle’s avg. rent chart over last 6 years –

  80. 80
    ruxpert says:

    RE: ruxpert @ 76

    “[H]e predicts, life in the U.S. could become more difficult: mountainous debt that stunts economic growth; fewer opportunities for ordinary citizens to get ahead financially; and a worldwide lack of trust in the U.S. dollar that diminishes Americans’ purchasing power and could lower their standard of living.”

    ‘This is a lengthy interview with much deep-thinking on where we are and where we are going as an economy and society. Dalio worries ultimately that if we do not re-engineer the economic system “we will risk losing the reserve currency status of the dollar.” He then reiterates his standard advice over the past few years to “diversify well and worry about the value of cash.” ‘

    The world is going to change ‘in shocking ways’ in the next five years – Ray Dalio
    Sept 18 2020

  81. 81
    Blurtman says:

    RE: ruxpert @ 79 – Ray Dalio’s Bridgewater flagship fund tanks 21% as quants resume slump.

    (Or, according to the standards of the loony tumes MSM, down 84%.)

  82. 82

    RE: A @ 74
    Boeing Auburn Parts Manufacturing got gradually “secretly” OUTSOURCED [basically all 737 A/C life-cycle dollars] to Japan about the years 2000-2010, I see the Boeing Everett work already moved to SC a decade ago [Trump even cancelled the Boeing Everett Presidential 747 contract about 2016, way over budget with no concurrent production], I see Boeing Renton closing, if Boeing doesn’t get a real “aerospace engineering experienced” ASAP CEO too….Boeing needs to make/invent a WHOLE new commercial A/C IMO in America too, to protect our National Defense trade secrets from Communist enemy leaks….especially China. Time to start from scratch like NASA had to with old 60s cancelled/ regurgitated Space Platform inventions. Teaming our aerospace knowledge with the world means we give them all our trade secrets and jobs. Am I wrong and why?

    Its gonna take 5-10 years to implement this to keep Seattle Real Estate higher priced, we need to start now. Microsoft needs to employ locally too again, corporate greed is no excuse, especially when product quality suffers with too much subpar foreign H-1B slave wages/skills incorporated.

    Now….pour yourself a morning mug and read the brief:

    “…The Seattle City Council last night steamed ahead on changes to the police, over Mayor Jenny Durkan’s objections. The council overrode Durkan’s vetoes of bills that are meant to start shrinking the police force and scaling up community solutions. Meanwhile, the former court-appointed monitor for the Seattle Police Department said SPD should ban tear gas and remind officers to protect protesters’ rights, not violate them…”

    SWE’s take: Ask the Seattle business owners that just remodeled their”trashed/burnt” property and put new windows in if the want SPD defunding. They’ll all scream, “Hades no”…LOL

    “…Fall’s first storm is blowing in. But hang in there, because forecasters say sunny, clear skies are around the corner. This initial blast is a good time to prepare for stormy weather this fall; here’s a guide…”

    SWE’s take: Summer’s over folks, time to put the portable air conditioners away and turn up the “JUMBO MORTGAGE” home heating bills…LOL….property taxes are due next month too. Dig deep.

    “…Workers at local Fred Meyer and QFC stores can’t wear “Black Lives Matter” buttons, and they say the ban violates federal law. Their union has filed an unfair labor charge, putting parent company Kroger at the center of yet another battle over social and political symbolism…”

    SWE’s take: BLM is just the partial percentage far left of the Progressive Party and it hurts business. Even grocery stores are having a hard time making money too….I say, let all the MAGA/Biden buttons in the stores too “equally” and then it won’t matter.

    “… The first coronavirus vaccine that aims to protect people with a single shot has entered the final stages of testing in the U.S., in a trial that will recruit up to 60,000 participants. And although adults may be able to get a vaccine by next summer, kids will have to wait — perhaps far longer. Find today’s live updates here…”

    SWE’s Take: Fake News. The Killer Flu vaccine could come as early as November 2020. Cases [mostly asymptomatic have already decreased about 50% the last month]. This is fear monger news IMO. We’ve always had pneumonia deaths in the 1000s per month during the flu/cold seasons, this is not Pandemic new or unpredictable, its SOP folks.

    “…Shoppers in King County would pay a new sales tax to fund housing for people who are chronically homeless, under a budget proposal from County Executive Dow Constantine that also would chop 450 jobs…”

    SWE’s Take: More King County taxes to pay to solve almost nothing. Last I heard, it costs like $100K/year per capita homeless folk housing subsidies….what will the sales tax increase need to be? 25%??? LOL…we’ll all move to Florida, Kansas and Louisiana, etc with Erik, Dave and my daughter…if that happened? Hey, the three of them could have a party, call it “Ding Dong the King County TAX EVIL/HORRIFYING green faced witch is dead” this Halloween? Wear Dorthy/Todo pink costumes…LOL

    “…A new poll of Washington voters finds Gov. Jay Inslee holding a double-digit lead over Republican challenger Loren Culp, with President Donald Trump trailing even further behind Democratic nominee Joe Biden. The poll also gauged sentiments on the Black Lives Matter movement, changes to policing, and the way recent Seattle protests have gone…”

    SWE’s Take: This state is slam dunk Democrat. What is the Democrat platform? Green Deal, Medicare for All, elimination of Trump’s lower middle income tax tables? You tell me. I’m nervous and so is my pocketbook.

    “…A Seattle sports walk is a great way to see the city. Fans who can’t get into the stands can still enjoy this urban hike…”

    SWE’s take: I’d try more Black Label instead during the sports closure depressions….the beer is MUCH cheaper at home too…LOL

    Good News: Ya can buy new RVs and cars now and rent them out to good credit “Erik Tenants” for like 2.5 times the new car payment FOX news reported this morning. Money from home renting your new vehicles. Seeeee…the Killer Flu fear mongering creates new businesses anyway…LOL…Erik smiles….I see Amazon makes a “home use” gym bikes now and competes with Pelocity. Its all good….LOL

  83. 83
    ruxpert says:

    RE: Blurtman @ 80

    The world’s biggest hedge fund is working from tents in the forest during the COVID pandemic
    By Jen Wieczner
    September 21, 2020

    Can Ray Dalio bring the world’s biggest hedge fund back to its former glory?

    Due to key missteps in management as well as heavy losses in the wake of COVID-19, Bridgewater Associates may not bounce back to claim its crown.
    Ivan De Luce

  84. 84
    ruxpert says:

    RE: ruxpert @ 82

    Coronavirus Economic Distress Hitting Indebted Professionals

    The Wall Street Journal describes tonight how the line between two tiers of the Covid economy isn’t as tidy as many might think. It isn’t just hourly workers in service businesses like restaurants and hotels who are seeing smaller or even no paycheck. High income professionals are also in distress…

  85. 85
  86. 86
    ruxpert says:

    NY TIMES: Up to 90% Who’ve Tested COVID-Positive Wrongly Diagnosed!
    TRUTH: A Whole Lot Worse! (Pt 3/3)

  87. 87
    ruxpert says:

    RE: ruxpert @ 76

    2020-09-17 – SCAMDEMIC Exposed; Governments CAUGHT

  88. 88
    Erik says:

    RE: Eastsider @ 78
    Still trying to support your bad decision not to invest in real estate I see. Savers are losers.

  89. 89
    Erik says:

    RE: A @ 74
    There could be a good buying opportunities in Mukilteo, Bothell, or Mill Creek on the horizon.

  90. 90
    Falcons32 says:

    Dispatches from the matrix

    Home in neighborhood (98072) went up for sale last week. 4 bed, 2.5 bath, 3700 SQFT, 2017 construction, 1 acre lot. $1.6m

    Went pending on contract review date (4 days after listing date) and whispers are that its pending at 15% over list and there were 10+ offers.

    Sold new in 2018 for just shy of $1.4m

  91. 91
    Whatsmyname says:

    By David @ 75:

    I watched him rape Mike Honcho (Google it).

    At the time this happened, were you engaged in business or pleasure?

  92. 92
    David says:

    By Whatsmyname @ 89:

    By David @ 75:

    I watched him rape Mike Honcho (Google it).

    At the time this happened, were you engaged in business or pleasure?

    I was watching you take a slam.

  93. 93

    We Can Dance and Sing; the Washington State Budget Shortfall Isn’t the June 2020 Number of 9 Billion, Its Only 4.5 billion. Time to Grab Real Estate Up Now, Even Though Its the Budget is Completely Unmanageable.

    “…Surprise: Washington state’s projected $9 billion budget shortfall has been cut in half, thanks to a rebound in tax collections and several other factors. That means fewer painful decisions for lawmakers on a budget that touches every corner of the state. “Things are better than we thought they were in June,” one official says. “But that’s not the same as saying they’re good.”…”

    SWE’s Take: Sounds like cooked books data to me because its vague with no rationale, plus or minus. Sometimes I think they think they’re talking to 4 year olds instead of adults, reading this unclear fog news…

    “… How can you tell the difference between the flu and COVID-19? It’s impossible to know for sure without a test, but there are a few signs to watch for. (And this bears repeating: Health officials in Washington state say getting a flu vaccine is more important than ever.)…”

    SWE’s Take: The FDA routinely approves most all vaccines and prescription drugs that usually end up in a those TV class action lawsuits as actually dangerous and unhealthy anyway, have you noticed? Trust the FDA, they have your backs? With a knife? The FDA reminds me of the CDC clowns….ya see why I like Holistic medication techniques much better.

    Good News: The FDA allows toxic Roundup spray on our farm fields now, that should save money. The Roundup Class Action cancer lawsuit is on-going, but that’s not a problem with the FDA evidently, so don’t worry about it…LOL

  94. 94

    Good News

    California delays replacing gasoline cars with all electric ten years to 2035…LOL

    SWE’s take: The little Tweety Bird on his shoulder whispered recent “California Brown Outs to electrical grid” makes charging them a complete joke, while using air conditioners during 110 degree Summer/Fall wild fires turning the state into a smoking black pit [plastics, house materials, burned out electric/gas cars too, if it was just wood it wouldn’t be near as bad] toxic air [nuclear bomb like] wasteland now. Book your trip to foggy/toxic Yosemite Park now, bring your gas car and a gas mask….so you can get back to the hotel and breath too, after running out of scarse battery power….LOL

    The Green New Deal is a slam dunk for sure by 2035? How about 2045, 2055, etc, etc….the fun goes on and on…if its unworkable, just delay it anyway…

    Thank God Washington State is even worse to use solar batteries for MASS storage for “night-time” electric car charging….its way too cloudy here. Hey Erik/Dave, ya can keep your cheapskate high mileage gas trucks forever now…its all good…nobody wants those noisy bird killing wind power stations in their neighborhood either…let alone all the jobs going to China.

  95. 95
    whatsmyname says:

    RE: David @ 90 – I was just curious. I’ve never talked to someone who watched a rape. Why would the rapist feel comfortable doing that in front of you? Knowing you would only watch? What kind of company do you keep?

  96. 96
    Erik says:

    RE: whatsmyname @ 93
    If you’ve never seen anyone get raped, come watch me cash my paycheck tomorrow. Working for money is a sad existence.

  97. 97
    David says:

    By whatsmyname @ 95:

    RE: David @ 90 – I was just curious. I’ve never talked to someone who watched a rape. Why would the rapist feel comfortable doing that in front of you? Knowing you would only watch? What kind of company do you keep?

    I once got Fox News involved in shutting this club down after they opened across the street from a rental property I owned: https://twitter.com/thedenatlanta?lang=en

    I set up a webcam for anyone to check out who was in the parking lot as well. A fair number of minivans would be there as well.

    The Den has lots of toilets with no separating walls and a glass wall along the front of the men’s room for everyone to enjoy the views of however many toliets they had. At the time, they kept photos on their webpage showing the whole setup.

    They had me referenced on their webpage, at one time, as outrageously hostile to their lifestyle.

  98. 98
    Greg says:

    By David @ 54:

    By Whatsmyname @ 53:

    RE: David @ 50 – I guess we now know who spends his time thinking about hobbits and JR Tolkien. Aren’t you the same David that likes to make racist posts, and brag about being an uncooperative witness in a serial killing case? What would you say your odds are in getting any future PD work in Seattle?

    PDs are losers who cannot hack it in the real world of private commerce. Same with prosecutors.

    Whenever you see a judge, PD or prosecutor who has been forced out into the world of private attorneys, I always welcome them to the “World of Commerce”.

    They usually look uncertain and scared – cuz the government check has stopped.

    I’ve never said anything racist – you can search this forum til your hair turns green and not find anything racist. YOU define racist as telling the truth about what is actually happening in the actual world.

    I have seen your posts David, There is no shame seeking some help.. you should reach out, find a professional who can help you figure out what is hurting you.
    I really mean it.

  99. 99
    Whatsmyname says:

    RE: David @ 97 – Wow, interesting neighborhood; what was going on at your property?

  100. 100
    David says:

    By Whatsmyname @ 99:

    RE: David @ 97 – Wow, interesting neighborhood; what was going on at your property?

    The creeps were parked all over the area. No one would let their kids outside.

    And we all know what happens when you ignore a problem like that: https://boyscoutssexualabuse.com

  101. 101
  102. 102

    Real Estate Growth in Seattle Area Has One Block That No One Can Honestly Explain

    I’m sure Erik and Dave already found this out, I sure did when I toured Kansas City freeways in my rented Dodge Charger….the clogged roads in Seattle make work commutes and leisure trips almost impossible the last few decades, the fun goes on and on, and getting worse…

    “… Cars and trucks roaring back onto local roadways
    Traffic is getting thicker again in many places, after coronavirus kept people home earlier this year. This could mean a return to the hellacious delays of the 2010s, unless people shake up their lifestyles. Our special project provides a visual look at how commutes have changed and where they’re the worst in the Puget Sound area. In the moment, you can always check traffic here. (Photo: Ted S. Warren / AP) ..”

    SWE’s take: I’d take the bus, but it travels the same traffic jam and its a moot point. I had no answer 30 years ago, and I’m much more hopeless about Seattle travel now.

    “…Ivar’s has temporarily closed its two spacious Seattle restaurants after they couldn’t break even amid the pandemic…”

    SWE’s take: The Ivars on the Seattle Waterfront was doomed when the piers started splitting apart this Summer. There’s lot of weekly/daily rental condos in that area…I pity the “tour business” owners. Did the Red Robin on the Seattle waterfront close down too? Crab-house too? This is not all flu related either, its poor infrastructure planning in Seattle the last couple decades driven too…

    “…Columbia Sportswear is gone from downtown Seattle, and so are Bartell Drugs, Bergman Luggage and many others. The loss of so many Seattle small businesses should be an all-hands-on-deck emergency for city leaders, but City Hall is worse than silent, columnist Jon Talton writes…”

    SWE’s Take: As long as the Seattle City Condo owners have a McDonalds or Subway nearby, the fridge is full. If ya walk the fast food bags home with no affordable parking, you may still get fat, but you’ll survive…LOL…Grubhub delivers for a 30-50% add-on to the lunch bill…

    Good News: I drove to WINCO yesterday and checked out conditions there. Almost all wore masks, although many were draped below noses to breath now….is it my imagination? The herd at WINCO looks like 50 lb heavier fat cows now, compared to months ago….this isolation is fattening ’em all up??…the need for food banks is moot now?

