Friday Flashback: Not a Recipe For Disaster

Here’s something I’m thankful for: That nonsense like this drivel written seven years ago by former Seattle Times real estate “reporter” Elizabeth Rhodes turned out to be totally false. Priced out: Home appreciation report This past year’s broad-based price increase is one of the largest the U.S. has seen since at least 1970, economist Stanley […]

Friday Flashback: Case-Shiller Home Price Losses Mapped

I thought it would be interesting to post one more viz on the latest Case-Shiller numbers. This time I’ve put the data from all twenty cities on a map. The size of each circle represents how far back prices have rewound (larger = further back), and the circles are color-coded by how much prices have […]

Friday Flashback: “Four offers instead of six”

Here are a few excerpts from an amusing series of radio reports that aired on KIRO in August 2005, the same month I started Seattle Bubble. Conway: “We’re growing twice as fast as the nation, and that-that will certainly act as a buffer. If we-if we do see a downturn in the housing market, it […]

Friday Flashback: Housing does not go backward

Shortly after I started this blog, I came across this opinion piece published in the Everett Herald, written by local “Real Estate Communicator” Tom Kelly in October 2005 (emphasis mine): Waiting to buy may not be wise Is there significant merit in waiting for the local housing market to cool before jumping in to buy […]