What’s the Bright Spot in Today’s Market?

I had the privilege last night of moderating a panel discussion about local and national real estate for the Seattle Alternative Investment Association (SAIA). The panel consisted of: Stan Humphries, Zillow Chief Economist Tim Terrill, Chief Operating Officer of Walton Development and Management Karen Weaver, Head of Market Strategy and Research at Seer Capital The […]

New York Times: Seattle Sellers Simply Surrendering

It’s not often we get a major national news piece focused solely on Seattle’s real estate market, but yesterday we got just that from the New York Times: Housing Crash Is Hitting Cities Thought to Be Stable SEATTLE — Few believed the housing market here would ever collapse. Now they wonder if it will ever […]

Predictions: Will 2011 Finally be the Bottom?

With 2010 well behind us now, it’s past time for another roundup of yearly Seattle real estate market predictions. Here are our past prediction posts for 2007, 2008, 2009, & 2010. Rather than playing the usual game of scraping and searching through the local papers for notable prognosticators going on the record with someone else […]

Is the “home as a profit engine” paradigm finally dying?

I recorded an interview with KIRO news radio yesterday that might be of some interest. The days of buying a house for profit may be gone https://seattlebubble.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/KIRO-2010-08-24.mp3 An excerpt: If you’re looking for an investment, consider stocks and bonds, coins or comic books. The days of buying a house for big profit might be gone […]

On the Horizon: A New Bubble or a Long Flat Bottom?

CNN Money asks: Is a housing shortage coming? (Short answer: No.) As the nation struggles to shrug off the worst housing crash since the Great Depression, it may be hard to believe a housing shortage could be on its way. The nation is simply not building enough homes to keep up with potential demand. Just […]

Video Two-Pack: Pent-Up Supply & High End Condos

Here are a couple of videos for you today. First up, Zillow Chief Economist Stan Humphries on Yahoo News: Here’s the money quote: We think that the amount of pent-up supply that we have of people on the sidelines, combined with the amount of foreclosures that we have, combined with the current negative equity rates […]