Million Dollar Decision Making

In the spirit of this 2007 post… let’s say you have a million bucks that you’re going to use to buy some real estate… Option 1: A 3,150 square foot “beautiful, well maintained Craftsman” sporting an “open floor plan with designer touches,” located on a 4,584 sq. ft. (0.1 acre) lot in the idyllic 47th […]

For Only $1.5 Million…

If I had a million (and a half) dollars, I’d buy you a house… But what kind of house? Would you rather have a “phenomenal location & nearly total renovation” on Queen Anne: Click to view listing …Or a 16-building, 45,000 square foot former missile complex on (under) 57 acres in Eastern Washington: Click to […]


Amusing Ad Juxtaposition

One of my coworkers noticed an amusing juxtaposition of advertisements last week while he was checking the local weather forecast. I had to disable Firefox‘s Adblock Plus to see any ads, but it was worth it for the laugh: For reference, the monthly payment on a 30-year fixed mortgage of $430,000 at today’s interest rates […]