  103. 103
    ruxpert says:

    Self-inflicted wounds make Seattle’s business losses worse
    Sep. 25, 2020

  104. 104
    JH says:

    What frustrates me are those numbers – no way is $700,000 with 20% down only $2365 a month! Maybe without property taxes, homeowners insurance, etc. but those should all be part of the monthly housing budget. Even with a 3% interest rate it’s more like $3000 a month at that price and that’s not affordable to anyone other than dual-incomes or the ridiculously overpaid tech bros. Housing has just become disgustingly expensive and it boggles my mind that people pay these prices. Maybe one day I’ll own, but until a mortgage isn’t $1000 more a month for the same thing I’m renting, I’ll keep renting and saving and being debt free.

  105. 105
    ruxpert says:

    Outside the @SeattlePD
    east precinct, the heart of the former CHAZ, #antifa rioters have returned tonight. They started fires on the street. Last night they bashed a cop on the head with a metal bat. Seattle city council voted this week to defund SPD.

    Soon to be launching Ghost Town Attire?

  106. 106
    ruxpert says:

    researching doomsteads … came across this channel:
    Ghost Town Living.

  107. 107

    RE: Erik @ 96
    Yes Erik

    That’s why we both support methods of long-term debt Investments…albeit, long-term retirement plans should be based on 0% interest savings for the same reason. No one dreams of a retirement fixing a land baron’s share of rent investment units as “unskilled” handyman, or worse yet, paying contractors like $100-200/hr plus materials to do it for you. The paid “licensed” contractor that installed the like a 25 foot long fence for me and my neighbor between property lines a couple weeks ago charged $1700 for the 2-3 day task [my share was negotiated at $650]…shuffling through cement hard-pan for 3′ deep post holes with a flimsy shovel scoop…those post holes alone take me 2 hours each in hard-pan soil and I have a 40 lb “solid steel” hole poker the contractor didn’t have….sounds like good work for a partially crippled retiree to do. Not. Hey Erik, can you dig deep post holes in hard pan? Actually, being self-skilled at tile repair, sheet rock repair, paint taping, sealant applications, minor plumbing, etc…isn’t hard to master. Ask Erik….Ardelle knows this too during minor remodeling for home staging sales…LOL…many lament even at young ages, “nah, I’ll just rent”…LOL

    BTW, pay more for expensive style fencing with screwed [not just nailed] 2 x 4 frames with extra “decorative wood patterns” added on…the wind can pop brand new “cheap design nailed frame fences” apart like they were installed with useless staples…repair them with locktite adhesive, not small fence nails…LOL…in this case, ya pay for what you get…

    I See Dunkin Doughnuts now offer free coffee if ya gobble down their doughnuts too….grab a delicious Maple Bar and your “free” sugar/cream filled caffeine….loosen the belt a couple notches for the subsequent “isolation pig” weight gain and read the brief:

    “… Loss of high-profile businesses is reshaping downtown Seattle
    Columbia Sportswear is pulling out of downtown Seattle due to the coronavirus. It’s the latest in a series of high-profile closures as businesses face deep uncertainties over the economy and the future of Seattle’s police. Also gone from downtown are Bartell Drugs, Bergman Luggage and many others. The loss of so many businesses should be an all-hands-on-deck emergency for city leaders, but Seattle’s self-inflicted wounds are making this worse, columnist Jon Talton writes…”

    SWE’s Take: I’d say the article is partially right. Except Seattle’s “self-inflicted wounds” [long before Killer Flu] are the root cause, not just part of it. Wages have been basically stuck at like low avg per capita $20/hr Service economy wages the last couple decades [with hardly no COLA] and the recent $700K average priced homes or today’s $2500/mo avg rent [self-inflicted] simply mix like oil and water.

    “…Why are N95 masks still so hard to get? The story of one mask that wound up on an ER nurse’s face illustrates what’s keeping the lifesaving item largely out of reach for millions of Americans. Read more…”

    SWE’s take: I don’t trust Google to give a straight business profit supply and lack of consumer demand as the reason. Perhaps its as simple as they know we won’t pay $1 per N95 cardboard mask times 30 masks a day changing them as they get damp in about 20 minutes use. It would bankrupt us all…LOL

    Good News: Amazon has plexiglass face shields for like $10 each and they can be hand washed and last forever. You can breath and talk again too. Try one [they have an advantage too, they keep you from touching your eyes and mouths too, hospital use N95 masks don’t]. The cloth masks may not as work well….but the expensive ones allow ya to breath, try the $15 a piece ones [I have one, it needs daily washing though], its a “temporary use” breath of fresh air compared to the hospital type cardboard or paper ones; it seems to keep dry from normal breathing spit/snot longer too during use too [about an hour’s use].

  108. 108
    ruxpert says:

    Home Prices Keep Climbing As National Median Now Up 14% from Last Year
    By Redfin Sep 25, 2020

    New Forecast Sees Sales Peak This Fall, Stay Above Pre-Pandemic Levels Through the Coming Year
    This Zillow Weekly Market Report includes a forecast by Zillow economists and housing market data through the week ending Sept. 19
    By Zillow Sep 25, 2020

  109. 109
    ruxpert says:

    GOOD NEWS from Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Pam Popper and Peggy Hall

  110. 110
    ruxpert says:

    Florida Gov. DeSantis Reopens State’s Economy, Bans Mask Mandate Penalties – Headline USA

    Gov. Ron DeSantis lifted all restrictions on restaurants and other businesses in Florida on Friday, and banned local fines against people who refuse to wear masks as he seeks to reopen the state’s economy despite the coronavirus …..

  111. 111
    Erik says:

    Housing prices in Seattle are way up. Where’s Sfrz and Justme? They said real estate was crashing in 2018, boy were they wrong.

  112. 112

    RE: ruxpert @ 108

    Good You Tube Video Link

    One doctor’s opinion size does not fit all…why do you think Blue Cross is so popular. If you disagree with a doctor just switch to another without referral. Why are they pushing only doctors that want Killer Flu lock downs, there’s plenty that disagree?…simple political pigheadedness and bias.

    I like the comment that said why aren’t we auditing/testing for mercury poisoning in seafood, toxic roundup in our cereal, useless hospital testing, etc, etc…because it doesn’t fit their narrow political agenda folks for greed. Its that simple.

    Lift Up Your Mugs, Click them With the Other Bubbleheads and Gulp it All Down, read the brief:

    “…Even before the pandemic, regulators found patients suffering from staffing problems in over half of the nursing homes in Washington state. But the state still lacks a sweeping response. Read more…”

    SWE’s take: Hades I walked into a typically inadequate staffed nursing home three decades ago….it was that Renton location just miles east of the Renton Boeing plant….its been closed down the last few decades too….let’s put it this way, ya needed a gas mask, not a flu mask….worse smelling than a horse barn…

    “…The Washington state Department of Health has yet to issue specific guidance on what people should do for Halloween this year. But in the COVID-19 era, can we really celebrate an occasion that involves taking candy from strangers? Read more…”

    SWE’s take: Remember when we could get a 11-14 oz snack bar size bag of candy for on sale for like $1.88 a couple years ago? The price doubled recently bubbleheads and the stores aren’t putting it on sale anymore or offering candy coupons anymore either. When did a small candy bar get to be $1.00 each? Even the gum is a buck now….the sweet tooth is gold plated now…LOL…watch out for those Jumbo bags of candy, those are higher priced per ounce than the snack size. Do the math.

    “…As excellent as the classic shrimp scampi combination of shrimp, butter and garlic may be, it does lack one quintessentially shrimp-friendly ingredient: juicy ripe tomatoes. Here’s a recipe that will remedy that situation. Read more…”

    SWE’s take: Hey you CDC Clowns, why don’t ya test this shrimp for mercury poisoning, I’m sure it tests positive. Switch to burgers, ya get sick of dried up breast meat chicken all the time too…mercury is just like nuclear radiation, once it gets in your body it never leaves, it just accumulates over a lifetime too. But that “farmed fish” toxic shrimp tastes so delicious cooked in butter… the brainless lemmings love to gobble “all ya can eat” mass plates of it down when the casino buffets were open…even the Seattle Waterfront crab house and Ivars restaurant used to serve giant portions of mercury contaminated seafood on news papers by the pound, I stopped eating it decades ago. LOL….MMMMM, its delicious.

    “…After 80 lawsuits against Trump, this one’s the big one..”

    SWE’s Take: Yeah, the big one, so ya admit the other 79 were fake news now? Its like that old joke, keep throwing fake news soiled underwear at the wall until a pair sticks…LOL


    The home affordability ship has been a sunk Titanic long before Killer Flu hit:


    Its hard to find a home buying mortgage link that’s honest anymore….they all speak with forked tongue now…reminds me of the polls stacked against Trump with votes from unregistered adults…try Rasmussen, its got Trump leading by 52% today [I checked] and it actually polls real registered voters…LOL…it all floats down stream now…LOL

  113. 113

    Hey Governor Inslee

    Where’s the lock down rules since March 2020….I know the Tooth Fairy has ’em….


    Since when is good politics by progressives doing absolutely NOTHING for six months? The Washington State lemmings don’t care, they’re easily brainwashed anyway…

  114. 114
  115. 115
    ruxpert says:

    Pandemic Times: New App Offers Eviction Crews for Landlords Seeking to Avoid Confrontation

    Landlords Avoid Confrontation With ‘Uber Of Evictions’


  116. 116
    Seah says:

    Erik , what were their main reasons ? Were they immature ? I wasn’t here before 2018. TIM did explain that a collapse of mortgage rates held off housing price collapses .

    Though I do wonder if prices will correct even with low interest rates?

    By Erik @ 110:

    Housing prices in Seattle are way up. Where’s Sfrz and Justme? They said real estate was crashing in 2018, boy were they wrong.

  117. 117

    Hey its Meat Locker Temperature 49 degrees Outside With Fog Now, Clearing Later This Morning? So Saddle Up to Your Favorite Coffee Barista Shack and Buy Yourself an Extra-Large Double Doze of Sugared Brew, Make Sure Ya Add Whip Cream and Read the Brief:

    “…New York Times, which obtained tax information that reveals struggling properties, vast write-offs and hundreds of millions in debt coming due. In case you’d rather not read the whole thing, here are five takeaways. (Photo: Carolyn Kaster / The Associated Press)..”

    SWE’s take: Hades, the richest households all deduct more legally from their income taxes, its SOP:


    “…50 tax deductions & tax credits you can take in 2020

    Updated September 18, 2020: It’s tax season! While few people want to pay anything at all, there are ways to pay less…”

    Why is this evil? I’m puzzled. Hey Erik, you’re an “evil investor” who defies “Land Baron” capital gains taxes? Lock him up, he’s just like Trump…LOL…the other side of the issue is do they spend tax revenue wisely and not waste it all down the toilet? Comments Bubbleheads? Hypocrites all?

    Good News: Enjoy the clear warmer days Bubbleheads….and mow your own lawns! LOL

  118. 118
    ruxpert says:

    Owner of Palmer House Hilton sued for $338 million unpaid loan
    McGill reports on bldg material price inflation
    and pricey exodus building rural property price increase;
    Commercial Real Estate economic calamity, etc.
    – Mike McGill – The Economy Cannot Recover As It Was
    Jeff Rense Radio Show – 2020.09.22

  119. 119
    David says:

    RE: softwarengineer @ 116 – Here in Florida I potted up a Kentiopsis palm yesterday. Watched some Spoonbills fly around the area today. And sat out on the covered patio during a massive lightning storm this afternoon.

    Suck it Seattle.

  120. 120
    Mackenzie says:

    I just heard from a friend in Edmonton (where I grew up) about how a small tent city has risen in a park where she runs everyday. There were no homeless in this park prior to 2020. This is completely new. She says there are even families with babies in this encampment.

    Vancouver has long had a homeless problem, but Edmonton was relatively free of this issue. Until now.

    This is freaking Canada guys! Canada has super generous stimulus far in excess of what’s in the US.

    The world is really coming apart at the seams. I really hope those babies aren’t still in the park come the winter. Edmonton is NOT a place you want to be in a tent during January.

  121. 121

    RE: Mackenzie @ 120
    Some of the Homeless are Homeless With Thought Disorders Blocking Rational Actions, Like contacting their Social Services for support incomes, filling out the paperwork and showing them your driver’s license, Social Security Number equivalent in Canada and certified birth certificate….we need “real” mental health agencies to help these mentally ill do this. They evidently don’t exist in Canada either?

    It will not help to blame it all on the homeless either.

  122. 122
    Mackenzie says:

    By softwarengineer @ 121:

    RE: Mackenzie @ 120 – It will not help to blame it all on the homeless either.

    What I find interesting is that this homeless camp didn’t exist prior to 2020. So something has certainly changed.

  123. 123

    Now, Switch to Iced Chiinos, its warmer today and read the brief…

    “.. Safety crisis inside Amazon’s warehouses hits home in Pierce County
    Internal records show Amazon has deceived the public and lawmakers about rising injury rates among its warehouse workers, according to a newly obtained cache of company records. One Pierce County warehouse last year had the highest injury rate of any Amazon fulfillment center in the country: 22 serious injuries for every 100 workers. Above is a view from inside an Amazon facility in New York. (Photo: Hiroko Masuike / The New York Times, 2019)

    SWE’s take: “…Amazon was listed on the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health’s “dirty dozen” list of most dangerous places to work in the United States in April 2018 due to the company’s pattern of unsafe working conditions…”


    “…With the debate scrambled before it’s even started by new revelations over President Donald Trump’s taxes, keep an eye out for the five biggest questions of the night…”

    SWE’s Take: Fake News. Hillary brought the same NYTs’ “no source” Leak in 2016 fake news [right before the debate too] up at the debates in 2016 and it was a nothing burger then and its a nothing burger now. Get a brain MSM or should I say stop brainwashing news like the Russian Pravda Seattle Times?

    “… “It’s not just a number. It’s human beings. It’s people we love.” And the number you’ve likely been hearing — a million people now dead from the coronavirus — is almost certainly a vast undercount. We’ve been telling the stories of some of those who have died in the Seattle area. Find today’s live updates here….”

    SWE’s take: 1,000,000 divided by 7 billion people on earth is a .014% death rate folks. BTW, try Googling how many normally die of flu pneumonia in the “entire” world per year [over the last decade] with no Pandemic wildly allegating and skewing the results…the data is masked folks, I looked for it. Maybe the Bubbleheads can find the link…its a logical question and its quite likely there’s data available that’s being “politically” masked by the MSM and some of the medical community now?

    “…More smoke is on the way to the Puget Sound area and could arrive tonight, but it shouldn’t choke the region as badly as last time, the National Weather Service says. Just in case, here’s how to reduce your exposure to unhealthy air. On a happier note, we’re in for more warm, almost summerlike temperatures. (Photo: Steve Ringman / The Seattle Times)..”

