"The Undaunted Spirit" by Lorenzo Ghiglieri

Will a Prolonged Bear Market Slow Seattle Real Estate?

With stocks being hammered across the world since Friday, the price of oil in the gutter, and volatility through the roof, pundits are starting to get somber about the market’s prospects. If we’re in the beginning of a serious bear market, will Seattle’s crazy real estate market finally start to slow? One of the major […]

On the Horizon: A New Bubble or a Long Flat Bottom?

CNN Money asks: Is a housing shortage coming? (Short answer: No.) As the nation struggles to shrug off the worst housing crash since the Great Depression, it may be hard to believe a housing shortage could be on its way. The nation is simply not building enough homes to keep up with potential demand. Just […]

Economic Conditions Open Thread

Happy Memorial Day everyone. Since most readers are probably on holiday today, here’s a semi-open thread to discuss the economy. To kick things off, here are a few charts from Calculated Risk: So what do you think? Are we on the path to a full recovery, stalling just above the bottom, or headed for a […]

Poll: National Economic Crisis: Which Inning are We In?

For reference, we last tackled this question here in March 2008, when 58% of poll voters selected the 3rd inning or earlier. Please vote in this poll using the sidebar. This poll will be active and displayed on the sidebar through 01.30.2010.