Friday Flashback: Suzanne Researched This

Here’s a fun Friday Flashback. How many of my readers remember this classic 2006 Century 21 TV commercial?

“Suzanne Researched This” became a big inside joke among those who didn’t buy the hype at the peak of the bubble. This commercial was so egregious that even Slate wrote an article headlined “The Nastiest Wife on Television.”

Buyer’s Market? Seller’s Market? Neither, Really.

I had another brief appearance on KING 5 News tonight. Here’s the video: It’s a great time to be a seller… if you can afford to sell at today’s prices. And it’s a great time to be a buyer… if you can be really patient and are willing to tolerate being out-bid numerous times if […]

Case-Shiller: Seattle’s Spring Bounce Picks Up Steam

Let’s have a look at the latest data from the Case-Shiller Home Price Index. According to April data, Up 1.6% March to April. Down 6.9% YOY. Down 29.7% from the July 2007 peak Last year prices rose 1.0% from March to April and year-over-year prices were down 2.8%. Interesting that here in Seattle this year […]

Q13: Now is a Once in a Lifetime Buying Experience

I filmed a brief interview for Q13 News a few weeks ago. Below is the resulting story they’re running today. If you’re a new reader that saw me on TV, welcome. Please take a few minutes to read our about page to learn more about this site. Not too surprisingly, they put a pretty positive […]

Seattle Bubble on Canadian Real Estate TV

Seattle Bubble and I were recently featured on the Canadian network Real Investments Television.  I am unable to embed the video, but you can view the segment here. Note that I do not personally consider myself to be a “real estate guru,” as the TV folks seem to have become fond of calling me (though […]

Evening Magazine on Tim Ellis & Seattle Bubble

Are you a first-time reader that saw me (Tim Ellis) on KING 5 Evening Magazine this evening? If so, welcome to Seattle Bubble. First let me say that while I am flattered that John Curley and Jim Dever referred to me as a “real estate guru,” that is not a title that I have ever […]