Fast, Good, Cheap: Pick Any Two

As some of you may recall, I spent the first decade or so of my career doing electrical engineering (i.e. – circuit design, PCB layout, etc.). In that world of custom electronics, every customer seems to want their widget to cost $5, be packed with features that are 100% reliable, and have the design completed […]

Rapid Price Discovery via Resellers’ Auctions

As a coworker and I were pondering the housing market yesterday, I wondered whether it would be possible to build a computer simulation that would provide a relatively accurate model of a perfectly efficient housing market. Unfortunately we didn’t come up with a good way to do that, but he did suggest a real-world experiment […]

How-To Sell Your Home: Deep Clean to Make Your House Shine

A few weeks ago we kicked off a new series: How-To: Sell Your Home in a Down Market with an overview of the important factors that home sellers must address if they want to succeed in selling their homes in today’s market: Pricing Marketing Cleaning Extras Rather than tackling these in the above order of […]

How-To: Sell Your Home in a Down Market

We spend a lot of time on here with posts directed toward helping home buyers to do their research and make smart decisions, but the housing market is made up of buyers and sellers, so let’s turn our attention toward home sellers. Just a few short years ago, the home-selling process went something like this: […]

Taking Advantage of a Buyer’s Market

So now that Puget Sound counties have been in a “buyer’s market” for around a year, there are probably some good deals to be found out there. But how do you find them? To be clear, my personal opinion is that we’re still in for another year or two of declining prices. However, I’m sure […]