A Look at WA SB 6337 “Protecting Short Sale Sellers”

A word from The Tim: This post is from long-time Seattle Bubble participant Jillayne Schlicke, real estate educator through her company CE Forward. Jillayne keeps a close watch on legislative issues, and agreed to write up this in-depth analysis of SB 6337 for the readers here. Thanks, Jillayne! Senate Bill 6337 was recently introduced in […]

Olympia on the Economy: Liars, Fools, or Malefactors?

[Note: This is an opinion piece on a political matter. If that sort of thing offends you, it is recommended that you skip this post.] Christine Gregoire, January 2008: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself,” Gregoire said, quoting former President Franklin Roosevelt and referring to national recession fears. “It is a […]

State Senate and House Pass “New Home Warranty” Bills

Although the state legislature hasn’t yet made the time to figure out what to do about the $8.5 billion budget deficit, they did make the time last week to pass a “consumer protection” bill mandating warranties on new home construction. House Bill 1393 also creates an “office of consumer education for home construction” as a […]

Two Years Too Late: Legislature to Address Condo Conversions

Here’s a follow-up to yesterday’s condo re-version story. Just in time for the condo conversion mania to switch directions, while supply and demand do that thing they do so well, here comes the State Legislature to “fix the problem.” Renters forced from their apartments to make way for condominiums would get more time to find […]

State Legislature wants to “help people… get into a home.”

As 2008 gets rolling, your lawmakers are getting back to the business of budgets and lawmaking in Olympia. Of course, with this being an election year you can expect to hear a lot of talk about “doing something” to address the latest hot issues that are on everyone’s mind. So what is one of the […]


Stupid Legislative "Solutions"

Here’s an article that appeared in the Everett Herald a few weeks ago about yet another misguided legislative attempt to solve the “housing crisis.” One of the bills Nathan Gorton is backing in the Legislature this year sounds like it makes too much sense to do anything but go down in flames. What he’d like […]