Big Downtown Land Deal Evaporates

Almost a year ago, a family that has accumulated ownership of 13 near-contiguous acres of downtown real estate in the Denny Triangle finally put the whole lot of it on the market. Mr. Clise is convinced now is the ideal time to sell. The job-market outlook is robust for Seattle, and the office market, with […]

The Amazing Disappearing Condo View

Granted, this is pretty much old news by now, but the issue of the disappearing condo views is at least worth mentioning. Benjamin Shanfelder signed up to buy a condominium on the west side of downtown Seattle’s Cosmopolitan building in 2005 because it was one of the first new downtown high-rises and was convenient to […]


Downtown Condo Buyers to Solve Crime Problems?

Once in a while, you have to wonder why someone would be so excited to buy one of the many $500,000+ condos that are soon to spread over downtown like a tsunami. It certainly isn’t for a secure, friendly neighborhood environment… Sgt. Rich O’Neill, Seattle Police Officers’ Guild president, said officers aggressively policing the drug […]


Seattle Times RE Roundup

The Seattle Times has had a good handful of real estate stories in the last few days, but none of them have been interesting enough to merit their own post. However, now that I’ve got a little collection of them in the inbox, here’s a roundup with snippets from all four. Jane Hodges, Buying on […]


Vulcan Ridiculous @ 2200

Ah, the joys condodebtorship. When Jerry O’Leary, 54 and retired, put down over $100,000 dollars toward a new million-dollar condominium in February 2005, he thought he was buying his way into an innovative downtown lifestyle proposed by Vulcan Inc. Vulcan Real Estate’s $200 million 2200 project on two and a half acres at Westlake Avenue… […]


Condomania in Tacoma!

Tacoma: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to sell 1,500 high-end condos in 14 months: Hundreds of new, pricey condominiums exclude young singles needed for a thriving city core, according to the author of a study analyzing the downtown housing market. Builders and developers say land costs and water views push prices […]

Condomania in Everett!

Better be careful the next time you drive through Everett, you’re likely to get burned, the condo market there is so hot! On paper at least, downtown Everett is poised for explosive growth. Nearly 800 new downtown condos and apartments are in various stages of planning. There’s a good chance some of the projects scattered […]