    SWE’s take: Look for a reddish colored sun in the clouds, if the air is smokeless and clean the red disappears…

    “…What not to read? J.K. Rowling’s latest, “Troubled Blood,” is … troubling. Our critic writes about how it made her not care about two characters she used to love, for reasons having to do partly with Rowling’s recently aired opinions…”

    SWE’s Take: Blame opinions/views you disagree with as evil books? LOL…hey mainstream media, I’m dying to read the book now…..LOL…you’d hate best selling authors Tom Clancy or Dean Koontz for the same reasons. They have Conservative politics…LOL

    “…The American was disgruntled about a fee at a seaside resort hotel in Thailand, so he did what Americans do: He posted negative reviews online. Now he could face prison time, and death threats are flying…”

    SWE’s take: LOL…don’t fill out any surveys IOWS or the “Chinese style NWO mind police” might brand you “evil” and an anarchist. Ask Google.

    “…How will you celebrate Halloween and Dia de Muertos safely? Now that the CDC has released its list of do’s and don’ts, we hope you’ll share your ideas…”

    SWE’s take: I see the jumbo snack size bags of candy [1-1/2 lb size] on sale at Fred Meyers for $3.49, that is comparable to 11-15 oz small snack size bags at $1.88 each. Stock up….you can use any excess for Thanksgiving and Christmas when candy doubles in price…I’m grabbing up about $20 worth, the excess I give to the disabled homes…a rare sale find and don’t assume it will be around next month, not with small single Hershey Bars at $1.00 each.

    “…Soundproofing a room can be a neighborly idea, whether it’s your enthusiastic virtual concerts or the neighbor’s enthusiastic watch dog that needs muffling. Some DIY solutions are fairly inexpensive. You can also professionally soundproof your space…”

    SWE’s Take: Sound proofing apartments and Condos with thin insulated walls is a joke. Don’t live there if ya work 3rd shift…LOL

    “…The Seattle School District in 1978 begins mandatory, districtwide busing to achieve racial balance. (The opening of school had been delayed for three weeks by a strike by teachers.) Seattle becomes the first big U.S. city to voluntarily undertake districtwide desegregation through crosstown busing. In the first year of what became known as the Seattle Plan, about 12,500 of the district’s 54,000 students are bused to schools outside their neighborhoods. The School Board begins to phase out mandatory busing in 1988. Busing for the sake of desegregation ends in elementary schools in 1997 and in middle and high schools two years later. (Compiled from HistoryLink.org)..”

    SWE’s take: I thought it was all online public schools the students all hate…busing ’em there is a moot point, they’re all closed to due to F2F Killer Flu education policy closing them down endlessly..old useless/brainless MSM news.

    Good News: When the Killer Pollution Smoke comes back tomorrow and its wamer, bring your fans back out and don’t open the windows tomorrow, it cools off much earlier now that its Fall…I can do OK unless the indoor temperature exceeds 84 degrees, then even shorts and a tee shirt won’t help…LOL…if its a choice between sleep or breath…I pick sleep then…by 6PM it should be in the 60s outside again…like burnt food smoke, the air will get cleaner inside within hours with windows closed.

  124. 124
    ruxpert says:

    ‘K-Shaped’Recovery, a ‘Mistake’?
    All 3 agree: A Crisis is on the horizon?
    ‘Learning to live with a much larger underclass’?


  125. 125
    redmondjp says:

    Well, it’s almost official . . . as predicted by certain posters here earlier this year:


    But you know, with tens of thousands of unfilled Amazon jobs all migrating over to the Eastside, I’m sure that real estate prices will continue on the upswing.

    Buy now while rates are low!

  126. 126
    David says:

    By Mackenzie @ 122:

    By softwarengineer @ 121:

    RE: Mackenzie @ 120 – It will not help to blame it all on the homeless either.

    What I find interesting is that this homeless camp didn’t exist prior to 2020. So something has certainly changed.

    Unless everyone is a farmer in Canada and a farmer capable of producing their own food, then locking down an economy is going to ruin lives and make people destitute and mentally ill.

  127. 127
    WeaselCom says:

    RE: homelessinseattle @ 1 – Check out Washington State Housing Finance Commission, they help first time buyers with down payments. They helped us buy our first home about 6 years ago. Wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

  128. 128

    Great Comments All…There’s a Million Ways to Skin an Onion…I Checked the Weather Channel for Wild Fire Smoke Warnings Today….They Say No


    I see why the Weather Channel was right and the Seattle Times Was Wrong…the smoke from the recent California Wild Fires yesterday is just heading west for the Pacific Ocean, not Seattle. So open your windows and smile. BTW….if ya want good wild fire smoke prediction for Seattle use the Weather Channel and check out the satellite photos yourself. LOL, an independent voter laments the same….last night’s contentious debate was too polarized in opposite political directions to be friendly and the rules for interrupting a speaker by either candidate were not clarified by Fox Chris Wallace moderator IMO. It reminds me Seattle Real Estate predicting; if your a buyer its empty you’re pocketbook , if you’re a seller its an automatic good investment….imagine Chris Wallace moderating that debate. LOL….one undecided voter summed it for me, ya have to do your own separate research relating to your independent case and go from there. Stocks are up about 400 points DOW right now….that’s good news for both buyers and sellers. Investors shrugged off the wrestling match debate last night and Chris Wallace isn’t the journalist he used to be, he tries to support both sides at the same time, that sounds like Karl Rove too….no opinion and no help either.

    Good News: The economy and real estate sales shrugs off a horribly FOX News moderated debate last night….it seemed to help the DOW anyway. Don’t listen to polls or pundits, do your own research folks…

    I eliminated the Seattle Times brief today, its too repetitive and politically polarized to shed any clues on where Seattle Real Estate is going. Use less IMO IOWs…LOL

  129. 129
    ruxpert says:

    NAR: Pending Home Sales Increase 8.8% in August

    The Urban Exodus and How Greatness Goes Bankrupt
    The best-case scenario is those who love their “great city” will accept the daunting reality that even greatness can go bankrupt.
    Two recent essays pin each end of the “urban exodus” spectrum.

  130. 130

    RE: David @ 119
    I Now Know Why Two Folks I Worked With and Knew Well, both moved out of the Seattle area to Florida to retire when I checked out your listed home prices on the internet:

    Even the beach front mansions with views are avg subpar aged Seattle Home prices, with twice the SF. Pools too.

    Now grab your coffee mugs and guzzle it all down with SWE, read the brief:

    “…both conservative and liberal, are largely united on one point about that debate: It was beyond awful. Changes are afoot for the next debate after this one screeched off the tracks, plunging its stunned moderator into “desperation.” ..”

    SWE’s Take: One Presidential Debate Moderator gets to shut up and possibly mute microphone a Presidential Candidate? Who, the Tooth Fairy? All debates come with spontaneous interruptions by both parties, all Presidential Debates I’ve seen to date. If ya don’t like it move to Communist Cuba or China where they muzzle free speech by MSM. So Biden doesn’t or does want mandatory electric cars and no more oil? He never told us. Same with “Medicare for All”…Biden is driving Bernie supporters to the “Devil they Know, Trump” rather than the Biden Devil that tells ’em nothing…???? Its 2016 all over again.

    “…Gov. Jay Inslee condemned any efforts to throw out ballots or otherwise prevent a peaceful transfer of power should Trump lose the election. Eleven other Democratic governors joined him yesterday in a pledge to speak out loudly against attempts to disenfranchise voters, and ensure that their states will count all the votes that are cast…”

    SWE’s take: Close elections can demand a recount and the FBI just raided a voter ballot box S/W Texas company for Chinese spyware yesterday…

    “…Seattle has “openly and willfully” violated federal court orders meant to protect protesters by allowing police to keep indiscriminately using crowd-control weapons against them, the ACLU of Washington says in a court filing. The group wants a federal judge to curb SPD’s use of such weapons…”

    SWE’s take: Hades the ACLU would ban squirt gun use by police if they could…LOL

    “…Starbucks is extending its work-from-home policy for its Seattle headquarters until October 2021, and promising a far more flexible workplace for employees when they return. The company is among many employers rethinking their entire workplace concept…”

    SWE’s take: Most of Starbucks workers serve coffee as baristas..this affects 1% of the work force?

    Good news: The weatherman predicts rain, not 80 degrees and sun/smoke today…the birds were flying high yesterday in clean air in Kent, I mowed my lawn…now mow your’s, you lazy isolation pig…,LOL …Erik would.

  131. 131

    Kent Fred Meyer Halloween Candy Was a “Bait and Hook” in 2019 and its “Bait and Hook” fake advertising now too. The 1 1/2 lbs of snack size were not on sale $3.49 each per printed newspaper ad, I checked it out…they’re $5.49 each…

    Sorry for the the corruption at Fred Meyers, even if it was not my fault. The store manager at Fred Meyers I spoke to did not argue this fact, but refused to sell it to me for $3.49 a larger bag as advertised. I miss the FTC they eliminated decades ago. The small snack size bags went on sale for like $1.88 each in 2018…Hades, that’s 100% Halloween candy inflation in two years…

    Keep a watch on things yourself, we have no government/business ethics anymore?

  132. 132
    Mackenzie says:

    By the way, I find it amusing to troll the Seattle area rental listings on Craigslist. Pretty much anything reasonable is a scam, trying to extract application fees or get personal ID for identity theft.

    I contact the lister and waste their time asking questions about the property, and keep stalling when they ask me to fill out on-line forms before seeing the properties. It’s the perfect way to fill these endless pandemic hours of boredom.

    It is kind of sad though to see Craigslist taken over by scam artists. I have no idea how a legitimate landlord could even look for tenants anymore other than by putting a sign in the window.

  133. 133
  134. 134
    David says:

    RE: softwarengineer @ 129 – I dont understand what you are saying about the beachfront Florida mansions? Better or worse than Seattle?

    Also, are they swimming in the ocean in Seattle? Fishing?

    Millions of people visit Florida for vacation. I’m unaware of that trend in Seattle.

  135. 135
    TJ_98370 says:

    Just posting a comment. I have no agenda. I just thought it might be of mild interest to those following Seattle real estate trends. Make your own judgements/opinions …………


    The Housing Bubble Blog
    There Is Blood On The Streets
    • October 1, 2020
    • Ben Jones
    • Uncategorized

    A report from Seattle PI in Washington. “Seattle condos are breaking records – well, it is not necessarily a good thing. Politics, protesting, poor city governance and the Coronavirus-epidemic have all contributed to a 130% increase in Seattle condos for sale in the Downtown core. We now how the most inventory of condos for sale since 2010. For those of you living in Seattle, 2009, 2010 and 2011 were tough times for condo sellers. There just wasn’t buyer demand because of the post recession hangover, an over-supply of new construction and an enormous number of short sales and defaults that slowed the progression of monthly sales. It is an incredible opportunity for buyers to take advantage of current conditions and to a negotiate a great price.”

  136. 136
    David says:

    RE: TJ_98370 @ 134 – A condo I was tracking close to Cal Anderson Park just went under contract. But the price dropped prior to that.

    Given a choice, I’d rather move to Austin, TX and buy a condo or better: https://www.redfin.com/TX/Austin/12501-Shrike-Ln-78729/home/110204487

  137. 137
    Erik says:

    RE: David @ 133
    Slidell Louisiana certainly isn’t the Florida beaches, but we are still both south. I get bummed out in Seattle from dark overcast and rain. I like the sun, affordable prices, and sparse traffic of the south.

    I still think Seattle real estate is where it’s at. The thing I miss most about Seattle is buying real estate, renting it out, and watching the value go up quickly.

  138. 138
    N says:

    RE: TJ_98370 @ 134

    Along those lines, the latest Zumper apartment rent report today shows Seattle 1 bedrooms down 12% YOY and down 17% from the high. Is this simply a case of people not wanting to live in tight quarters and needing home offices, or is it broader where rentals shows cracks first as it’s much easier to move as a renter. I’m betting SFH homes in Seattle will be ok but interesting to ponder.

  139. 139
    ruxpert says:

    RE: TJ_98370 @ 134

    Is this also an issue of low-interest-rates / Over-supply?

  140. 140
  141. 141
    Justsomedude12 says:

    RE: TJ_98370 @ 134 – You’ve already admitted that you do have an agenda. You want prices to drop. Although I sympathize with your situation, I don’t see how continually harping on currently high inventory in one particular spot (Downtown) of the greater Seattle area means anything.

    During covid of course some people will shy away from high rise living, but in another year or two covid will be a blip in the rear view mirror. Those who purchase Downtown condos in this next year or two will be glad they did. Those who wait for things to get back to normal (i.e. low inventory) to buy will wish they hadn’t waited. As I’ve mentioned before, when it comes to investing/buying real estate human nature leads people to wait until prices have gone up to want to jump in and buy. It’s a funny thing.

  142. 142

    RE: David @ 133

    Hi David:

    Thanks for the question, I already checked out the recent Florida Mansion Sales on the coasts, just the prices, not inspection reports for possible hurricane damages over the years….they must build ’em different in Florida with high surge structures above water. Albeit, that seems more expensive built than Seattle waterfront mansions, the lots are bigger too. These Florida homes exist on foreclosure lists too, not regular listings, throw in that unknown too…the internet search restricts open searches for these units too…check it out David.


    Here’s one I slopped into, its a good example, because it has the basic beach area location, pool and quality Seattle does not have for a home like this for $270K, the price of a Kent modular at Glenbrook…LOL

    Now read the brief and if ya test positive for Killer Flu let’s hope its asymptomatic, likely like Trump and the FLOTUS today [they are well BTW]…grab your mugs of coffee and I’ll try to sift out repetitive news or news unrelated to Seattle Home price estimating. The lucky internet fisher fishes out the gems and smiles while gulping the coffee down, ya need to quarantine for like 10 days if ya test positive to switch back to testing negative again…fever symptoms or not.

    “…Almost 20,000 Amazon employees have caught the coronavirus, according to the company, which has come under harsh criticism from workers who say it hasn’t done enough to keep them safe. That tally includes workers at Whole Foods Market…”

    SWE’s take: Hey that’s 2.5% test positive…they safe space and all wear masks too…what good does it do? Thank God most test positive but its asymptomatic. No fever.

    “… Seattle-based Alaska Airlines has begun cutting nearly 450 more workers while borrowing $1.3 billion from the U.S. Treasury, as federal aid for airlines runs out…”

    SWE’s Take: The real problem facing the 737 MAX’s future?

    “…What a ripoff! We were supposed to have glorious weather this week, but fog and smoke appear to have cheated us out of it. And we’re probably not going to get a makeup, a National Weather Service meteorologist says. Here’s what to expect…”

    SWE’s take: The air quality is just moderate with no Seattle area wild fire smoke pollution warnings, just fog:


    Look out the window, the birds are flying.

    “…Medical experts emphasize that this is not a good time to skimp on your health routine. Regular preventative care and proactively addressing chronic illness can better your chances of managing COVID-19 and any underlying, undiagnosed risk factors…”

    SWE’s take: We average like 6 hours sleep, that’s sleep depredation in my book and reduces immune response, get more sleep and keep the isolation pig weight off ya…

    “…How many students have sufficient internet for school? It’s a central question, but nobody knows for sure. The lack of firm information means Seattle, other districts and the state can only estimate how many children are falling into the gap as they try to reach them…”

    SWE’s Take: Besides the fact that 20% don’t have internet anyway.


