Demand for Seattle Rentals Still Outstripping Supply

There’s a great in-depth article on local rent increases in today’s Seattle Times: Soaring rents force lifestyle changes For renters and homeowners, market forces are permanently altering the familiar face of many neighborhoods. While wealthy newcomers are helping to revitalize neighborhood business districts, the reality is that many renters, saddled by stagnant wages, are being […]

Official King Co. Economic Forecast Cites Seattle Bubble

Apparently Tom Goodwin, King County’s Chief Economist and head of the Office of Economic and Financial Analysis is a Seattle Bubble reader, citing my chart of the decline from peak in Seattle’s Case-Shiller tiers in a recent presentation to the Regional Policy Committee (be patient, the video takes a little while to load): You can […]

“We’re going to be at the bottom for a long time.”

Two friends of Seattle Bubble got together a few days ago for some podcasting goodness: Michael Surkan and Jillayne Schlicke discuss the current state of Seattle’s real estate market and where we’re headed from here in the latest episode of Michael’s Entrepreneurs Northwest series: Be patient: Seattle’s real-estate market won’t hit bottom for some time. […]

PNWHS & REBarCamp Audio Pencasts

For anyone who is interested in listening to some straight audio from yesterday’s PNWHS event and one session from today’s REBarCamp event, I present the pencasts below. Lennox Scott’s rousing main talk begins on page three of session 2. Float over the number in the lower-right of a pencast to jump between pages, then click […]

Morsels of Market Musings from PNWHS

Rather than editorializing on everything I heard at the Pacific Northwest Housing Summit today, I thought you all might just enjoy some unfiltered quotes from the industry professionals. Bret Bertolin Senior Analyst, Washington State Economic and Revenue Forecast Council On the broad economy… We believe that the economy has turned the corner, and it pick […]

Olympia on the Economy: Liars, Fools, or Malefactors?

[Note: This is an opinion piece on a political matter. If that sort of thing offends you, it is recommended that you skip this post.] Christine Gregoire, January 2008: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself,” Gregoire said, quoting former President Franklin Roosevelt and referring to national recession fears. “It is a […]

State’s Chief Economist: Real Estate to Rebound… in 2011

Washington State’s Chief Economist Arun Raha has been speaking this week about his expectations for Washington’s economy in 2010 and beyond, including his outlook for the local real estate market. Raha said the nation’s big banks are in better shape and are mostly back to normal in terms of lending money to customers with good […]