Two Recent KUOW Pieces of Note

Thanks to everyone who responded to the call earlier this month from KUOW for help on their story about the soft market. Here’s the resulting piece: It’s a Tenants Market for Downtown Seattle Office Space There may be signs of recovery in the region’s housing market, but not so for the region’s office market. A […]

More Signs of Shrinkage at Microsoft?

A couple more notes on Microsoft before we get to our big year-in-review / 2009 forecast post tomorrow. First off, for those that didn’t catch it, this is worth mentioning: Microsoft forgoes South Lake Union lease Microsoft Corp. has put on hold any interest in further expanding its operations in Seattle because of the deteriorating […]

“Out here in Seattle, we were living in a bubble.”

These articles are a bit off-topic from the usual news about residential real estate, but I thought they were at least worth a brief mention. New York Times: In Seattle, Office Vacancy Rate Is Rising Fast Not long ago, Seattle looked invincible, even as an economic downturn was starting to plague the rest of the […]