Statewide Form 22A—Financing Contingency: The Seller’s Perspective

Most offers written within the Northwest Multiple Listing Service area use what are referred to as the “statewide forms,” a collection of real estate forms which can be selected and completed by real estate brokers and others. While some attorneys might argue those are not the best forms, they are in general well balanced between the interests of buyers and sellers, and serve the parties well. In contrast, there is one form, the Form 22A financing contingency, which some argue heavily favors the interests of buyers, and which I would argue is poorly drafted…

Rebls: A New Matchmaking Service For Off-Market Homes

King County homeowners and homebuyers have another new option as Rebls—a matchmaking service for off-market homes—officially launches today. I connected with the Rebls team a few months ago and have had a few conversations with its founders Bryan Copley and Jeff White. What they’re doing is an interesting and unique approach to buying and selling. […]

Nearly a Third of Sellers Will Overprice On Purpose

Full disclosure: The Tim is employed by Redfin. On Monday I posted the results of a new quarterly survey of home sellers that we’re doing at Redfin. This part in particular stood out to me as I was analyzing the responses: …when asked how they approach pricing their home 32% of sellers indicated that they […]

Reader Question: Current Challenges for Sellers?

Reader Serafina asked a good question on yesterday’s post: There’s been a lot of discussion on the blog about the buyer’s side — how it might be good to wait until fall, how there are bidding wars, etc. What about the sellers? We are getting ready to sell. Why? We bought in ’99; we’ve got […]

Real Actual Home Staging: January Edition

Once again, I decided to head out to some weekend open houses to get a first-hand look at some of what’s on the market. And, once again, as I pumped up everyone’s favorite “open house traffic” statistic, I often found myself wondering: What were they thinking? When I say “they” I’m referring to both the […]

Real Actual Home Staging: Take 1

I spent some time yesterday afternoon browsing some open houses just for kicks—a first for me. While some of the homes I looked at were set up quite nicely (this one in particular—sweet retro styling), others left me wondering: What were they thinking? By “they” I mean both the home seller and the seller’s agent, […]

Rapid Price Discovery via Resellers’ Auctions

As a coworker and I were pondering the housing market yesterday, I wondered whether it would be possible to build a computer simulation that would provide a relatively accurate model of a perfectly efficient housing market. Unfortunately we didn’t come up with a good way to do that, but he did suggest a real-world experiment […]