(Re) Introducing the Seattle Bubble Forums

I am happy to announce that after suffering years of neglect and disarray, the Seattle Bubble Forums are back and better than ever.

With visits and comments here heating up as the market rises further and further into new bubble territory, I decided it was time to put in the work to bring our old forums back from the grave…

Don’t forget the other ways to connect to Seattle Bubble!

It’s been a while since I last highlighted all the extra content and ways to connect to Seattle Bubble, so it’s time for another such reminder. If you don’t have the time or motivation to visit the site every day, that’s okay. There are other ways for you to get your daily Seattle Bubble fix. […]

Where (Else) Do You Go For Local Real Estate Discussion?

With a full-time job, creating content for this site, and the numerous side projects I’ve got going on at any given time, I don’t seem to have much time anymore to spend trolling the internet for other real estate discussion. That said, I am curious where some of you have found the most interesting conversations […]

Get Connected to Seattle Bubble Extras

Occasionally I like to spend a little time highlighting some of the lesser-known features that exist for readers to connect with various local real estate content. Now is one of those times. First up, there’s the RSS feed for blog posts. Also, although only a few people know about it (before now), you can subscribe […]

Seattle Bubble Commenters: Thank You!

Seattle Bubble hit a geeky milestone yesterday, with the posting of its 0x10000th comment! That’s hexadecimal—base 16—65,536 for you non-geeks out there. The 0x10000th comment was posted by Flying Ape. In commemoration of this geeky occasion, here are a few statistics relating to the comments on Seattle Bubble. As of the 0x10000th comment, 65,536 comments […]

Need a Little Green? MS Paint to the Rescue!

Okay this is just too funny not to post. Over in my favorite forum thread Detrimental Listing Photos Everett_Tom spotted this gem [update: the listing photo has since been changed—original screenshot here], where the (presumably) brown grass in the listing photo has been extremely poorly painted over in bright green in the only photo on […]


Foreclosures: Up, Up, and Away!

Aubrey Cohen is on a roll, reporting the uncomfortable truth about the local housing market (granted, with a slight sugar-coating). The latest report is on the ever-increasing number of foreclosures in the Seattle area, another fact that is conveniently ignored by Elizabeth Rhodes at the Seattle Times. The Seattle area continued to follow the national […]