False Advertising: Home Builder Renderings vs. Reality

“Lo Ball Jones” dropped a link in the Saturday Link Roundup to a local homebuilder website that caught my attention for just how ridiculous the rendered images of their homes are. With a little help from the magic of Google Maps’ 45° view, I thought it would be fun to take a look at a […]

Terrible at Math, You Poor, Filthy Renter? YOU CAN OWN!

I spotted the ad at right on the Seattle Times homepage yesterday. It’s not as patronizing as Quadrant Homes’ old “down payment latte” ad was, but the claim of buying for just $800 a month immediately jumped out at me as unlikely. Running some quick numbers through my Simple Affordability Calculator indicates that to have […]

Stalled Development Map Update, Developments in Foreclosure

Just a quick update on the Seattle Bubble interactive stalled / slow development map. So far readers have contributed 48 stalled and/or slowed residential developments in the greater Seattle area. The greatest concentration by far is in the Bothell area, which may be due primarily to the fact that that’s where a few especially prolific […]

Spec Builder Spectacularly Miscalculated Market

KIRO radio ran a mildly interesting piece about a spec builder in my neighborhood with especially poor timing: Local spec homes sit empty, cheap. What started as a fun project turned into a nightmare for a builder in Kenmore. Ken Youch, with Kenmar Construction, is happy to give tours of any one of the million […]

Mapping Stalled / Slow Construction Around Seattle

With the housing downturn in full swing, it’s interesting how many housing developments have slowed to a near stop or stalled completely. I’ve begun mapping out some of these fallow construction sites in the areas that I frequent (north King / south Snohomish), and I thought it would be interesting to open the process up […]

Small House, Big House

I thought this was amusing… From D.R. Horton: Smaller is better in some markets, May 5th: D.R. Horton’s chief executive says smaller, more affordable homes are selling well in some areas and will bring higher profits to the nation’s largest home builder. CEO Donald Tomnitz said the smaller homes were particularly popular in Seattle and […]