Seattle Times: Trilogy Lawsuit, Condos, Cabin Battle

The Seattle Times was on a roll this weekend with interesting real estate stories. Here are a few excerpts: Homebuilder faces suit over construction at Trilogy of Redmond Ridge For years, hundreds of Trilogy at Redmond Ridge residents say they have been pleading with California-based Shea Homes, the 55-plus resort community’s developer, to fix and […]

Shifty LLC + Shoddly Construction = 82 Owners Up a Creek

A reader emailed me a few weeks ago with a very interesting story, but I was unable to take the time to write up a properly-researched post. Mish has picked up the slack, and has the scoop on the likely mass default of the entire 82-unit Riverwalk condo complex in Redmond. It turns out the […]


Reader Question: Redmond New Construction

Here’s a series of questions from a reader that was posted in a recent thread. (The questions were originally posted under the name “Sash,” but due to a strange bug in the transition to the new Blogger the comments now show as “anonymous”.) Folks, you seem to have a lot of data on the housing […]