Seattle Clearly At Risk in Credit Retraction

Speaking of the economy, here’s a headline I never expected to see in The Seattle Times, let alone above the fold on the front page of the Sunday paper: I guess this is a surprising discovery for some people—something that is considered big news. Here are some choice excerpts from the article: “If things get […]


Fleckenstein: Seattle "Just a Little Less Dark"

Wow, Aubrey Cohen over at the P-I is really slipping lately. First he prints the prediction that Seattle will see “slight year-over-year price declines this spring or summer,” and now he has penned an entire article about Bill Fleckenstein’s “not-so-rosy” outlook for local real estate. Like many economists and real estate professionals, hedge fund manager […]

Seattle Times’ Silly "Logic" Mocked Further

It would seem that there’s at least one person out there that agrees with my analysis of the recent Seattle Times article, “Housing market sizzles, shows no sign of bubble.” That person would be Bill Fleckenstein, who writes: That oxymoronic headline sets the tone for what follows — a very creative, though completely false, bit […]