Crosscut: Seattle Population is Nowhere Near Current Capacity

Interesting article over on Crosscut today: Why Seattle won’t grow as fast as planners say If Seattle’s current estimated population is 602,000 and we add the hypothetical 180,000 and you get 782,000 people by 2040 — considerably short of the 1.2 million that some claim are on the way. … The assumption is that right […]

Regulations “unlikely to contribute more than 17%” of home price

Some of you may recall back in February last year, when the Seattle Times ran a story about UW professor Theo Eicher’s land use regulations study, with the headline declaring “Rules add $200,000 to Seattle house price.” Here at Seattle Bubble we had serious questions about the dramatic conclusion in that study, and the methods […]

Detailed Study of Land Use Regulations & Home Prices

The big local housing story today is a study that was released recently by University of Washington Economics professor Theo Eicher. The thrilling title of the study is “Municipal and Statewide Land Use Regulations and Housing Prices Across 250 Major US Cities,” and it may be found (along with a number of related materials) here. […]


King County NOT Running Out of Land

For those that continue to insist that home prices around Seattle are high because “supply isn’t keeping up with demand,” I would like to point out the 2007 King County Buildable Lands Report. This is what the report has to say about building activity in King County from 2001 through 2005: King County gained more […]


One Third of Seattle Homebuyers Have Unaffordable Mortgages

Aubrey Cohen reports on a recently-released report out of Harvard. The report isn’t your usual rah-rah, go housing type of fluff, and actually shows Washington State as being among the markets with a larger percentage of risky loans. I don’t imagine it’s a coincidence that there’s not even a passing mention of the report in […]

Urban Growth Boundary Malarkey

A common argument about housing prices that I’ve personally noticed popping up frequently in the last few weeks is that they are as high as they are here in King County thanks in very large part to the Growth Management Act (GMA). Specifically, the argument claims that the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) has so limited […]

"This is a great time to buy a home."

Check out this absolutely delightful paid advertisement masquerading as a “guest editorial” in today’s Seattle Times. It’s penned by Mr. Samuel L. Anderson, the executive officer of the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties. The media have been all abuzz over the past year about the softening in the housing market. … At […]