Financial Closing Strategy: Is there a better time of month to close on a refinance?

A word from The Tim: This post is from long-time Seattle Bubble participant Tim Kane (a.k.a. “S-Crow”). As co-owner of Legacy Escrow in Everett, Tim brings a unique perspective on the closing table. Timing Closing? One question that frequently comes up when meeting with clients to sign loan documents is the question of “timing.”   Is […]

WAMU offering 5% CD’s & other bits

Side Commentary and thoughts: Sorry I’ve been unable to post much over the summer here and at RCG.  I’ve been exceptionally busy with lots of projects and family stuff.   Plus, I’m freaking out that one of my kids is going to be a Freshman in high school starting in a week or so.   But, I’m […]

A remarkable period in time: a changed market.

I’ve got so many topics to talk about but very little time. I have to start somewhere. Just months ago it was not uncommon (understatement) to see 100% financed nothing down purchase transactions with various ARM’s tied to LIBOR or other indices coupled with hefty pre-payment penalties, interest-only hybrids with no escrow impounds for taxes […]

Ever met someone who likes to play with live grenades? Here’s somebody: Agents Who Originate Loans

This is not really new news for many of you , but the story circulating around news organizations and blogs about a buyer who has filed suit against their agent mentions a twist. Aside from the main story is the “smaller” issue that the agent evidently also arranged the buyers financing. At least that is […]

30 yr. fixed under 5%

I’m seeing 30 yr fixed rates under 5%. If you are considering refinancing, please contact your loan officer. If you are considering a purchase, contact your agent. It is impossible to know how long these rates will remain this low. If you need resources, please let me know off-line. ( S-Crow

Refinancing? GET BUSY

What I’m seeing: 30 yr fixed rates at 5.25%. 15 yr fixed at 4.75% If you are considering refinancing, call your loan officer. Although our office is in escrow, not lending, we work with many resources for lending. If you don’t have a resource or would like to at least do shopping comparisons, please let […]