Where to Search for Rentals in Seattle

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post from Seattle Bubble regular “perfectfire.” Thanks for taking the time to put together such a useful guide! Also be sure to check out this related post from February: How To: Use Craigslist & RSS to Find a Great Rental My wife and I just signed a contract […]

How To: Use Craigslist & RSS to Find a Great Rental

Let’s say you’re a prudent person who has compared the financial realities of buying vs. renting and made the decision to rent for now. However, with the frequent news reports about increasing rents that seem intended to scare people out of deciding to rent, you’re a little concerned about finding a good deal. Well fear […]

Realistic or In Denial? You be the judge.

The Craigslist Housing Forum has settled down considerably since last year, and the prevailing sentiment seems to have shifted from “mercilessly mock anyone who thinks housing is overpriced” to “well dang, looks like the market is headed down after all.” However, despite the increasingly obvious indicators that our local market will not be spared the […]