Friday Flashback: “Give thanks that you bit the bullet”

I was just reminiscing with a friend about our old pal Elizabeth Rhodes, the Seattle Times’ former real estate reporter, when I came across this gem from July 2006, one year before Seattle homes hit their price peak, and the same month the Case-Shiller 20-city composite hit its peak: Local homes: Investments that just keep […]

Friday Flashback: “Just get on the up escalator!”

I was browsing through some old posts when I came across this one from April 2006, in which I highlighted an email I received from a local real estate salesman: Regardless of what happens with the bubble the longer you wait to purchase a home the harder it will become. The only time I would […]

Friday Flashback: Half-Million-Dollar Condos in Puyallup

Came across this one in the Seattle Bubble archives, from March 2006 in the Tacoma News Tribune: After several years of public investment in downtown Puyallup, private money is now pouring into multilevel condominiums around Pioneer Park. It appears to be money well spent. Some units are expected to sell for around $500,000. “When we […]

Friday Flashback: “We’re Protected” from the Bubble

Here’s a gem of an article from the Seattle Times, December 2006: Looking ahead: The sky isn’t falling for the Puget Sound market What will 2007 bring? Here’s what Seattle real-estate experts are saying. … So much for any bubble bursting this year. Gardner doesn’t see that happening next year, either. “This bubble lunacy is […]

Friday Flashback: NAR’s Laughable Seattle “Analysis”

A reader emailed me recently to remind me of this amusing document published by the National Association of Realtors in 2006: Home Price Analysis for Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue (pdf). Quoting: With home prices rising strongly in most parts of the country, there has been widespread media coverage on the possibility of a housing market bust. A thorough […]

Friday Flashback: Homeowners Will Just Stay Put

Here’s a flashback to Summer of 2006, when I was engaged in a very wordy blog / counter-blog debate with local real estate professional Gregory Wharton. Here are a few excerpts from his posts. July 3rd, 2006: Looking at the factors discussed in the previous four chapters, we can see that not only was there […]

Friday Flashback: Why Second-Guess Forbes & Moody’s?

Today’s flashback comes from September 2006, when Forbes tackled the question: How Low Will Real Estate Go? Get used to it—the seller’s market is closing up shop. The days of fat, fast home value increases are gone. Pack away those flipping fantasies. “The boom is definitely over, there’s no debate about that,” said Mark Zandi, […]