Read the Tale of WaMu: “The Lost Bank”

Longtime readers or followers of Seattle real estate and/or local business may remember Kirsten Grind, a local reporter with the Puget Sound Business Journal who reported extensively on the latter-day problems and eventual failure of Washington Mutual. Before leaving Seattle for New York to work for the Wall Street Journal, Kirsten put over a year […]

Details on Escala’s Exit from Fantasy Land

Kirsten Grind over at the Puget Sound Business Journal posted a more detailed update yesterday on the 180° strategy turnaround at the upscale downtown condo complex Escala that we mentioned a month ago. Escala cutting condo prices by 50 percent Downtown Seattle condominium tower Escala will lower prices by as much as 50 percent on […]

An Unprecedented Level of Openness in Government

Apparently, this is what “an unprecedented level of openness in Government” looks like: Via Kirsten Grind at the Puget Sound Business Journal. The Puget Sound Business Journal for months has asked the Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS), the federal agency that regulated Washington Mutual, to release internal communications between WaMu’s regulators. … On Wednesday, an […]

Why was WaMu really closed, and what are the FDIC & OTS hiding?

On Friday the Puget Sound Business Journal posted another great piece by Kirsten Grind on all the shady dealings that went on behind the scenes in the WaMu shutdown ordeal. The piece, titled The Washington Mutual decision is currently available on their site only to subscribers, but over on (one of their sister sites) […]

More on the Possible Mastro Bankruptcy

Kristen Grind over at the Puget Sound Business Journal had another great article about the unfolding mess with local developer Mike Mastro: Rival banks battle over Mastro bankruptcy A legal battle between rival creditor banks over developer Michael Mastro Sr.’s real estate holdings is breaking out in federal bankruptcy court — a dispute that affects […]

PSBJ: Local Banks Feeling the Regulatory Squeeze

Over at the Puget Sound Business Journal, reporter Kirsten Grind posted an interesting story today on their recently-launched BizTalk blog: Crackdown on HomeStreet Bank comes as a surprise Washington state regulators don’t seem to have much patience these days for our struggling community banks and are increasingly slapping them with cease-and-desist orders to force a […]

More Unfounded Starry-Eyed Nonsense from Lawrence Yun

Discredited NAR mouthpiece Lawrence Yun paid Seattle a visit on Friday to spout some more of his trademark wish-based forecasting. The Puget Sound Business Journal and the P-I both had brief write-ups of his presentation. From Aubrey Cohen’s write-up in the P-I: “We believe that the home prices have already fallen to what could be […]