The Rent Won’t Be Too Damn High For Long

Are you a Seattle-area renter who feels like rents have been going up too quickly the last couple of years? There’s a great article by Eric Pryne this morning in the Seattle Times that you should read: Ballard’s apartment boom comes with risks Seattle’s apartment boom extends far beyond Ballard. Nearly 8,400 units are under […]

Buy vs. Rent: A Real Life Pre-Peak Example

I thought it might be interesting to dig into a real life example of just how much money a bubble-believing home buyer would have lost by purchasing a home during the insanity of the housing bubble in Seattle. What better example to use than our favorite Ballard home that just sold? Wherever possible I’ll be […]

Seattle Go Boom?

This is admittedly only very tangentially related to Seattle real estate, but this news article caught my attention this morning: Congressman implies: Seattle could be nuked Huffington Post columnist Jason Linkins writes today about an e-mail sent by Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo., not Ala. as the headline reads) regarding the United States’ missile defense plans. […]

McMansions, Condo Conversions, Delays, & Sunny Ballard

Time again already for another inbox-clearing story roundup. First up, the Seattle City Council is apparently in a development-regulating mood lately. Not only are they tackling the ugly townhome issue, now they’re going after “megahomes” as well. After years of complaints about suburban-sized homes that devour lawns and encroach on neighbors, the Seattle City Council […]

The Human Side of a Condo Conversion

This post is different from the usual fare here, but I think it’s worth taking some time on. I ran across this post in my news alerts. It’s a look at the human consequences that result when affordable apartments are converted into upscale condos. I was very surprised at the time that I first wrote […]


Building “Green,” “Smart” Investments, and More…

Let’s follow up yesterday’s heavy downer of a post with some lighter fare. I think it’s time for another link roundup. So you say they’re not making any more land, huh? Well, maybe not, but that doesn’t mean we’re running out of places to build houses. No, I’m not talking about condos. I’m referring to […]