Seattle Bubble: Hindering the Market?

Seattle Bubble scaring away buyers, sellers and refinance consumers? I’m really not convinced Marlow Harris of Coldwell Banker Bain feels that Seattle Bubble is all about fear mongering and scaring the public away from buying a home.  I know she mentioned it, but I don’t believe it.   Marlow and many other agents and loan officers […]

WAMU offering 5% CD’s & other bits

Side Commentary and thoughts: Sorry I’ve been unable to post much over the summer here and at RCG.  I’ve been exceptionally busy with lots of projects and family stuff.   Plus, I’m freaking out that one of my kids is going to be a Freshman in high school starting in a week or so.   But, I’m […]

The most valuable real estate is that of the mind: bloggers are having an impact.

Note: Once again, if you are looking for data and graphs, this post is not for you. So much could be said about this issue. One of the most fascinating developments to see unfold and the one theme I keep coming back to is how powerful blogging has been in shaping the mind-set of the […]

Stare Down: who blinked first? The loan officer or the borrower?

You know the drill. You and your siblings pile in your parent’s 1982 Chevrolet station wagon for the long 10 hr. drive to the summer vacation hot spot. Lots of games took place and many were invented to pass the time: Hold your breath through the tunnel, Stratego (tough in a bumpy ride), card games […]

A remarkable period in time: a changed market.

I’ve got so many topics to talk about but very little time. I have to start somewhere. Just months ago it was not uncommon (understatement) to see 100% financed nothing down purchase transactions with various ARM’s tied to LIBOR or other indices coupled with hefty pre-payment penalties, interest-only hybrids with no escrow impounds for taxes […]

Home Show discount coupons

I know there are a lot of home improvement hounds out there like me, so….. If anyone would like discounted ($2 off Adult admission) Seattle Home Show coupons for weekday admission, please e-mail me with your contact information and I’ll get them in the mail to you. Show is from Feb 16-24. Weekday show hours: […]

Ever met someone who likes to play with live grenades? Here’s somebody: Agents Who Originate Loans

This is not really new news for many of you , but the story circulating around news organizations and blogs about a buyer who has filed suit against their agent mentions a twist. Aside from the main story is the “smaller” issue that the agent evidently also arranged the buyers financing. At least that is […]