New, Even Better New York Times Buy vs. Rent Calculator

For years, the gold standard in online buy vs. rent calculators has been the one created and hosted by the New York Times. This week, they released a brand new, updated and enhanced version: Is It Better to Rent or Buy? The new version lays out all of the variables in a clean and simple […]

New & Improved Affordability Calculator

You may recall the javascript-powered affordability calculator I put up here a few years ago. Well, Ross—an intrepid reader and Tableau wizard (and Tableau employee)—decided to take my simple calculator and crank it up a few notches. Behold the new and improved affordability calculator: Affordability Calculator Can you afford the home that you want? Powered […]

Simple Affordability Calculator

I’m in Texas for the weekend with limited access to the internet, so unfortunately I was unable to write a substantive post today. However, I did have some time on the airplane to create a javascript version of the basic affordability calculator I developed in Excel a few weeks ago. Given that home prices are […]

Pricing Calculator for Today’s Market

Last night I was tossing around the idea of a calculator that determines a realistic value of a house in today’s market, based on what year it was purchased and how much was paid. This morning I spent some time with javascript, and the result is below. I welcome any feedback. Keep in mind that […]