    Good News: We can still have Halloween. Serve candy in wrappers only…hey Erik, are ya dressing your toddler up and taking him out trick or treating? The kids love Halloween. I’m wearing my face shield when I serve it to no trick or treaters? LOL…time will tell…maybe I’ll be in a scary Killer Flu doctor costume. I’m serving zombie skittles, the package says horrible zombie flavored skittles are mixed in bag….LOL…I’ll call it the FDA vaccine….LOL

  143. 143

    RE: David @ 133

    Yes David:

    I checked the internet [the Bubble does like listing long URLs, it delays or it evidently blocks comments automatically].


    Let’s hope this URL comment is short enough for the bubble

  144. 144

    Hey, the smoke pollution is gone, albeit the Seattle fog isn’t….grab your coffee mug and read the brief:

    Not much on the brief related to Seattle Real Estate, albeit IMO the real problem facing the 737 MAX is an empty SEATAC airport and mass local airline layoffs..

    Trump and the FLOTUS caught the Killer Flu, albeit they’re both well today, up and working as usual [under quarantine] and relatively asymptomatic their physician says. I heard Trump on the phone last night, he seemed wide awake and perky at 11PM eastern time anyway…

    Good News: Halloween can proceed, but don’t count your trick or treaters until they hatch….they don’t sell Halloween pumpkins at WINCO BTW. Hey Erik, ya dressing your toddler up and going trick or treating this month? Kids love Halloween…I bought some zombie Skittles just in case…LOL…I’ll dress up like a Hazmat doctor this year fighting Killer Flu…LOL

  145. 145

    One tidbit from the brief that bears another expanded take:

    “..How many students have sufficient internet for school? It’s a central question, but nobody knows for sure. The lack of firm information means Seattle, other districts and the state can only estimate how many children are falling into the gap as they try to reach them…”

    SWE’s Take: The harsh reality is 20% of the American households have no internet…the data on Seattle is masked, check it out, you’ll come up empty handed…on purpose or just poor fragmented MSM coverage? Your guess.

  146. 146

    RE: Justsomedude12 @ 140
    Killer Flu Symptoms may be more benign this month….but the stigma of testing positive is like grabbing a the tainted zombie flavored Skittles from SWE’s candy bowl…simply HORRIFYING….LOL

    Maybe I’ll name my candy bowl the approved FDA vaccine to scare ’em all away..LOL

  147. 147
  148. 148
    ruxpert says:

    ” … the bigger problem is that thanks to the Fed’s response to the 2008 financial crisis, America’s bubble economy is so unprepared for any problem. But the biggest problem is the Fed’s current [‘Covid’] solution.”

  149. 149
    TJ_98370 says:

    RE: Justsomedude12 @ 141
    …. I don’t see how continually harping on currently high inventory in one particular spot (Downtown) of the greater Seattle area means anything…..
    It’s the media that keeps mentioning it. It must mean something to you because you appear to dislike that kind of reporting.

  150. 150
    uwp says:

    By Justsomedude12 @ 141:

    As I’ve mentioned before, when it comes to investing/buying real estate human nature leads people to wait until prices have gone up to want to jump in and buy. It’s a funny thing.

    A line I often heard in my finance days, “The stock market is the one thing no one wants to buy when it’s on sale.”

  151. 151
    Justsomedude12 says:

    RE: uwp @ 150 – Yes. I would just add that homes seem to be in that category as well. There’s definitely a heard mentality.

  152. 152
    ruxpert says:

    on ‘sale’ ?
    ‘I bought something on sale, … then something went on sale after i bought it’

    “When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.’

    ’The question is,’ said Alice, ‘whether you can make words mean so many different things.’


  153. 153
    Justsomedude12 says:

    By ruxpert @ 152:

    on ‘sale’ ?
    ‘I bought something on sale, … then something went on sale after i bought it’

    Such is life. The only remedy is to never buy anything, ever.

  154. 154
    Whatsmyname says:

    MLS numbers should be interesting when they come out. Altos graph for Seattle shows declining median price. I doubt that will hold for all of King County, but it certainly could.

  155. 155
    David says:

    By Erik @ 137:

    RE: David @ 133
    Slidell Louisiana certainly isn’t the Florida beaches, but we are still both south. I get bummed out in Seattle from dark overcast and rain. I like the sun, affordable prices, and sparse traffic of the south.

    I still think Seattle real estate is where it’s at. The thing I miss most about Seattle is buying real estate, renting it out, and watching the value go up quickly.

    It is hard for me to look at places in the South and say this market is a Seattle-like market Austin might be because UT-Austin has 50,000 students, has sort-of-water-access, lots of tech biz, etc. Seattle though is in the middle of nowhere.

    Austin is kind of out there away from other metro areas. BUT you can drive in any direction and land is available in every direction.

    There are a lot of crap houses in Central Florida: https://www.zillow.com/myzillow/favorites#43406652

    To me though, the numbers don’t make most of them terribly motivating.

  156. 156
    ruxpert says:

    RE: Justsomedude12 @ 153

    That’s not necessarily the only remedy regarding determining what ‘on sale’ may or may not mean?
    (or What’s ‘On Sale’ and What’s NOT)
    Isn’t there a saying that ‘at the right price anything/everything’s ‘on sale’ ?
    What benefit/agenda is there in stopping people from ever buying if they don’t buy now? ;-)

  157. 157
    ruxpert says:

    RE: ruxpert @ 148

    Home prices post record 18% drop – Dec. 30, 2008

  158. 158
    northender says:

    RE: Mackenzie @ 132
    Zillow ads at 10 bucks a week get better response than craigslist.

  159. 159
    Erik says:

    RE: David @ 155
    Seattle has a port on the Pacific Ocean facing Asia. North of Seattle is Vancouver BC, which is much more expensive than Seattle. Vancouver is a software hub inhabited by a lot of rich people from Asia. South of Seattle is San Francisco, which is also much more expensive than Seattle. San Francisco is another software hub inhabited by a lot of rich people from Asia. Seattle will chase San Francisco and Vancouver prices. Seattle just needs better politicians like Gary Locke to connect Seattle with Asia and prices in Seattle will skyrocket.

    You are comparing a landlocked city in Texas with a port city connected with Asia. Geography is a huge deal and Seattle has a far superior geographic location. Austin may be cool now, but I bet on geography and Seattle has that going for them.

  160. 160
    Erik says:

    RE: softwarengineer @ 142
    We will take our son out to meet the neighbors, but not collect candy. We don’t eat sugar or any manufactured food for that matter. We eat organic meat, vegetables, seeds, and nuts, so candy is out of the question. My son has never had anything processed or really sweet, so I’m not sure how he’d react. We got him a NASA astronaut costume, which I thought was pretty cool.

    When you give out candy, you should dress up in as a covid patient with a hospital wrist band and hospital gown. Then pretend to cough on the kids and the candy as you hand it out. You’ll either get laughs or end up in jail. Either way, it will make a memorable night.

  161. 161
    David says:

    RE: Erik @ 160 – Probably all good points – cept San Fran is 807 miles from Seattle. Still easy access to Asia.

    Here in my Winter home in Florida there are houses selling for $1.8M within easy walking distance from me. But the sales pressure just isn’t there so far – course it is expensive.

    Maybe I’ll check out Dauphin Island, AL next time – Airbus is close by. Or maybe Charleston, SC – Boeing is close by.

  162. 162
    Erik says:

    RE: David @ 161
    I believe the main reason that Airbus builds the single aisle jet in the USA is so it can win US government contracts. I don’t know for sure, but I would guess that they aren’t going to expand in Alabama or anywhere in the US for that matter.

    The Boeing plant in South Carolina that builds half of the 787 will grow to build the entire 787 in South Carolina. My guess is that whenever Boeing designs the new middle of the market airplane, it will be in Everett. Once Everett figures out how to build and manufacture the airplane, it probably makes sense to pass it off to South Carolina where the airplane can be mass produced for many years at a lower price. This could be the new pattern. The caveat would be if Boeing does a minor technology leap, then the whole thing could be done in South Carolina.

    The point of this is that if you are deciding where to invest based on where aerospace growth, I’d guess South Carolina. Seattle area is going to turn into a bigger tech hub and will likely get a lot more expensive.

  163. 163
    David says:

    RE: Erik @ 162 – Here’s an interesting view of Seatle real estate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDft-3jW8N4&t=412s

    Bellevue may be the solution.

  164. 164
    David says:

    RE: Erik @ 162 – Also, Seatltle has defunded the police unit that removes homeless camps. Enjoy that Seattle !

  165. 165

    Great Comments All

    Erik, the high tech average wage data is not tracked clearly in Seattle at all; Hades one link showed average tech pay at $135/hr, but no employee count or years experience that matches that high average allegation. Check it out, its fog.

    Indeed does give average tech pay in Seattle with 109 current job opennings:


    I’d go with the link that uses actual openings and numbers of actual jobs to fill, wouldn’t you? Wage allegations on high tech actual openings have no data in my book, except Indeed. BTW 109 job openings is not a healthy job market for a city as big as Seattle. Everett Boeing Indeed average wage [with no openings numbered] show about 600 jobs at the plant, but 2-3 times the average pay [includes experienced workers].


    If we lose Boeing Everett and Indeed is a much better average wage data base…we’re screwed in comparison to retaining a handful of i.e., Starbucks IT programmers, and most are just service baristas positions…$25/hr average for openings….same with Amazon, most openings are $15/hr ware house workers. Got a link to contradict Indeed Erik, with #’s of openings, job description groups and average pay to fill ’em? Don’t assume anything, ya need to see it in writing in my book.

    Hey, the 2nd Half of Your King County Property Tax is due by Nov 2, 2020, my $250-300K property taxed unit pegs in at about $300/mo Property Tax with about $50/mo insurance and $200/mo HOA fee….about $600/mo [without maintenance costs] only if ya don’t have a mortgage…Does that mean the $700K new homes paid off still cost about $1200-1500 without mortgage payment and without maintenance as the winter heating bill gets tagged on…YIKES….Erik, keep eating non-processed foods ya can’t get at a normal restaurant. I’m with you, I can’t eat sugar or drink alcohol either…the kids do love candy Erik and their metabolisms are higher than ours, so one size does not fit all…not to worry, the tech pay will save Seattle? Not.

    Time to scoot over to Wendy’s and grab a Ciino, and read the brief:

    “…As the Seattle area emerged as the first U.S. COVID-19 epicenter in early March, residents fled the region to vacation homes, relatives’ houses and out-of-state locales that boasted low density and virus rates. Read more…”

    SWE’s Take: Like rats leaving the sinking Killer Flu ship?

    “…Yes, Seattle has gotten expensive in recent years. But you can still get scrumptious treats for under $10, including a chicken sandwich from a James Beard-nominated chef. Read more…”

    SWE’s take: Hey that barbecued chunk of meat sure looks delicious. Slop on some mayonnaise and lettuce and gobble it down…

    “…The 20-year-old woman who was shot outside an Edmonds market has died. As two other people recover from Tuesday’s shooting at the bustling Boo Han market, details are emerging of what led up to the chaotic scene. Read more…”

    SWE’s Take: Three shooting victims and one body bag in Edmonds Asian market , sad to hear. The “murderous” thugs are out of control and crime is getting worse in the Seattle area, whether we admit it or not.

    Good News: SWE found some cool Halloween Candy, evidently mimicking Donald Trump Jr’s 2016 Skittles joke, “would you grab a handful of Skittles immigrants if there was a small percentage of Killer terrorists mixed in”…they call the new packaged treat ZOMBIE SKITTLES, there’s horrifying zombie flesh tasting ones mixed in [states the package]…LOL..they’re $2.95 a bag of 20…the kids will love ’em…adults too…LOL

  166. 166
    ruxpert says:

    A new report confirms what we’ve been talking about since the early days (read: here) of the virus pandemic, that is, an exodus out of major cities.

    San Francisco Rents Crash Most On Record Amid Mass Exodus

  167. 167
    Erik says:

    RE: David @ 163
    Yeah, I’ve already watched that video. To be honest, I don’t think this guy is all that smart and I don’t listen to his analysis. He does know current events and I listen to him for that.

    When I say Seattle area, I think of Bellevue too. I think as prices go up on the Eastside, prices will likewise go up in Seattle. Maybe Bellevue gets Amazon and Seattle gets more software start ups that eventually do well. Bellevue is a sterile business and Seattle is an innovative idea generating city. I wouldn’t mind owning real estate in either city. I don’t see them as competing, but more working together. Seattle will innovate and Bellevue will run the business.

  168. 168
    Erik says:

    RE: David @ 164
    Get in now while prices are cheap! Seattle is being run by people that don’t want to make the city a nice place to live. At some point that will change and Seattle will become a very nice city that people want to be in. That happened to NYC and at some point it will happen to Seattle too. Seattle needs someone like Rudy Guilliani to clean the city up and put the homeless in Everett and Tacoma where they belong.

  169. 169
    justsomedude12 says:

    RE: David @ 163 – This appears to be a guy from Bellevue talking about how great Bellevue is.

  170. 170
    justsomedude12 says:

    RE: David @ 163 – Also, regarding Amazon not renewing that particular Seattle lease…they have 2 new buildings under construction which are almost complete just west of that leased space. They’ve publicly stated that for security reasons they prefer to occupy an entire building rather than a portion like that leased space they chose not to renew.

  171. 171
    Whatsmyname says:

    2,275 is not much inventory for a King County Saturday afternoon.

  172. 172
    Erik says:

    RE: justsomedude12 @ 169
    Yes! Bellevue is great, just too bubbly for my liking,

  173. 173
    David says:

    RE: Erik @ 172 – Well that guy is a real estate agent – nuff said.

    To me, Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, etc are contiguous. Bellevue seems boring but hardly a separate metro.

    The question is, I want to live where I enjoy the area. Downtown Seattle is certainly NOT that place. Neither is LA, Santa Monica. etc.

    No matter how rich I might get in real estate. Just not worth it to me as far as living – ONLY investing.

    Also, I voted for Trump today via mail-in ballot. I am a registered independent in Florida this year.

  174. 174
    David says:

    By justsomedude12 @ 170:

    RE: David @ 163 – Also, regarding Amazon not renewing that particular Seattle lease…they have 2 new buildings under construction which are almost complete just west of that leased space. They’ve publicly stated that for security reasons they prefer to occupy an entire building rather than a portion like that leased space they chose not to renew.

    Half – that is a good point. Course, at one point, Boeing had HALF of 787 production in Everett.

  175. 175
    Justme says:

    RE: justsomedude12 @ 169

    It’s amazing that some talking-head sell-side REIC youtuber (Sean Reynolds, NW Summit Properties) that specializes in Seattle has 13k subscribers. And all he does is repeat the same claptrap that passes for analysis around here. It’s hard to tell whether the SB right-winger bubble-mongers get their ideas from Sean Reynolds or vice-versa.

  176. 176
    TJ_98370 says:

    Apartment developers may be a little early on the Eastside
    “With Amazon and other tech companies expected to add tens of thousands of jobs on the Eastside in the coming years, developers of multifamily housing are swarming the area.
    They may be a little early, however.
    “I think there’s a lot of excitement in Bellevue, but I think people might be getting a little overly enthusiastic,” said appraiser Brian O’Connor of O’Connor Consulting Group, a Seattle company that advises multifamily developers.
    Across the Puget Sound region, demand for multifamily housing has dropped significantly due to Covid-19 while supply increases, he said. The Eastside is not immune.
    The Eastside apartment vacancy rate is 4.6% now, and O’Connor forecasts it could climb to 5.8% by the end of 2021. He thinks it will end up slightly higher in downtown Bellevue.
    Still, this has not deterred developers…..”


