Sales Growth in 2014 Has Been the Weakest Since 2009

I thought it would be interesting to visualize year-over-year sales increases and decreases by NWMLS neighborhood in King County using the one of the views I created for Case-Shiller data. In the chart below each NWMLS-defined neighborhood in King County is represented by a green square if sales increased that month compared to a year […]

Reader Question: Finding info on Seattle neighborhoods?

I recently received an email with this question from a reader about finding information on Seattle neighborhoods: After living in the Midwest for 40 years, it is time for a change. I have a close friend in Issaquah, and I’m selling all of my possessions – save my two loyal dogs – and fixin’ to […]

Reader Question: Telltale Signs of Neighborhood Decline?

Here’s a question I received via email from a reader: photo by Flickr user Bob Jagendorf As a real estate buyer, here’s a major concern I have when buying a home for the long term. I bought a house in Phoenix a few years ago where the development was built in the ’70s. At the […]

Still a “Buyer’s Market” in Many Neighborhoods

Time for another update on the various neighborhoods around King County. First up is a map of SAAS across King County: SAAS Dash Powered by Tableau Only three areas were strongly in “seller’s market” territory in April (SAAS <1.75), while twelve were still relatively strong “buyer’s markets” (SAAS >2.25). The remaining fifteen markets were more […]