Seattle Real Estate in 2023 (via Parks & Recreation)

What will the Seattle real estate market look like eight years from now? Not much different than it does today, if “Parks & Recreation” is to be believed. For those who have been living in a TV culture vacuum for the last seven years, Parks & Recreation was an NBC TV show about local government […]

A Humorous Take on Foreign Buyers Driving Up Prices

Over in the New Yorker (where the issue of foreign buyers is more substantial than a few vague anecdotes): Stop Complaining That I, Zathbog of Planet Cibwarv, Am Inflating U.S. Housing Prices I’m told there’s a familiar narrative that unfolds whenever you try to buy property in a cosmopolitan American city these days. You find […]

Boeing Mural on Colby Street in Everett

Top 10 Future Uses for the 98-Acre Boeing Everett Factory

With the future of Boeing airplane manufacturing inevitably moving to less expensive states (sped along the way by last night’s Machinists Union vote), we may as well start work now on determining a new use for the 98-acre Boeing Everett Factory, currently the world’s largest building by volume. Here are my top 10 proposed future […]

They’re not making any more land… OR ARE THEY?

Okay, so maybe living in a converted bus isn’t for you. Maybe you want to own some actual land. One theory we’ve all heard over and over for why real estate is always a good long-term investment is that “they’re not making any more land.” As it turns out, “they” may not be making any […]

Real Estate Search Hell

Does anyone remember what searching for a home was like in the dark ages before the dawn of amazing internet tools like Redfin, Estately, and Zillow? I was watching the classic real estate flick The Money Pit this weekend, and this scene in particular stood out to me. Note that The Money Pit was released […]

Stop Setting Your Money on Fire Every Month!

I’ve been hearing a few familiar clichés on the radio recently… “Tired of setting your money on fire every month?” “Stop throwing away your money renting!” Maybe you thought that the dramatic and decisive collapse of the housing bubble would have rid us of this type of nonsense marketing. Well, you thought wrong. The twist […]

High End Real Estate: Seattle vs. Wisconsin

An example of a $2.5 million property in Seattle: 4-bed, 4.5-bath 2-story in Magnolia 4,440 sqft 5,029 sqft lot 2008 property tax bill: $18,286 “sweeping sound and mountain views” An example of a $2.5 million property in Wisconsin: 2-story stone lodge in Couderay 407 acres 37-acre private lake 2008 property tax bill: $14,948 8-car garage […]