Subtle Headline / Photo Combo

From above the fold on today’s Seattle Times front page: Click to view pdf How soon do you suppose we can expect an article explicitly making the claim that is subtly implied by this headline / photo combo? Let’s play “predict the headline.” Here’s my guess: Soaring Loonie Strengthens Seattle Real Estate. Of course, the […]


Prices in Seattle “Not Unthinkable Yet”

Hot on the heels of an unusually balanced report on the latest NWMLS home sales data, Aubrey Cohen comes back with another piece on the local market, this one full of non-sensical rationalizations for continued price gains. Ken Kam, of Honolulu, scoped out second-home possibilities during a Seattle visit last month. “It seems like it’s […]


The Ringing "Ka-ching From a House in Seattle"

Here’s yet another boilerplate national real estate article rah-rah’ing Seattle’s apparent resilience: Amid all the news of plummeting national housing numbers, the premise still holds true that all real estate is local, and nothing supports that premise more than the statistics on local home price appreciation. The ka-ching from a house in Seattle rings just […]

Buy A Downtown Condo RIGHT NOW!

Many of you pointed out the latest in a series of paid advertisements masquerading as reporting in yesterday’s Seattle Times. The apparent purpose of the “article” was to convince the reader that 2007 is a great year to buy a condo in downtown Seattle, at any cost. [Condo developer David] Thyer insists that Seattle isn’t […]


Local Builders Offering More Incentives?

In a Lynnwood Journal puff piece that reads more like a sales ad than a news article I found these interesting anecdotes: Local lenders, such as Golf Savings Bank, are offering incentives, such as $1,000 off closing costs for certain new home communities, like Edmonds Cascade Cottages. And local developers, such as Puget Sound Homes […]