Friday Flashback: “I tease the bubble bloggers!”

Local real estate salesman Mack McCoy, writing on the now-defunct Seattle Real Estate Professionals blog in October 2007: I tease the bubble bloggers! The people on this board have extensive experience in the real estate world, and while there may be differences of opinion among them, the fact is that their opinions deserve to carry […]

Friday Flashback: Seattle’s Housing Bubble All-Star Team

Rather than focus on just one article for today’s Friday Flashback, I thought it would be fun to highlight a montage of brief quotes from a handful of local real estate professionals. Marlow Harris on 360Digest, April 29, 2006: Housing Bubble Babble Though I concede that we could be in for a market correction or […]

Seattle Bubble on Canadian Real Estate TV

Seattle Bubble and I were recently featured on the Canadian network Real Investments Television.  I am unable to embed the video, but you can view the segment here. Note that I do not personally consider myself to be a “real estate guru,” as the TV folks seem to have become fond of calling me (though […]

P-I’s Aubrey Cohen Tackles the Real Estate “Debate”

Rain City Guide, Seattle Real Estate Professionals, and Seattle Bubble all get mentions in Aubrey Cohen’s latest piece for the P-I: Debate over real estate goes online Real estate agent John “Mack” McCoy wasn’t expecting an argument when he started blogging about housing and commenting on other posts and news stories online. “I started out […]

The Ballard Conspiracy

Speaking of Ballard… cue the Twilight Zone music… it’s really quite eerie how every month the “angles” in local rags seem to be so in sync. Apparently this month all the clever reporters are focusing in on everyone’s favorite neighborhood: Ballard. Cynthia Creasey and Mack McCoy bought a four-bedroom house in Ballard in 1988 for […]