Comment Policy

We generally have a hand-off policy to comments on Seattle Bubble, but there are some basic ground rules. This page describes the comment policy that is enforced on Seattle Bubble.

Not Acceptable:

  • name-calling
  • blatant antagonism
  • swearing
  • commercial links in your comment text
  • totally off-topic comments
  • changing your commenter name
  • changing your commenter email
  • endless bickering

In general, if you keep your comments constructive and respectful, you’ll be okay. Comments that violate the above points may be moved, edited, or deleted, and repeated offenses may result in a sitewide ban.


Other Details

In order to enforce the ban on “endless bickering,” everyone gets up to 5 comments per post, then you’re done. Regular open threads have a limit of 25 and the politics / economics / healthcare open threads have much higher limits. Use your comments wisely.

For more details and commentary on these policies, see this post. To file a complaint, contact our complaint department.