The Mega Spring Bounce of 2012

In order to quantify just how absurd this year’s spring bounce has been, here are a few charts I generated from the single-family home data on Redfin’s region page for King County: Listings continue to drop through the floor. The selection this year really is abysmal. Meanwhile, listing prices are soaring through the roof. They […]

Bottom-Calling Checkup: Nope, Still No Bottom Sighted.

Let’s take some time to do another checkup on our February 2009 bottom-calling series. In our last checkup back in October we hadn’t found a bottom yet. Let’s see if we’re there yet. First up let’s have a look at an updated version of the “Blind Optimism” forecast chart: Oops. So much for blind optimism. […]

NPR: Searching for the "New Normal" in the NW Housing Market

I did a phone interview a few weeks ago with Austin Jenkins, an NPR correspondent down in Olympia, about where the local housing market and economy are heading. Here is the resulting story: The New Normal: What Will The NW Housing Market Look Like? The Northwest economy is on the verge of recovery and with […]