Follow-Up: Seattle Area Property Management Companies

The reader who wrote in a couple months ago with the question about finding the best property management firm in the Seattle area wrote back with detailed notes from their selection process and who they ended up going with in the end. The following is taken directly from their follow-up email. Here are my notes […]

Follow-Up: Offers 2012 Are Finally Slowing, Just a Bit

Full disclosure: The Tim is employed by Redfin. Last month I posted a comment from a reader who observed that offers appeared to be slowing down from their torrid spring pace. At the time I pointed out that there was “no slowdown as of the end of May” in the data. Well, last week Redfin […]

Advice From an 11-Year Veteran Landlord

I received the following response via email to yesterday’s question about purchasing rental properties. The sender gave me permission to publish it in full, and since it’s so full of great insights, I decided to do just that (with minor edits for readability). I bought a mid-50s vintage 5-plex in North Everett with water views […]