Portland worst, Seattle first

In my perusals of real-estate blogs this morning, I ran across a link to Housing Predictor, a site which has recently published a forecast for the top and worst performing housing markets in 2008. Housing Predictor describes their business as follows: We examine more than 20 micro market characteristics in each market place, including income […]

Dispatches from the Road: TX, LA, FL

with Crystal, the pretty pink pony Hey gang, it’s me again. Just wanted to update everybody on our big road trip. We’ve seen lots of places all across the country. It’s fun seeing new places. It’s like, as exciting as you can expect places outside of Seattle to be, anyway. January 2: Happy New Year […]

Dispatches from the Road: Arizona & New Mexico

with Crystal, the pretty pink pony Editor’s Note from The Tim: I’m pleased to introduce Crystal, the pretty pink pony; mascot of Seattle real estate. She’ll occasionally pop in (especially over the next few weeks) to share some of her thoughts about the Seattle real estate. She has a… unique perspective that I hope you […]