You win the Mega Millions. What house do you buy?

Let’s have a little fun on a Friday afternoon. Let’s say you play the big Mega Millions lottery everyone won’t stop talking about, and against all odds, you’re the sole winner tonight. What house (or houses) currently on the market would you buy? It doesn’t have to be in the Seattle area, if you’re only […]

What a Million Bucks Buys: West Coast Edition

Let’s have a look at what kind of house you could buy today for about a million dollars in a variety of locales around the Seattle area and elsewhere. For buyers who have the money to buy a home basically anywhere they want, what kind of home can they get around Seattle and elsewhere along […]

How Much Home Does a Million Bucks Buy: 2000-2010

Here’s a little chart I whipped up that I thought was interesting. I pulled up a list of all the single-family homes sold for $1 million dollars over the last ten years in King County and averaged the square footage of the homes sold each year. The data from 2000 and 2001 was a little […]

Some Local Home Listing Anecdotes

It’s been a while since I posted any anecdotal observations, so I think it’s time for a few. First up, the 8-unit condo/townhome complex in my neighborhood, which we have visited a few times before. Here’s the summary of the action in this complex of eight essentially identical units since 2005: September 2005: Unit #5 […]