  177. 177

    Great Comments All

    The fog hit Seattle area weather this week and day time highs now in the 50s….the rains and grim fog weather means one thing historically…less sales this time of season. BTW, 6 new “for sale posted” listings appeared since May 2020 at my 140 unit HOA. None sold to date. Even the single $270K unit sale last May was a 100% $CASH$ bag purchase [from HOA officer verbal sources], the other active April 2020 unit was a completely exploded/destroyed unit [I saw that personally] that totally [exploded??] burned down [apparently in about 5 minutes too, flammable chemical arson caused too?] last April that bankrupted the owners [My HOA launched a charity collection for the victim family]. Maximum real estate insurance coverage on modulars with land only cover about half the loss the last few years, even with $60K down. I imagine that makes the banks eager to deal? Apparently not.

    Hey….grab your mug of coffee and munchies at Arbys today….just mention the 25% off internet deal verbally and ya get 25% off the whole “any” order until tomorrow. The Trump sized isolation pigs [not Erik and his family] smile as they grab up more sugars and fat at the Arby’s 25% off sale [Trump prefers the Big Macs BTW, he serves them special at WH lunches too]…LOL…read the brief:

    “…More than 160 older King County Metro bus drivers took a “voluntary separation” package meant to help save the jobs of younger transit operators amid the coronavirus pandemic. They’re going to miss driving their buses. Read more…”

    SWE’s Take: Average age that took early retirement? 45? LOL Now we can pay new replacements all peanut pay with low experience [and no retirement?]?

    “…A new device seems to be making just the right racket at the Ballard locks, deterring seals from their salmon snack bar. Will this finally fix this salmon predation problem that has long bedeviled the locks? Read more…”

    SWE’s Take: How about we stop seal deterring and just leave them alone to survive on the few remaining salmon out there?

    “…Aspiring chef Sadie Davis-Suskind serves gnocchi in a butter sage sauce that highlights the delicate nature of the potato dumplings and uses fresh, earthy flavors to remind us that we have entered into fall. Read more….”

    SWE’s Take: Looks like Stephen King maggots to me….mmmmmm, delicious….

    Good News: Fast food sales must be hurting in Kent, even Kent McDonalds had BOGO coupons this week, they never usually do…

  178. 178
    Erik says:

    RE: Justme @ 175
    I don’t think anyone agrees with used house salesman Sean Reynolds. Which person on here do you think agrees with him?

    By the way, you have the worst record on this site of forecasting when the market is going to crash. I’m surprised you weren’t too embarrassed to come back after being so wrong.

  179. 179
    David says:

    I see rioters are back in Cal Anderson Park. The residents should purchase low-end hard to trace weapons (like Highpoint) and shoot them in the c@ck and b@lls or lower spine. Be sure to use a scope and weapon with enough foot-pounds to totally remove the appendage before taking action.

    It will not take but a few of them losing their tallywhackers completely or denervating for the young men to say WTF !!! – I’m outta here.

    Peace restored.

    The enemy combatants affected will just gain a huge amount of weight and become docile – and expand the dating pool for everyone else if you are into fat-chicks with bad attitudes.

    Alternatively, you can buy an electric pressure washer and fill it with gas/diesel mixture and spray them down with it.

  180. 180
    David says:

    By Erik @ 178:

    RE: Justme @ 175
    I don’t think anyone agrees with used house salesman Sean Reynolds. Which person on here do you think agrees with him?

    By the way, you have the worst record on this site of forecasting when the market is going to crash. I’m surprised you weren’t too embarrassed to come back after being so wrong.

    He makes some good points talking in the last week about insurance rates going up and also this dandy about BLM terrorists in Seattle businesses: https://youtu.be/Wlam1AMLNqo?t=530

  181. 181
  182. 182
    ruxpert says:

    The Biggest Homebuying Opportunities Are Yet To Come

    “For one, homeowners have been spoiled by tight inventory and hyperspeed gentrification over the past few years, L’Eplattenier said. So those who are in the unfortunate position of having to sell during the pandemic will stubbornly stick to pre-recession pricing for a few months.

    Further, the government has take several measures to stimulate the economy and protect consumers who can’t afford their bills. But that won’t go on forever. “Over the next few months, the government will eventually put the brakes on printing money. Eviction and foreclosure moratoriums will cease in many markets. And we [will] start to see thousands of businesses go under. This is when the real estate market is going to really start to wobble and fall,” said Owen Dashner, owner and operator of Red Ladder Property Solutions, a house-flipping business in Omaha, Nebraska. “Thirty million-plus Americans unemployed is going to equal a lot of unpaid leases and mortgages, ultimately leading to foreclosures and a market downturn.”

  183. 183
    redmondjp says:

    Ruh Roh Wraggy! Seattle and Portland make the list of top cities having the most non-paying-renters:


    Anybody for a meetup at the Capitol Hill Starbucks to discuss? Oh wait, never mind . . . they just had some unplanned redecorating.

  184. 184

    Great comments All, Lots of Different Opinions

    But one thing is not debatable, ya gotta live somewhere if you still reside in the Seattle area…dig deep. Time to tip your mugs of OJ, you’ve switched from coffee to Vitamin C immunity after the Trump flu thing. Now, lets read the brief:

    “…Trump’s doctor, who has come under fire for rosy assessments and contradictions, said the president might go home today — even as he announced the use of the steroid, recommended only for the very ill. Find the latest developments here, along with help separating what’s known, and what isn’t, about Trump’s condition. Meanwhile, the challenges facing his campaign are growing. (Photo: Anthony Peltier / AP)..”

    SWE’s take: On steroid medical use reasons:

    “…We found one RCT of adjunctive corticosteroid therapy for treating people with community-acquired pneumonia, but the number of people with laboratory-confirmed influenza in the treatment and placebo arms was too small to draw conclusions regarding the effect of corticosteroids in this group, and we did not include it in our meta-analyses of observational studies. The certainty of the available evidence from observational studies was very low, with confounding by indication a major potential concern. Although we found that adjunctive corticosteroid therapy is associated with increased mortality, this result should be interpreted with caution. In the context of clinical trials of adjunctive corticosteroid therapy in sepsis and pneumonia that report improved outcomes, including decreased mortality, more high-quality research is needed (both RCTs and observational studies that adjust for confounding by indication). The currently available evidence is insufficient to determine the effectiveness of corticosteroids for people with influenza…”


    Golly geeeee…is that a doctor’s way of saying “who knows”?

    “… Drinking has risen most sharply in women and middle-aged people, according to a new study that lays out how alcohol use has changed during the pandemic.
    Indoor dining can be “the virus’ dream.” If you decide to eat inside a restaurant, know what to look for and when to ditch your dinner plans…”

    SWE’s take: Yes Seattle Times, I observed at Safeway yesterday a middle aged lady buying 3 double fifths of vodka and 4 bottles of wine, unless she was planning a party, that lady drinks. Lots too. Hades, if ya do test positive for Killer Flu, how do ya know where it came from anyway? The positive test restaurant worker breathed all over the food you were served or even the bag Grub Hub brought you at home…there’s a million ways ya could have gotten it. It didn’t all originate from Trump’s rallies…

    “…Washington’s next governor faces a tall order: Chart a course through the pandemic, orchestrate an economic recovery, absorb a devastating blow from Boeing, and reckon with civil unrest over racism. Gov. Jay Inslee, seeking a rare third term, says he can help Washington bounce back. Here’s where he stands on some of the biggest issues. Read more election coverage…”

    SWE’s take: The Killer Flu was not Inslee’s fault or Trump’s for that matter…try China.

    “…Washington’s next governor faces a tall order: Chart a course through the pandemic, orchestrate an economic recovery, absorb a devastating blow from Boeing, and reckon with civil unrest over racism. Gov. Jay Inslee, seeking a rare third term, says he can help Washington bounce back. Here’s where he stands on some of the biggest issues. Read more election coverage…”

    SWE’s take: “…According to Reuters, which saw a copy of Calhoun’s note, the CEO said that the company is extending its voluntary layoff offer “in response to employee feedback.” That likely means that more employees want to bail than want to count on Boeing staging a roaring comeback anytime soon.

    Boeing workers in the company’s Renton, Washington, 787 plant may be taking advantage of the offer in larger numbers than other Boeing employees. The production rate for the Dreamliner is dropping to six per month and the company’s two assembly lines are not going to be kept busy enough to justify keeping both running…”


    Good News: With the assumption that Trump’s heath is improving using distinguished/skilled/experienced doctors’ opinions..stocks up 400 points today, Erik and Dave smile. Sounds like they may likely pick him up discharged to go back to work at the WH today [its possible he may test negative soon too]. Decorate your house with Halloween stuff….you’ll make the isolation students/kids stuck “friendless/isolated” at home more happy…I did it and the kids across the street started decorating their parents’ house with smiles and laughter…being happy is contagious too! Being successful incorporates risk, being a failure also likely avoids all risk. Ask all the successful folks. Its a balance folks.

  185. 185

    RE: redmondjp @ 183
    I’m Glad You Read That Forbes MSM Article…it was Forbes and usually broke up in 40 wait forever reading parts. You have better patience than me…so Seattle came up top city for rental delinquencies. Are these delinquent tenant stock also one we can’t evict either? The Tooth Fairy knows…LOL

  186. 186

    Great News for Real Estate Price Increase Probability as Pandemic Begins to Decline

    “…Do you expect Trump to be back at work for the American people at the earliest opportunity?
    100% (6887 Votes)
    0% (21 Votes)…”

    The polls are in and the stock market “V” shaped and completely back up to its 2020 peak, 29000 DOW…209,000 Killer Flu Deaths could have been 2,090,000 deaths if we allowed Chinese travelers last February.

    “… In what amounts to a plea of “guilty” to the charge of being full of crap and criticizing President Trump no matter what he does, Senator Chuck Schumer has deleted his February 5 tweet reading:

    “The premature travel ban to and from China by the current administration is just an excuse to further his ongoing war against immigrants. There must be a check and Balance on these restrictions.”


    I see Bill Gates doesn’t like less deaths with travel bans from China either [even now]…who’s side are they on? The Devil’s or Good? The Tooth Fairy knows… Hades, blame all 209,000 Killer Flu deaths on Trump anyway….LOL…China’s a little angel and our real Overlord anyway….LOL

  187. 187
    ruxpert says:

    2021 Housing Crash Response to MeetKevin

    (appears this fellow is saying rents will go up, home prices down?)

  188. 188

    Time to Drive to a McDonalds and Grab a McCafe With Lots of Cream and Sugar, Use the coupon and get it free with a breakfast biscuit and read the brief:

    “…And Trump “may not entirely be out of the woods yet,” his doctor says. Follow the latest developments on the president and his condition. In Seattle and across the U.S., it’s all left some COVID-19 survivors fuming. (Photo: Alex Brandon / AP)..”

    SWE’s Take: 100,000/yr normally die of pneumonia from colds and flu in America anyway; its Standard Operating Procedure.


    The ones that are fuming over recent Killer Flu MUCH lower death rates since April 2020 are Democrat bent doctors? The Tooth Fairy knows…

    “…Highway 18 is closed in both directions in Auburn this morning after the driver of a stolen SUV was apparently shot to death. An unknown person was chasing the SUV and firing at it, according to the Washington State Patrol. Check traffic before you go…”

    SWE’s take: Was the driver just sipping coffee and singing rock songs from the radio and the shooter blasted his head wide open, just because? I hardly drive my car at all since the Killer Flu isolations, this reminds me of road rage from LA.

    “… People farther than 6 feet apart can get infected by tiny droplets that stay suspended in the air, the CDC said yesterday in a long-awaited update that adds to concerns about indoor spaces with poor ventilation. Find today’s live updates here…”

    SWE’s take: And bee stings can kill ya if you’re allergic to bee stings, few are. What percentage can be infected? 0.00001%? LOL

    “…The COVID-19 outbreak on UW’s Greek Row keeps worsening, with cases climbing more than 27% in just three days. Fall quarter began less than a week ago….”

    SWE’s Take: How many tested positive and had no symptoms or fever, like Melanie [FLOTUS] or Trump’s Press Secretary; even Trump himself [LOL]? 100%? The Tooth Fairy knows…their doctors all lied, yeah right…LOL

    “…Nearly one-third of hospitalized COVID-19 patients experienced an altered mental state, ranging from confusion to delirium, the authors of a large new study report. After those patients went home, many were unable to handle routine daily tasks…”

    SWE’s Take: Sounds like symptoms this journalist has testing negative for Killer Flu..LOL

    “…Gardening can be back-breaking work, so Ying Chao and Chua Saechao work together to move hot-pepper plants from Saechao’s P-Patch plot at Marra Farm in South Park. Enjoy more photos from the farm as the season changes, and learn how to plant your own fall and winter container gardens packed with color. (Photo: Erika Schultz / The Seattle Times)..”

    SWE’s Take: I see, its OK when they don’t wear flu masks gardening together with faces inches apart without masks….LOL

    Good News: Virtual schooling, government and workplaces can replace offices and schools permanently and effectively? I’ve gotta bridge I can sell ya too…LOL

  189. 189

    The Tooth Fairy Polls for 2020

    Are rigged and a joke? Time will tell.


    Golly geeeeee. Gen-Zs for Trump, who would know? LOL But will they even vote? Their voting turnout for this age bracket is poor. Ask Hillary…LOL..the Tooth Fairy knows…

  190. 190
    David says:

    Downtown Seattle being abandoned? 126 defunct ground-level businesses?


    How long til the street-level daylight rapes start up?

  191. 191
    softwarengineer says:

    Today Was a late Breaking day for news affecting Seattle Real Estate’s Future

    The stocks tumult 400 points DOW after Trump’s Tweet from the WH today. Stimulus add ons [like delinquent rent/mortgages payments being forgiven in 2nd bill are Democrat sized at about $3T, albeit the GOP offered about $2T, cutting out any fat that was not directly related to Killer flu…negotiations will begin after the election, cancelled for now. The new supreme court pick is still being fast tracked this week BTW.

    Biden took all the credit for recent stock market surges [he alleges he won the debate, which is highly inplausible at best], should he take the blame for a huge sell off now? Now he blames Trump for the stocks plunging…make up your mind Biden. Trump is in the pink now and plays election game chess better than I could…he surprises us at every move.

    Trump’s Executive order Killer Flu Unemployment increase spigot [$300/mo] ends election day too. Assuming Biden wins, he takes over a DOW 15000 economy in ruins? The Wall Street Journal agrees with me. Soup lines and Pandemic caused Great Depression in 2021 if Biden wins? So what if ya have [non-existent] FDIC Deposit insurance on your $150K down payment $CASH$ when all the bank doors are locked anyway…time will tell. Buy Gold now? LOL It almost happened in 2008 under Obama, so its in the cards with a Biden win. Don’t laugh.

