Leafy bubble by Martin Thomas, on Flickr

April Reporting Roundup: “You Should Buy Now” Edition

It’s time once again for the monthly reporting roundup, where you can read my wry commentary about the news instead of subjecting yourself to boring rehashes of the NWMLS press release (or in addition to, if that’s what floats your boat). To kick things off, here’s an excerpt from the NWMLS press release: Northwest Multiple […]

Fly the Real Estate Cheerleading Skies with Alaska Air

A few readers who have been flying recently pointed me toward a delightful magazine publication that apparently graces seat-back pouches on Alaska Air planes, providing otherwise entertainment-free flyers with something to do. Unfortunately, it seems that someone in the editing department mis-labled the “Humor” section of the magazine as “Real Estate.” Consider the following excerpts […]

There is no such thing as “a great time to buy.”

With home prices off a third or more around Seattle from their hyper-inflated housing bubble levels, interest rates still hovering in the sub-five-percent range, and numerous economic fundamentals indicating a market more balanced than it has been in nearly a decade, has the perennial claim of home salesmen come true? Is now, finally, “a great […]

The rain returns, and with it the perfect house-shopping season.

There’s no doubt that the gloomy, dark, wet weather has returned to Seattle. While everyone around Seattle retreats into the warm confines of their living rooms and local coffee shops, I’d like to offer a bit of contrarian advice for the house-shoppers out there. Seize the winter. Winter is hands down the best time to […]

Renting in and Around Seattle Still the Smart Financial Move

Let’s take an updated look at some Seattle-area rent vs. buy comparisons to see if the situation has improved at all since we analyized it last summer. Back then, the real-world example I used compared two similar homes in Kirkland. Total monthly costs for the rental were $1,515, while the home for sale would have […]