Housing Bubble 2.0: The Perma-Bears Respond

Ben Jones, who has been blogging about the housing bubble from down in Arizona since late 2004 at The Housing Bubble Blog linked to my “Welcome to Housing Bubble 2.0” post yesterday, prompting an interesting discussion in the comments. Here’s a selection from the conversation that ensued: Comment by Ben Jones I’ve called this the […]

Are Bubble Bloggers a Stopped Clock?

Now that the real estate market in Seattle is finally showing undeniable signs of reversing direction (read: declining median prices), it’s interesting how the tone of some real estate professionals’ comments regarding this site (and others like it) are changing. Seattle Bubble was started in August 2005, during a time when the “common knowledge” among […]


Seattle Bubble on Inman News

The remaining portions of Glenn Roberts’ piece on Bubble Blogs have been posted to Inman News. I recommend you read it today, because after today it is only accessable to subscribers. Read about Glenn’s conversations with a “Bubble Debunker” (real estate agent), John Doe of Southern CA, Bill Bond (Housing Panic contributor), an anonymous blogger […]