The Sordid Price History of a Local Mega-Flop

Behold the sordid tale of a home I’ve been keeping my eye on for quite a while. It’s a spec-built home in Woodinville (just a 37-minute + $3.50 toll drive to downtown Seattle)—7,216 square feet on 14 acres. This one’s got the Avondale Albatross beat by a longshot, both in the sheer audacity of the […]

Top 10 House Flops For Sale in King County

Since I took the time to take a complete snapshot of all the SFH on the market in King County yesterday, I thought we could have a little more fun with the data. Here are the top 10 flops in the county by percent decrease from the previous sale to the current asking price. I’m […]

Prices Flopping all Across the Eastside

Prices may be holding up somewhat in the neighborhoods close to downtown Seattle, but the Eastside apparently is not so lucky. With nearly eight “months of supply” the downward pressure is mounting on home prices east of the lake. I’d like to highlight an excellent thread over in the forums, where prolific Seattle Bubble poster […]

Is the opposite of a flip a flop?

I want to take a moment to highlight a thread in the forums that was started yesterday. Deejayoh’s topic, “What’s the opposite of an audacious flip?” highlights a handful of interesting examples of homes on the market in Seattle right now that have asking prices tens of thousands of dollars less than what they sold […]