  192. 192
    Blurtman says:

    RE: softwarengineer @ 189 – Primarily because the MSM is not reporting the story, most Americans are in the dark about what is being revealed that is an absolute threat to our democratic republic, and I don’t say that lightly. We now know from John Brennan’s own notes, not some biased news site, that the CIA had discovered that Hillary was cooking up a Russain collusion frame job on Trump, to detract from the heat she was feeling from her unsecured e-mail fiasco. Brenann informed the FBI about this. Nonetheless, the FBI used the Steele dossier, which they knew was bogus and whose source was known to be a Russian spy that was under surveillance, to spy on Hillary’s oponent and his aides, including one who was actually a CIA asset., Carter Page. This continued after Trump had won the election. Imagine! The secret police in league with a presidential candidate to spy on the other candidate, and then the president elect. And Obama and Biden knew. And the bogus impeachment that followed based on known lies. This happens in Communist China, Russia, Venezuela,. This is very scary stuff and the MSM will not report it is even scarier. Who is pulling the strings and why?

  193. 193
    TJ_98370 says:

    RE: softwarengineer @ 188
    …..SWE’s Take: 100,000/yr normally die of pneumonia from colds and flu in America anyway; its Standard Operating Procedure……
    I beg to differ, not that accuracy and truth matters much anymore.
    “Over the past two decades, influenza & pneumonia has been the 8th leading cause of death in America. From 1999 to 2018, there were 1,153,761 deaths in the United States from influenza and pneumonia – an average of 57,688 deaths each year. The overall death rate from influenza and pneumonia, however, was higher two decades ago than in recent years.
    SOURCE: National Vital Statistics System, CDC WONDER. ICD-10-CM J09-J18.”

  194. 194
    David says:

    Racist Loans?: I applied for a loan and it had a ‘What race are you question.” I chose NOT to answer. The company then called and reviewed the app and then said that even though I refused to answer the question that they would have to “guess” what race I am based upon talking to me. I asked why. They said they need to be sure they don’t have too many loans going to one race over another.

    So they asked if I would mind revealing my race.

    I told them I am whatever race gets me the loan.

  195. 195

    RE: TJ_98370 @ 193
    Yes TJ

    60,000 deaths is approx. reported as about 100,000 normal death rate [rounded off].

    Thanks for the link…and you’re right, data from the medical community has HUGE 50% windows of error statistically…SOP


    Including deaths from Killer Flu. That’s why doctors don’t make policy, they just advise.

    Average Household Income in Seattle Numbers are also a joke mathematically as follows:

    The Per Capita Income is Not the Average Skewed Income With Billionaires Like Gates Averaged In Meaning the $28/hr average income in 2019 is $19/hr per capita. This agrees with other SWE raw data sources at about $20/hr in Seattle [or Kansas City, SF, NYC, etc,etc]… “…The 2017 nominal median income per capita was $31,786. Because there are quite a few extremely wealthy individuals in America, the mean is much higher. In 2017, the mean income per capita was $48,150. The Census Bureau reports it in the Current Population Survey, Table PINC-01….” https://www.thebalance.com/income-per-capita-calculation-and-u-s-statistics-3305852 I’ve been documenting this for years and all the MSM [even FOX] has deaf ears to the real per capita pay raw data….LOL…BTW, the avg number of “per capita pay” workers per Seattle household is 1.2, about $48K per Seattle area household IOWs. Not near the $250K/Yr to be Middle Class in Seattle…

    Now Fill Your Mugs With Burger King Coffee, Comes with two breakfast biscuits and hash browns for $4 with coupon…beats Starbucks….and read the brief:

    “… Gov. Jay Inslee loosened restrictions yesterday on a range of businesses and activities, from movie theaters to restaurants and sports. This comes despite a recent uptick in coronavirus cases. At many local theaters, though, the doors won’t reopen soon. Find the latest on what you can and can’t do in each county, plus today’s live updates…”

    SWE’s take: How can you keep the doors closed and open up restrictions at the same time? The Tooth Fairy knows…what businesses are opening? This is Inslee political fog….

    “…Boeing is forecasting a slow, painful recovery for the aviation industry. The projection breaks down how long it may take passengers to return to the skies in pre-pandemic numbers, and what that means for jet deliveries in the years ahead…”

    SWE’s take: So that fast track FAA 737 MAX FAA certification soon was fake news? Trump will sign an Executive Order giving struggling airlines with empty airports $333B stimulus right now, if Pelosi would get off her high horse before the election. It seems the Affordable Health Care Act has a lot of fat in its past budget and Trump wants to re-direct it to the bankrupt Boeing customer Airlines. Will the Democrats agree? Probably not. He wants to give out another round $1200 stimulus checks again [from the same ACA fat in the budget] now too, if Pelosi agrees. Probably not. Who’s the Devil here? The Tooth Fairy knows…LOL

    Good News: Young Gen-Z folks were at my porch yesterday grabbing up ZOMBIE SKITTLES packages from me, they love ’em BTW…I’ve given up on Trick or Treat on Halloween, Inslee restricts it too much. My alternative is make the isolated kids laugh and hand it it out all October to the ones that visit during their “safe space” sidewalk walks..BTW, I did discover $1.88 an 11 0z snack size bag of Reeces Pieces [only] yesterday at Rite Aid, sale ends Oct 10. Its $3.5 everywhere else, minimum. Grab some bags up…I’m getting 10 bags, I use the extra to give out for Thanksgiving and Christmas…its great food to donate too. Arby’s deserves a “cheap price” Killer Flu kudo too…that 25% off internet coupon last weekend was too low, they gave me 60% off my total order….a prime rib sandwich with fried cheese sticks, large milk shake, fried jalopies, large curly fries for $8 with tax….now that’s charity food priced….sorry bubbleheads that sale is over now, but I warned you before it expired..

  196. 196
    ruxpert says:

    RE: ruxpert @ 133

    The CON
    TONIGHT! ➡ Live Roundtable Discussion
    (October 7th) at 8:00 PM EST

  197. 197
    ruxpert says:

    RE: ruxpert @ 148

    What caused 2008 Real Estate Crash?
    (& how it relates to the ‘Covid’ crisis?)
    The CON
    TONIGHT! ➡ Live Roundtable Discussion
    (October 7th) at 8:00 PM EST

  198. 198
    Whatsmyname says:

    NWMLS numbers for September are out.
    King County SFR trends are generally unchanged.
    Median price hits new high of $753,600.

  199. 199

    The Real estate Bulls are Smiling in Seattle?

    Pull Up Your Chair, Have Some Coffee and read the brief:

    “…King County home prices hit an all-time high last month, up 14% from September 2019. Homes in the Puget Sound area’s less expensive counties are selling faster than at any time in the past five years, but buyers are driving up prices there, too. See what’s happening in your neighborhood….”

    SWE’s take: Conflicting data here? They’re moving out of expensive counties like King county to Pierce County as folks sell ’em like hot cakes? The perfect storm here for confusion? The data is vague too, especially on foreclosure count IMO.

    “… Even mild COVID-19 infections can sicken people for months, according to a new study that tracked which lasting symptoms are most common…”

    SWE’s take: What new study? How many were in the study? 3? The news article is vague and useless in my book. This fog mess is like Seattle Real Estate; the prediction rationale is 100% dependent on whether you’re a buyer or a seller; doctors are not policy makers and either are realtors. It all floats down stream…

    “…Where are Washington’s kindergartners? Thousands haven’t shown up or logged on to public schools amid the pandemic. That’s creating big questions about whether they’re getting any sort of instruction, and what will happen when (if?) they eventually enroll…”

    SWE’s Take: Since Wash St F2F classrooms are essentially shutdown and replaced with internet schools with poor families having no internet, not to worry…the rest of ya [rich enough to afford internet] can get lunches at subpar virtual school using this example Shoreline link…LOL…I wonder if Grub Hub delivers it? LOL


    “… Even mild COVID-19 infections can sicken people for months, according to a new study that tracked which lasting symptoms are most common…”

    SWE’s take: Fake News. You generally test negative days after ya catch it and the symptoms go away. Most studies I read about flu strains, the positive flu test becomes generally negative 5-7 days after symptoms appear [if any]. How many in the new study? 3?

    Good News: SWE’s real crystal ball is a better prediction device for advice on Seattle Real Estate price trends than the MSM? LOL…hey. I’ll wear a seer robe and open up a psychic business…I’ll be like Erik, rich during the Pandemic…LOL…let’s poll Seattle real estate predictions, that should make them all wrong…LOL

  200. 200
    Erik says:

    RE: Whatsmyname @ 198
    Next stimulus will have to be the loosening lending standards to get a few more boom years. In a few years, sell sell sell. Then a few years later, buy buy buy. Then finish the rest of our lives working as a park ranger with enough passive income to net the same income we net now.

  201. 201
    TJ_98370 says:

    North Seattle neighbors complain about smoke and noise from ‘metal shop’ constructed in homeless encampment
    SEATTLE — Neighbors living along a portion of North Seattle’s Jackson Park Trail say they’ve been dealing with noxious smoke along with loud pounding and grinding noises overnight from a metal shop set up near their condo complex.
    But this “metal shop” was apparently constructed with wood and tarps in the middle of a homeless encampment built along the trail. Ed Peterson pointed out the structure on the trail which is owned and maintained by the city of Seattle Parks Department.
    The structure, built of wood and tarps, is secured by a locked door. But Peterson and his neighbors have been complaining for months about what they hear and smell coming out of this structure…….


  202. 202
    TJ_98370 says:

    Study: Seattle saw third largest drop in rent prices since start of pandemic
    Seattle rent prices have been on the decline since the start of the pandemic in March.
    According to a new report from ApartmentList, Seattle had the third largest drop in rent prices since the start of the pandemic among the 100 largest cities across the country. Of the cities analyzed, 41 of them saw decreases in rent prices since March.
    According to the study, rent prices in Seattle were down 9.9% in September since March. Compared to the same time last year, rent prices in Seattle were down 8.8%. The median rent in the city was $1,555 for a one-bedroom apartment and $1,940 for a two-bedroom apartment, according to the report.
    September marked the sixth straight month Seattle saw a drop in rent prices….

  203. 203
    TJ_98370 says:

    Home sales, prices on the rise in Seattle-area housing market amid coronavirus pandemic
    By Becca Savransky, SeattlePI 6 hrs ago
    The coronavirus pandemic didn’t seem to be holding back people looking to buy or sell homes in the Puget Sound region in September, according to a new report.
    The most recent Northwest Multiple Listings Service report — which serves 23 counties, mostly in Western and Central Washington — showed the region saw 10,175 sales transactions during September, the greatest number since June 2018.
    “I believe this significant increase speaks to sellers becoming much more confident and buyers competing more effectively, most likely due to low interest rates,” said Mike Grady, president and COO at Coldwell Banker Bain. “It’s as if we just completed our typical ‘spring’ market.”…….

  204. 204
    TJ_98370 says:

    The Big Boys Are Back: Financializing Single-Family Houses
    by Wolf Richter • Oct 8, 2020 • 23 Comments
    As after the last crisis, fueled by ultra-cheap money, they’re taking financialization of the housing market to the next level: Now it’s buy-to-rent, build-to-rent, sale-leasebacks, and buy-to-sell.
    In many parts of the country, house buying has turned into a drunken land rush. Sales of new houses in August jumped 45% from a year ago, after having jumped 50% in July, to the highest sales rate since 2006, which was the end of the prior housing bubble. Sales of existing homes jumped to the highest rate since early 2007, particularly concentrated on single family houses.
    This land rush has been ascribed to different factors, including people leaving rental apartments in big cities to move to the suburbs or exurbs; people suddenly deciding to start families; people – especially those that benefited from the crisis and made a killing with the Fed’s schemes – buying a second home outside the city; and people buying a home in a hurry without selling their old home first, hoping for a higher price later.
    And this is happening during a massive unemployment crisis; a time when 7% of all mortgages have been moved into forbearance; a time when 17% of the FHA-insured mortgages are 30 days or more delinquent, though many of those loans have also been moved into forbearance and put on ice.
    Clearly the housing market has split into two, with one part being red hot, and the other part crumbling before our eyes.
    But there is something else going on too: A surge in big money into single family houses as an asset class…….

  205. 205
    Erik says:

    RE: TJ_98370 @ 204
    Please stop copying and pasting articles from the internet on here. If people want to read articles, they can go find them on the internet.

  206. 206
    Blurtman says:

    The Tim’s analysis of the required income to afford the median priced home under different interest rate scenarios is a bit simplistic. In his analysis, he keeps the median home price fixed, and then reports on the required income to purchase the median priced home under different interest rate scenarios. Keeping the median priced fixed to perform this analysis is a questionable assumption. Under a 6% interest rate scenario, given supply that does not keep pace with demand, the median home price would drop. Under a Fed induced low interest rate scenario, the price of assets, including homes, rises, as the mortgage payment threshold is lowered, increasing the buyer pool.

    I don’t believe The Tim has broken out new versus used home prices, but I will go out on a limb and say that it is not the case that the heuristics mumbo jumbo can be used to justify the higher price of new homes, that is, that buyers are getting much more technology in them, and so should pay more. At least for used homes, buyers are not getting more as the price increases. Considering deterioration over time and increased manintence needs with age, buyers are geting less for their dollar.

    And so what we have is a perfect illustration of inflation, caused by the intentional low interest rate policies of the private banking cartel. That is, your dollar is worth less and less with regards to its ability to purchase a home. The consequence can perhaps be illustrated by the image of continually increasing the treadmill speed that the hamster is running on towards the carrot.

  207. 207
    Blurtman says:

    Correction: given supply that does keep pace with demand.

    Supply is the other relevant variable. But for the purposes of analysis of affordability under different interest rate scenarios, the buyer pool will decrease with increasing interest rates and the increasing size of the mortgage payment. The price of homes will drop as the size of the buyer pool decreases, that is, as demand decreases.

    The buyer pool will increase under a low interest rate policy, and under the same home supply assumption, prices will rise.

  208. 208
    Eastsider says:

    “Microsoft is letting employees work from home permanently” – The Verge

    This will likely be adopted by major employers around the sound and will make real estate market interesting. Commercial is toast. High city rent will collapse – it has already started.

  209. 209
    Dustin says:

    RE: Eastsider @ 208 – A little collapse in downtown real estate values could go a long way towards getting people to actually want to live downtown.

  210. 210

    Great Comments and Opinions, A Lot of the Data Tim is Getting and the bubbleheads Too for That matter has Been Omitted [MOM economic trending data omitted is a good example this year], it just went whooosh an disappeared suspiciously.

    This may be a logical omission because under a strangled Pandemic Killer Flu economy [the last one was 1917 folks] with offices and schools closed seemingly forever, while the Wash DC swamp devils demand old pre-Flu Blue State Establishment Reparations mixed in with direct Killer Flu and PPP Loan bailouts…the paradyme shifted abruptly and the confusion to correct it has no history either, ever. Pork Barrel clauses in today’s $3-5T YOY bailouts federal bills is like running out of wood to throw in the blazing fire, so we start throwing in furniture and TVs….of course there is no American economic history trending that can fix it…great comment Blurtman, well written in my book.

