Interest Rates SKYROCKET! Everybody PANIC!

Yesterday the Seattle Times ran a syndicated Associated Press piece that came across to me as especially over-the-top: Homebuyers scramble as mortgage rates jump (emphasis added): The era of record-low mortgage rates is over. The average rate on a 30-year loan has jumped from about 5 percent to more than 5.3 percent in just the […]

News Roundup: Jobs, Everett Condos, Illusions…

Here are a few relevant news stories that have popped into my inbox in the last few days: Associated Press: Wash. revenue down, but recession may be softening Seattle P-I: Housing recovery depends on jobs, banker says Associated Press: Wash. unemployment rate stayed same in April Tacoma News-Tribune: Turning little boxes into living space Everett […]

National Interactive “Stress Index” Map from AP

The Associated press published an interesting interactive map recently that is worth checking out. They took a handful of economic measures such as the unemployment rate, the foreclosure rate, and the bankruptcy rate, and calculated an “Economic Stress Index” for every county in the country. Here’s a snapshot of their March 2009 map (click to […]

Morning News: National Housing “Crisis,” Boeing, Alaska Air, & More

Here’s a few national stories of note, and a handful of local economic news stories from this morning: New York Times: For Housing Crisis, the End Probably Isn’t Near Wall Street Journal: When Will Home Prices Stabilize? Fitch Says 2010 Seattle P-I: Unemployed workers struggle with job-seach requirements Associated Press: State lawmakers strike agreement on […]

Seattle Economy Maybe Not So Isolated After All

Here are a couple of recent stories to drive home the point that the Seattle area economy is not in fact magically separate from the national/international economy, as some have made it out to be over the last few years. Brad Wong, Seattle P-I: Tough economy forces cutbacks for area residents The economic shocks to […]

Seattle Housing Market vs. National Headlines

One common refrain lately among real estate agents desperate to put a positive spin on the local market is that potential home buyers in the Seattle area are just being frightened by all the bad national news on the housing market. The local market is doing just fine, and would be even better if only […]

Gregoire: “The economy is strong. Buy your home.”

Everybody’s pal Christine Gregoire gave a pep talk to the Washington Realtors last week in which she made some interesting comments. Gov. Chris Gregoire told about 400 Washington Realtors on Thursday that she has been working to meet goals the group has for transportation, affordable housing, education and quality of life. Gregoire, who spoke a […]