Checking Up on the “Forced Savings Plan” Myth

Please consider the following excerpt from a post I wrote that was originally published on the personal finance blog Get Rich Slowly (and later here): …if home buying is like a savings plan, it’s probably the worst savings plan on Earth. Would you voluntarily sign up for a savings plan where well over half of […]

Renting in and Around Seattle Still the Smart Financial Move

Let’s take an updated look at some Seattle-area rent vs. buy comparisons to see if the situation has improved at all since we analyized it last summer. Back then, the real-world example I used compared two similar homes in Kirkland. Total monthly costs for the rental were $1,515, while the home for sale would have […]

Homebuying Platitudes vs. Reality

This is a post that I originally wrote for the highly-recommended personal finance blog Get Rich Slowly. As such, the style of writing is more geared toward the audience of that site. However, I felt that the post would be of interest to the readers here as well, so I am re-posting it in its […]