    Now, Your Hand is Shaking Nervously With Coffee Spilling Out, Gulp it down with drips on your chin and favorite isolation telework pajama top and read the brief:

    “…Find the flashlights and clear the storm drains: Three weather systems from the Bering Sea are headed our way, bringing cooler temperatures, gusty winds and up to an inch of rain each, according to the National Weather Service…”

    SWE’s take: Install a sump pump in your basement or crawl space, sealing chronic cement cracks with “super” tape and/or glues is a complete joke…did you see the new SFH crawl space foundation this week that went up on the new home construction lot on 132nd St in Kent, not far from the bankrupt $4M Hindu Temple half built the last couple months rotting in the rain…the 4-5 foot hole is a swimming pool folks and its been holding this brown dank swamp water for about a week after recent rains too…check it out. That is what you’ll be living on too….LOL…mildew smells nice bubbleheads, scented candles should cover it up for the next flipper sale…LOL. Erik, steer clear of this location, the cement hard pan soil collects water like a swimming pool. My sump pump was replaced a few years ago and the State Inspected $2600 plumber price is cheap in comparison. I have the same hard pan cement soil on my East Hill Lot too.

    “…An effort to recall Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan cannot go forward. The state Supreme Court yesterday ruled that the accusations against her don’t rise to the level that would allow a citizen initiative to remove her from office…”

    SWE’s take: The BLM demonstrators cause is legal unless looting and rioting get mixed in….ask the small business owners with plywood over their windows now. I see the Mayor of Portland was caught on camera yesterday wearing a skirt with cute colorful “Communist Symbols” decorations…fits right in…LOL

    “… Play ball! Youth sports leagues across the state are gearing up for a traditional fall season — or at least something close to it — after Gov. Jay Inslee OK’d new safety guidelines. Inslee also extended the ban on evictions until 2021. Find today’s live updates here…”

    SWE’s take: This is the Democrat agenda; our agenda is allegedly moderate; without specifying any details until after the election. Then we find out its a Bernie Socialism show later? They speak their alleged moderate detailed plans with zipped lips now…Inslee’s speaking out of both sides
    of his mouth.

    “…Solutions to your masking mishaps: What happens if your face covering gets wet? What can you do about “maskne”? FAQ Friday uncovers the answers to those mask questions and more…”

    SWE’s take: The paper ones get soaked in breathing spit after about 20 minutes..they’re useless at school and work offices…use a plexiglass face shield instead.

    “… How the medical experts’ kids are celebrating Halloween: From a haunted hunt to trick-or-treating with new rules, nine experts are sharing their families’ plans. This comes after the CDC and Seattle-area health professionals outlined do’s and don’ts for a healthy Halloween…”

    SWE’s take: C’mon man, give us a detailed agenda for Halloween, ya want it eliminated and buying candy is a joke now. Lying progressive MSM communications again. I’ve morphed this month to a month long Halloween in October; the kids on my sidewalk get candy from me “safe spaced” now. It cheers ’em up too. Think out of the box. Its a new paradyme. I predict hoards of unsold Halloween stuff [billions of dollars folks] in stores now…Thanksgiving/Christmas eliminations next? Open your Christmas Presents virtually and pretend they’re real? LOL

    “…If you’re young, scrappy and hungry, apparently the place to go is New York City — even if you weigh 25 tons…”

    SWE’s Take: Isolation pigs are all over the Kent area….even the Safeway workers agreed with me
    yesterday, a lion’s share of their customers have gained about 50 lbs the last few months with Killer Flu isolations…we were quietly gossiping about it and laughing our heads off….LOL…you really see the fat leg/belly weight gain on the ones wearing shorts and such…

    Good News: The Gen-Zs and Milennials may be gaining weight; but they love to eat anyway. Drink alcohol too….they should switch to Legal 21 instead and when they get the munchies, try mushrooms, 0 calories and lots of protein anyway…LOL…with decades of student loans and high rent/mortgage/utilities/taxes economic pressures on their dinky pay, I’m on their side handing ’em ZOMBIE SKITTLE treats LOL

  211. 211
    Justsomedude12 says:

    RE: Eastsider @ 208 – They’re only letting employees work remotely “less than 50% of the workweek”.


  212. 212
    Justsomedude12 says:

    RE: Dustin @ 209 – Some people say city living is great, some people say suburban living is great, some people say rural living is great. The same person can even say all of those things at different times in their life.

    A certain % of the population like city living. This has always been the case and always will be. If there is a downturn during covid it will be an opportunity for people who like city living to get a better deal than they would have otherwise.

    Suburban and rural living is not for everyone, even if their job would allow it.

  213. 213
    Eastsider says:

    By Dustin @ 209:

    RE: Eastsider @ 208 – A little collapse in downtown real estate values could go a long way towards getting people to actually want to live downtown.

    Actually renters prefer Eastside cities Bellevue, Redmond, Issaquah and Kirkland over Seattle. Below are median 1BR rent in various cities and the YoY change (source: Zumper). Note that Seattle metro area except Bellevue experienced rent decline while cities outside King county saw decent increase.

    Bellevue $1,857 -1%
    Redmond $1,740 -11%
    Issaquah $1,714 -5%
    Kirkland $1,700 -16%
    Seattle $1,600 -14%
    Sammamish $1,550 -4%
    Bothell $1,550 -3%
    Shoreline $1,320 -5%
    North Bend $1,150 0%
    Burlington $1,075 5%
    Olympia $1,400 6%
    Tacoma $1,270 6%
    Ellensburg $950 4%


    Now extrapolate to home prices???

  214. 214
    Eastsider says:

    RE: Justsomedude12 @ 212 – Declining YOY rent prices indicates that there is an oversupply of apartments and/or we are losing population. But outlying cities are clearly becoming more attractive.

  215. 215
    Eastsider says:

    RE: Justsomedude12 @ 211 – The Verge broke the story –


    Microsoft will now allow employees to work from home freely for less than 50 percent of their working week, or for managers to approve permanent remote work. Employees who opt for the permanent remote work option will give up their assigned office space, but still have options to use touchdown space available at Microsoft’s offices.

  216. 216
    Justsomedude12 says:

    RE: Eastsider @ 215 – Employees that choose to relocate will also have their salary reduced to match the norms of that area. In other words, if they move to a low cost area their salary will be reduced. That takes most of the shine off of a relocation. This is how every relocation policy I’ve seen works.

  217. 217
    Eastsider says:

    RE: Justsomedude12 @ 216 – I don’t think you will get a pay cut by moving to Ellensburg. You will save thousands of dollars just in housing.

  218. 218
    TJ_98370 says:

    RE: Justsomedude12 @ 216
    Employees that choose to relocate will also have their salary reduced to match the norms of that area. In other words, if they move to a low cost area their salary will be reduced. That takes most of the shine off of a relocation. This is how every relocation policy I’ve seen works.
    Microsoft Offers Permanent Work-from-Home Option with Pay-Cuts if Employees Move to Cheaper Cities or Countries
    by Wolf Richter • Oct 9, 2020 • 31 Comments
    “Hybrid workplace,” it calls it. The trend for many companies with office workers and enough tech savvy to pull it off. A nightmare for landlords.

  219. 219
    ohd1122 says:

    By Justsomedude12 @ 216:

    RE: Eastsider @ 215 – Employees that choose to relocate will also have their salary reduced to match the norms of that area. In other words, if they move to a low cost area their salary will be reduced. That takes most of the shine off of a relocation. This is how every relocation policy I’ve seen works.

    So an above average salary in Seattle will be translated to an above average salary in Kansas City. Makes sense.

    As someone already pointed out there may not be an adjustment if you happen to move to a different part of the state. A hypothetical employee could move to Yakima, Vancouver, Bellingham, Spokane.

    Your claim that this takes most of the shine off of relocation is likely true for a small portion of people but completely false for the rest.

  220. 220
    Justsomedude12 says:

    RE: ohd1122 @ 219 – There would not be a salary adjustment if you move to another part of the state as long as you commute into the office the 1/2 workweek required by the policy. Because that is not a relocation.

    However if you move to a location where you aren’t commuting into the office the 1/2 workweek, that surely would be a relocation with the corresponding salary adjustment. Regardless of the State you’re residing in. This is the point of the policy.

    Going from an above average salary in Seattle to an above average salary in Kansas City is just a lateral move. You don’t gain anything. Therefore it does indeed take the shine off a relocation. When people think relocation their first thought is their current salary in a low cost area, and they think “Yay!”. Come to find out their salary is going to be reduced accordingly, it’s a total buzzkill and they say never mind.

  221. 221
    Sid says:

    By Eastsider @ 208:

    “Microsoft is letting employees work from home permanently” – The Verge

    This will likely be adopted by major employers around the sound and will make real estate market interesting. Commercial is toast. High city rent will collapse – it has already started.

    Yup. All major and even mid size employers will offer this. Markets like Ellensburg will become really interesting.

  222. 222
    Beano says:

    By Erik @ 200:

    RE: Whatsmyname @ 198
    Next stimulus will have to be the loosening lending standards to get a few more boom years. In a few years, sell sell sell. Then a few years later, buy buy buy. Then finish the rest of our lives working as a park ranger with enough passive income to net the same income we net now.

    I respect your knowledge of RE in this market and as a small time real estate baron. Please elaborate on your near term, mid term and longer term predictions for RE in general, USA and or in Seattle. I would love to hear your take if you have time to share.


  223. 223
    Erik says:

    RE: Beano @ 222
    Sure, I’ll tell you what I’m thinking.

    Read “The Housing Boom and Bust” by Thomas Sowell. I’ve read it 10 times and Mr. Sowell explains the last housing boom and bust well. I think the coming boom and bust will be similar. We are due for a recession and all we can do is artificially inflate the economy to keep us out of a recession.

    Interest rates were reduced to stimulate the economy. That helped, but won’t last forever and I’m not sure rates can get much lower. The final thing that the fed can do to stimulate the economy is loosen lending standards like they did before the last crash.

    Last recession, lending standards were loosened for blacks to try and create more economic equality. Next, all minorities got their lending standards loosened in the name of equality. Finally, all races got their lending standards loosened. As you could guess, housing prices went way up and then crashed as people that weren’t financially fit to borrow defaulted on their loans.

    I’m already seeing articles about how minorities are being treated unfairly when it comes to borrowing. In my opinion, this is just a tool so the fed can loosen lending standards and continue to artificially prop up the economy. Eventually, everyone will have lending standards loosened, which will lead to a large housing price boom and bust.

    I’m just a guy that owns some rentals in Seattle because I want to create some passive income. Once I own a few rentals in Seattle without a mortgage, I can get a low paying, low stress, fun job and subsidize it with my passive income. At the peak, I’d like to sell some rentals and own some rentals mortgage free so I can live a low stress life and still be able to afford what I want.

    In conclusion, Seattle has high demand and will probably boom hard when lending standards are loosened. I’m sure it will bust when people default, but I’m not sure how bad. Near term, prices will go up. Mid term, prices will go up and then crash at some point. Long term prices will go up after the US and China reach a trade deal.

  224. 224
  225. 225
    ruxpert says:

    RE: ruxpert @ 148

    Another Real Estate Crash Is Coming
    By Shehryar Qazi
    The COVID-19 crisis, like the subprime mortgage crisis a decade ago, has
    sparked major public interventions to stabilize the financial markets. But
    the Fed isn’t stepping in to bail out the real estate sector — and the big
    losers are set to be ordinary households.


  226. 226

    Who Needs China or People in Buildings Anymore, We’ll All Be replaced [even China] With More Automation Anyway.

    Prescription Eye Glasses Have a Factory Cost of About e.g. $5 a Pair Now, Who Needs Chinese Prison Labor wages anymore…its a new paradyme…

    Now, sip your coffee from the robot machine with poker card paper cups and read the brief:

    “…COVID-19 continues to claim restaurants, but bright spots are to be found, with owners converting to food trucks or deciding to provide us all with more wine — “Onward and upward!” the latter one says. Read more…”

    SWE’s take: Sooo…by food trucks do they mean those that sell outdoor cheap greasy/meatless Tacos on paper plates and plastic silverware with picnic tables in the rain…a great place to bring and impress a date…LOL…buying wine at Red Robin is like $8 a glass folks…beer is about the same…

    “…Indoor dining can be “the virus’s dream.” If you decide to eat inside a restaurant, know what to look for and when to ditch your dinner plans. Read more…”

    SWE’s take: I’ve been visiting the Covington IHOP and I’ll say business has boomed the last few weeks….line ups for seats and restaurants like 50-70% full. The closed lease space restaurants next to this IHOP are exceptions…MIZLU is a “upscale” stir fry restaurant and has yet to open, its takeout prices are way too high…

    “…What’s there to do in the Seattle area this fall weekend..”

    SWE’s take: The same stuff you do isolated and stuck at home during weekdays…nothing. Try an $8 glass of wine from Red Robin…then go to Safeway and buy a fifth of cheap vodka for the same price [excludes tax] ….I see Back to the Future movies are on SyFy tonight….I know, you’ve seen these movies dozens of time and you’re sick of ’em…LOL…watch ’em anyway to keep from going nuts…God Forbid, don’t watch the Election Fake News depression on CNN or MSNBC…now that fake news will put you in a hospital sick as Hades…LOL

  227. 227

    There’s Hope This Weekend, Public Dancing By the Hour is Now in Place:


    Its not cheap folks, it was $15/hr last week [per couple], its price morphed to like $80/hr….LOL…sounds like its another lost cause.

    Lose some money at a casino; that will cheer you up…LOL

  228. 228
    David says:

    Boeing about to rebound.

    Disney about to go bankrupt – It is NOT Walt Disney’s Disney any more whatsoever.

  229. 229

    RE: David @ 228
    Boeing’s Future Orders are “Future” Space Force Related IMO

    There should be a new Space Shuttle Program and Assuming We Lost That Skill When NASA Lost Most of Its Experience Rocket Scientists about 1-2 decades ago…Space-ex was suppose to fill the gap and a Mars mission soon…Hades, Musk still parashoots spent space capsule designs back like we did with monkeys in the 50s, that last Space-ex monkey parashoot program vehicle came back safe last month, but it took an hour to pry the “fused” [melted and blackened] door open…LOL

    I see commercial aircraft phasing out completely without a surge in wages, today’s slave wage NWO pay [with high rent and mortgage payments] is killing commercial A/C, gas cars too…have you noticed, the commercial jets still used are all smaller now than a decade ago and its getting worse [747s are extinct dinosaurs now]. Some globalist bent folks hoped China would have its own cheap commercial jet program 5 years ago, but the lemmings didn’t realize China can’t design a decent commercial jet engine without stealing the design from the West. China lacks large A/C design and manufacturing experience too. China is very good at one thing and it just takes uneducated [albeit experienced] Hackers to do it well, Cyber Security breaching….the Russians are good at this witchcraft too, it ain’t engineering, don’t blame real experienced degreed engineers for this random number game….maybe if we designed decent Intel chips without backdoors to breach, we could solve this uneducated thug intrusion. BTW, Bill Gates hires “thug Hackers” and pays them well…LOL…no wonder he wants more foreign citizen H-1Bs. The MSM news would never print this fact, but Tom Clancy does in his 2012 book “Threat Vector”…great read BTW.

    The Sunday brief is almost all repeat regurgitated news, so I won’t repeat it. One new article caught my eye this morning….sushi restaurant on Bainbridge Island serves delicious raw fish and rice dishes to gobble down. Did the FDA test it for Mercury poisoning? I assume not.

