Detailed Analysis of Washington State Banks via Seattle Times

The Seattle Times posted an interesting article yesterday about Washington State’s banks titled Some Washington banks are recovering, others see their options narrowing According to The Seattle Times’ quarterly analysis of Washington banks and thrifts, most of the state’s financial institutions seem to be weathering the upheaval reasonably well. Others, while clearly struggling, probably can […]

News Roundup: Local Banks on the Brink

The last few days have seen a handful of articles in the local press on the subject of the strength (or lack thereof, as it turns out) of local banks. Here’s a brief summary. First-up is a relatively in-depth look at the status of dozens of banks based in Washington State: Washington’s banks under stress […]

Local Unemployment Up Again

The local unemployment rate continues to rise sharply, according to the August data that was just released. As economic thunderstorms lash Wall Street and soak most of the rest of the country, Seattle and Washington state have managed to stay fairly dry. But beware: The skies are darkening quickly. Unemployment in Washington state took a […]

State Economy Continues to Slow

According to the latest data, it looks like the state economy is slowly catching up to the unwinding national economy. More than 3,000 jobs were lost in Washington last month, pushing the unemployment rate to 4.9 percent, up from a near record low of 4.5 percent in February, the Employment Security Department said Tuesday. The […]

January Reporting Roundup

It’s time for another reporting roundup. Let’s see what the local newspapers have to say about January’s not-so-positive numbers from the NWMLS. Will they claim that the market “bottoming out” and about to jump into full recovery mode? Or maybe they have finally come to accept the fact that Seattle will not avoid the downturn, […]


WaMu: Slump Not Getting Better Soon

Golly, this housing slump sure isn’t much fun (for never-ending appreciation-believers and real estate agents), is it? But hey, at least it’s almost over, right? Wait, what’s that you say? It’s not going to get better soon? Pfft. You’re just some doom-and-gloom blogger, why should we listen to you? Except, that outlook isn’t coming from […]


Subtle Headline / Photo Combo

From above the fold on today’s Seattle Times front page: Click to view pdf How soon do you suppose we can expect an article explicitly making the claim that is subtly implied by this headline / photo combo? Let’s play “predict the headline.” Here’s my guess: Soaring Loonie Strengthens Seattle Real Estate. Of course, the […]