Huge 2017 Apartment Boom Should Soften Housing Market

Get access to the full spreadsheets used to make the charts in this and other posts by becoming a member of Seattle Bubble. Good news for renters (and maybe hopeful home buyers, as well): 2017 should see the beginning of relief for the Seattle area’s crazy rental housing market. The infamous $750-a-month 130-square-foot ‘prison cell’ […]

Local Incomes: Median & Per Capita, Real & Nominal

Okay let’s revisit the discussion on local incomes once more. First up, I’d like to highlight the top comment from Monday’s discussion, posted by “gr8day”: I make less today than I did 6 years ago. So does my barber, my brother, my next door neighbor, best friend, pastor at church, and most of the people […]

Will Local Incomes Climb or Fall in the Coming Years?

A few of you took issue with the assertion I made in Thursday’s post: Eventually [mortgage interest rates] will go up, but it will probably be a gradual climb, and by the time they get to 6%, incomes will also be higher. Here are a few examples of your criticisms. From Pegasus: Putting your faith […]

Migration into Washington on the Mend

The Office of Financial Management recently emailed me their latest annual migration data, which shows the first increase in new residents moving into the state since 2006: After a paltry 6,055 people moved to Washington between April 2010 and April 2011, the pace has picked up this year, reversing a five-year trend and mostly catching […]

Local Housing Oversupply Finally Shrinks Slightly in 2012

It’s been two years since we last took a look at the local housing oversupply. This week the Washington State Office of Financial Management released their 2012 population and housing supply estimates, so let’s update those charts. Here’s an updated chart of housing supply (total housing units) and demand (total households) for the 3-county Puget […]

Seattle Got Richer Just Before the Housing Bubble

In the comments on yesterday’s post, Jonness took me to task for my claim that the incomes of likely homebuyers saw a notable boost between 1996 and 2001. Ask yourself why house prices have fallen less percentage-wise in Thurston County than King County? Google doesn’t have a campus in Olympia, and very few people down […]

Hagar: Never Mind the Bogus Data, Recovery is Here!

In yesterday’s post I took local real estate agent, appraiser, and real estate educator Richard Hagar to task for some misleading statements he made during a live appearance on KUOW last week. Specifically, I called out his claim that Washington State is currently experiencing net migration of 125,000 people per year. Mr. Hagar dropped by […]