    Good News: Its 49 degrees this morning, the first dip below 50 all Fall. If we get October snow [we do sometimes] at least we’ll be isolation pigs safe smiling at home gobbling down “take-out” Mercury laced Sushi….LOL

  230. 230
    ruxpert says:

    The Island Brokers Are Overwhelmed

  231. 231
    ruxpert says:

    The Stage Has Been Set For A Historic National Meltdown…

  232. 232
    David says:

    RE: softwarengineer @ 229 – I think there is evidence of HUGE pent-up demand for the Boeing 737 Max.

  233. 233
  234. 234
    David says:

    By Erik @ 223:

    RE: Beano @ 222 – At the peak, I’d like to sell some rentals and own some rentals mortgage free so I can live a low stress life and still be able to afford what I want.

    Seattle has openings for Child Pimps paying $150,000/year – government money. Meaning that if citizens push back on paying your taxes for such evil they can send people over with guns and force them to pay up or get shot.

    #SeattleToddlers&Twinks #SeattleFirstClassPopulation

  235. 235
    Erik says:

    RE: David @ 234
    I want real estate prices in Seattle to continue going up so I can own some mortgage free rentals. If Seattle creates high paying jobs, I imagine that will help.

    I pay my taxes, so I’m not really concerned about disputing my tax bill. You gotta pay to play in Seattle and dealing with the failing leadership is just part of that price. As I was saying before, get in now while prices are cheap. All it takes is better leadership and prices in Seattle will skyrocket.

  236. 236
    David says:

    RE: Erik @ 235 – What kind of rent do you think one could get for an ~ 400SF condo in downtown?

  237. 237
    Erik says:

    RE: David @ 236
    I don’t own anything downtown, but I just looked. Based on what I see, about $1300/mo.

    Small apartments and condos in downtown aren’t worth much right now. I’m surprised. Thanks for pointing that out to me.

  238. 238
    uwp says:

    Now that King county SFH are hitting all time highs in the midst of a global pandemic (up 15% YOY) it’s great that certain posters have fully transitioned to crowing about how far rent has dropped on 1 and 2BR apartments.

    Really, Seattle Bubble readers have been interested in apartment living this whole time, and never actually wanted to be home owners.

  239. 239
    David says:

    By Erik @ 237:

    RE: David @ 236
    I don’t own anything downtown, but I just looked. Based on what I see, about $1300/mo.

    Small apartments and condos in downtown aren’t worth much right now. I’m surprised. Thanks for pointing that out to me.

    I don’t think a $400k condo renting for $1,300 is a good return at all.

  240. 240
    David says:

    By Erik @ 235:

    RE: David @ 234
    I want real estate prices in Seattle to continue going up so I can own some mortgage free rentals. If Seattle creates high paying jobs, I imagine that will help.

    I pay my taxes, so I’m not really concerned about disputing my tax bill. You gotta pay to play in Seattle and dealing with the failing leadership is just part of that price. As I was saying before, get in now while prices are cheap. All it takes is better leadership and prices in Seattle will skyrocket.

    When racist Seattle politicians see black people needing PIMPS as community organizers and motivators – that tells you all you need to know about their view of the black community. They see blacks as debased people.

    There are PLENTY of law and order black people out there that could be hired and rewarded as upstanding community members. But instead, they reward predators.

    Then Seattle will wonder why they keep getting rewarded with bad outcomes.

    Seattle limousine liberals see black people a lot differently than I do.

  241. 241
    ruxpert says:

    WHO Flip-Flops:
    Urges World Leaders To Stop Using Lockdowns To Fight COVID Contagion

    The Covid-19 Roadmap: Towards Global Economic Chaos and Societal Destruction

  242. 242

    RE: David @ 239

    The average property-tax bill across King County has jumped 35 percent in the last four years, due to quickly climbing property values and newly approved tax hikes. But hey look what as little as about $1000/mo can get ya for cheaper studio apartment rent in Seattle…did anyone say Motel 6 room sized? LOL


    I didn’t add in EXTREME MONTHLY HOA dues and paid monthly “rental” parking charges in Seattle…I didn’t want to depress the landlords…LOL…some HOA fees at Seattle Condos skirt $2000/mo with pools and gym….rental parking in Seattle is the same approximate $2000/mo cost too. Find out if the Seattle Condo has its own parking, most don’t. Hotels offer rental parking, but bring your bag of gold….and ya gotta walk like a mile to your car too…be sure to have your Killer Flu mask on when you’re wandering on foot with 50 lbs of QFC food in Seattle forever and put on a phony Lemming smile no one can see with your mask on…sounds like Hades to me.

    Let’s see now a $400K studio Condo to rent out for as cheap as $800/mo has about $400/mo property 2020 tax too…add mortgage payment, HOA fees and property tax all together, you do the math…and this looks like landlord bankruptcy to me, especially with continuous maintenance added in…LOL

    I’m with David on this issue.

    Now, grab your BOGO McCafe mugs at McDonalds with your coupon and mix Black Label in with it, while reading the brief:

    “… Prepped for hurricanes, Miami pivoted quickly to online classes. What can Seattle learn from this?
    A student participates in an online class from a learning center in Miami. The city isn’t a tech hub, but its quick action and high student participation mean it has plenty to teach the Pacific Northwest about how to make online education engaging and effective. (Photo: Eva Marie Uzcategui / Bloomberg)..”

    SWE’s take: 97% of the students don’t want online schools, they want F2F….I’ll repeat, 97%. Bloomberg news….LOL…that billionaire has lost his mind, IMO.

    “…A King County sheriff’s detective left a teen at a massage parlor in Federal Way, where she was forced into prostitution. Decades later, she’s suing the county — and raising troubling questions about when ethical boundaries are crossed between undercover police work and an officer’s sworn duty to protect the vulnerable…”

    SWE’s take: Sounds like the pimp should have been prosecuted. I hope she gets millions in reparations from King County.

    “… The coronavirus may linger for weeks on phone screens, banknotes and other common high-touch surfaces, a new study has found. Here’s how to clean your phone…”

    SWE’s take: How many positive Killer Flu tests are “medically researched and proven” attributed to just physical contact of phones and such? 0%?

    “… Twitter flagged one of President Donald Trump’s tweets for spreading misinformation yesterday after he claimed he was immune from coronavirus. Trump also drew fire from Dr. Anthony Fauci, who was surprised by a campaign ad featuring him. The president is back on the campaign trail today, though experts are puzzled over what led his doctor to decide he isn’t contagious…”

    SWE’s take: Trump is also offering the same Killer Flu prescriptions he got to those “all” who test positive…free of charge by Executive Order. What vaccine is Biden offering to cure Killer Flu? The I hate Trump nothing burger? The big question no one answers, is Fauci a Biden supporter?

    “… What will Thanksgiving be like? Look north for a preview. Canadians are marking the holiday today and making painful decisions amid the virus’ second wave…”

    SWE’s take: Enjoy your invisible “virtual” Turkey and invisible “virtual” Christmas Presents…Fauci has some depression medicine that may help, with no more F2F family holidays…

    “… European Union nations are replacing chaotic border closures with a new plan for travel across the 27-nation bloc. The key measure: a map from health officials that sorts Europe into green, orange and red zones…”

    SWE’s take: More chaos in the progressive agenda’s lack of details…stab ’em in the back and play dumb and innocent. Hades, who flies planes now? The Tooth Fairy knows….LOL

    “…Today is Indigenous Peoples’ Day, created in Seattle in 2014 as an answer to the federal Columbus Day holiday. Much of America has stopped celebrating Columbus Day, but the explorer is still revered in Italy. Not so much in Portland, where protesters last night toppled statues of former presidents. Here, perhaps it could be a day for seeking perspective in one of these seven audiobooks by Indigenous authors…”

    SWE’s Take: I celebrate Columbus Day and so does the Federal Government mandate. Why wildly allege Columbus a Trump type RACIST rat now? The Tooth Fairy knows. Happy Columbus Day Bubbleheads, albeit it seems the Vikings beat him from discovering America.

    “..Seattle-area shelter providers are scrambling to protect homeless people from COVID-19 and the coming winter weather. Federal money bought some social distance by moving hundreds of people out of crowded shelters and into hotel rooms, but it runs out soon…”

    SWE’s take: Scrambling to help homeless? Is that code for doing almost nothing about it, except banning their camps from our neighborhoods?

    “…Washington is named for a president who owned slaves. Should it be? Ron Judd looks at how George Washington’s name came to be stamped on license plates, money, even football fields in a place he never came within 1,000 miles of … and how we might be able to move forward…”

    SWE’s Take: Lets rename Washington State “Biden St”, that will fix it. History is all RACIST now…the Husky Stadium sounds too manly and physical too…lets rename it “Tweety Bird” stadium, that will fix it. LOL

    “…Holiday food gifts are a treasured expression of caring. But as the pandemic leaves Washingtonians hungry and in need, nutritionist Carrie Dennett urges a new way of thinking about food gifts…”

    SWE’s take: The best food donations are sale items in bulk and F2F box giving that “virtual” imaginary food can’t do…

    “… “Kid food” doesn’t have to be bland and boring. Children will enjoy making this savory, nourishing, protein-packed riff on the classic cereal party mix…”

    SWE’s take: Use food like Fruitloops, as it is loaded with sugar…all cereal except shredded wheat and oat meal is laced with MASS carbs, so is all the 100% whole grain breads…the kids will gobble it all down and turn into “smiling” isolation pigs too?

    Good News: Its stopped raining for now.

  243. 243
    Erik says:

    RE: uwp @ 238
    David does not deter me from buying in Seattle. He can buy in Texas and I’ll buy in Seattle.

  244. 244
    Erik says:

    RE: David @ 240
    Liberal cities hurt impoverished people by rewarding weakness. I knew that when I was a little kid with no political influence. It’s intuitive. If you give free stuff to weak people, you are encouraging more weaknesses.

  245. 245
  246. 246
    Bumble says:

    By Erik @ 244:

    RE: David @ 240
    If you give free stuff to weak people, you are encouraging more weaknesses.

    Preach! That is pretty much exactly what Jesus said.

    A hungry old widow on a fixed income will never learn how to become strong if we don’t shut down her foodbank. What a crutch. Get a JOB grandma!

    And how about those weak people who are so poor and so physically disabled that they are statutorily unemployable? We should terminate the $783 they receive each month from the social security disability gravy train. That will EMPOWER them not to be so disabled and destitute!

    And what kind of message are we teaching poor American children by providing SNAP to their family? We should allow those children to get so hungry, for as many years as it takes, until they learn to scavenge their own meals! That is AGENCY!

    History teaches us that if we offer no aid to the weak, they always get STRONGER (they definitely don’t just die).

    For real though, Social Darwinism is some frightening BS. It doesn’t end well.

  247. 247
    Erik says:

    RE: David @ 245
    It has a Seattle address but is not within the boundaries of Seattle. I wouldn’t buy it because it says Seattle but is geographically SeaTac.

  248. 248
    Erik says:

    RE: Bumble @ 246
    My comment was more of a scope than a complete plan. We need to help people that cannot work. The system is Washington is wasteful and gives money to people that want to use drugs and not work. I know some people like that very well. I’ve had one of them live with me and we are still friends, and he knows how to game the system. People don’t have a motivation to get off drugs because they can sustain without working for money.

  249. 249

    RE: David @ 232
    No Dave, even Boeing now admits the Killer Flu destroyed 737 MAX demand for about a Decade and by that time we’ll lose the ability to manufacture and design them anyway…ask NASA about the hopelessness of the new Mars Space Shuttle getting started again with the experienced engineers all laid off decades ago…it takes a green engineer out of college 5-10 years experience to learn the skill with on the job training. We must start NOW with domestic paid tech interns and reap the rewards later.


    My gosh a large lightening strike hit right above my house minutes ago…the HUGE thunder blast occurred at the same time…welcome to Halloween Bubbleheads, Frankenstein’s castle laboratory just got monster energy for its circuits….LOL….grab some “isolation pig” Reeces Pieces and wash it down with coffee and read the brief:

    “… How much screen time is too much? Pandemic throws new wobble into parents’ balancing act
    Northgate mother Karla Petersen, left, had a gut-level feeling that staring at screens all day was harmful as she tried to help seven kids manage up to 32 separate daily log-ons to schooling platforms. So she redesigned school, supplementing with her own on-the-fly adventures. As families struggle to balance their kids’ relationships with screens, pediatricians are backing away from hard-and-fast rules. Here’s what the research says, and what pediatricians and educators advise. (Photo: Ken Lambert / The Seattle Times)…”

    SWE’s take: I see the kids across the street are at the laptops’ screen for a couple hours early this morning, I’m sure they’re getting a good schooling. Not. Staring at a flickering computer screen is bad on your eyes, ask an ophthalmologist…use your laptop tools and speed up the screen flickering to maximum level [that helps]; ya see why I still read hardback books and avoid those computer screen reading pads….LOL…my eye sight has been stable for 40 years now too.

    “…New state rules would greatly reduce whale watching around endangered southern resident orcas. Protections are being championed by scientists who point to new photos of mother orca Tahlequah and her calf as “a beautiful and graphic illustration of … vulnerabilities and hope.” You can have a say on the proposed rules…”

    SWE’s Take: You mean they still have whale watching tours? I imagine its takes almost all day to give up on ever finding the near extinct species anyway [BTW, the tour boats team up and radio scarce Orcas location, then 10-12 tours boats all pack together for last glimpses]. The tours won’t admit it, but You Tube does:


    “… Creating a vaccine won’t mean “problem solved,” because getting it to 230 million Americans is no small order. Here’s what will need to happen, and who’s likely to get it first. Prepare for confusion, because you may get a choice of several so-so vaccines — with little way of knowing which one is best. Meanwhile, a second major vaccine trial has been paused after a participant fell ill. Find today’s live updates here…”

    SWE’s take: Fake News folks. Trump’s Regeneron vaccine is delayed by FDA [progressive bent?], not cost. Its political as Hades in my book. From NBC, a progressive news source for delaying Killer Flu vaccine:

    “..The company said it provided the drug to the president in response to a “compassionate use” request from Trump’s doctors, which allows for expanded access to experimental drugs for “immediately life-threatening” illnesses, according to the Food and Drug Administration. It allows patients to access an investigational drug outside of clinical trials in lieu of adequate other treatments.

    That means that while the president’s doctors were confident enough of the drug’s benefit to administer it to Trump, the treatment remains unavailable to most Americans…”

    Trust them, the delay is justified? LOL…I hate politics mixed in with medicine.

    “…Despite concerns about Seattle City Hall and uncertainty during the pandemic, voters should approve Proposition 1, writes The Seattle Times editorial board. It authorizes a sales-tax increase to fund additional transit services and investments. Read all of the board’s endorsements to date…”

    SWE’s take: Property taxes just went 35% the last 4 years and they need more taxes? When will this madness end?

    Good News: Dr Frankenstein just released the Halloween Monster to attack the tax raising Seattle Counsel…lOL

  250. 250

    Assisted Living Motel 6 Sized Units Go For $3600/mo for the Retired Only


    That should only grab almost all your retirement pay?

    Work until ya die?

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