Don’t forget the other ways to connect to Seattle Bubble!

It’s been a while since I last highlighted all the extra content and ways to connect to Seattle Bubble, so it’s time for another such reminder. If you don’t have the time or motivation to visit the site every day, that’s okay. There are other ways for you to get your daily Seattle Bubble fix. […]

Get Connected to Seattle Bubble Extras

Occasionally I like to spend a little time highlighting some of the lesser-known features that exist for readers to connect with various local real estate content. Now is one of those times. First up, there’s the RSS feed for blog posts. Also, although only a few people know about it (before now), you can subscribe […]

Seattle Bubble Flickr Group

FYI, I have created a Seattle Bubble group on Flickr. Everyone is invited to join. For those of you that are into Flickr, this could be a fun way to share interesting photos related to local real estate or the local economy.

Types of things you could add include funky homes for sale (but don’t steal MLS listing photos), empty or stalled developments, lockbox benches, for sale sign forests, etc. Use your imagination and have fun.