Surprise! You Owe Thousands of Dollars!

I received the following email from a reader. He explains the issue quite well, so I’ll let his message do all the talking: My wife and I bought our home a year ago in Mill Creek, Snohomish County. On Friday, we received a bill from King County instructing us that we owed them over $2,000, […]

Why are property tax assessments often so inaccurate?

As a follow-up on last week’s post about how falling home values can still lead to an increasing property tax bill, I thought I would go a little more detail on how the county assessor comes up with that magical home value number on which they base your tax bill. Here’s how the King County […]

Avoid Pitfalls When Appealing Your Property Tax Valuation

Note from The Tim: The following is a guest post from Charlie Walsh, the Founder and CEO of ValueAppeal, a new startup based in Seattle. ValueAppeal is a simple online tool that homeowners can use to help them appeal their property tax assessments. King County Property Tax Appeal Deadline Is Soon! Each year counties around […]

Link Roundup: Taxes, Fraud, & Layoffs (oh my)

There have been a lot of local real estate stories this week that are worth mentioning, but aren’t big enough to merit their own post. So it’s time for another link roundup. Tax Assessments & Government Revenue First up, while tax assessments may be falling in Pierce and Snohomish, it looks like they’re still on […]

Tax Assessments Falling Around the Sound

Declining property values are beginning to sink in at tax assessors’ offices around the sound. From the Everett Herald: Slump hits tax value of your home “I don’t think I can remember a year where we’ve decreased residential values countywide since I started working here in 1987,” county assessor Cindy Portmann said. Her chief residential […]