Obama “Can’t Wait” to Screw with the Market Even More

Okay, as long as we’re talking politics this week, let’s just dive in head first. I’d like to discuss the latest federal “relief” plan that made news this week. Here’s an AP story from Monday: Obama Offers Mortgage Relief on Western Trip LAS VEGAS — President Barack Obama offered mortgage relief on Monday to hundreds […]

11.5 Million More Foreclosures? Bring Them On!

Jon Talton over at the Seattle Times pointed me toward an interesting paper by Amherst Securities Group titled The Housing Crisis—Sizing the Problem, Proposing Solutions (pdf). Here’s their conclusion (emphasis mine): If governmental policy does not change, over 11.5 million borrowers are in danger of losing their homes (1 borrower out of every 5). Politically, […]

Comment of the Week: Impulsive Behavior Disorder

This comment of the week is brought to you by Jonness: All’s I know is my household income is 6 figures, I have no kids, I have 20% down, and I still don’t feel like I can afford a house priced $400K. How people are pulling the FHA trigger with 3.5% down and $70K in […]

Some Brief Thoughts on the New Car Tax Break

Just a quick comment on one aspect of Obama’s just-announced plan to “see the auto industry through these difficult times.” I’ll keep this brief since it has little to do with either real estate or the Seattle area. Here’s a portion of the president’s speech: …the IRS is today launching a campaign to alert consumers […]