The Sordid Price History of a Local Mega-Flop

Behold the sordid tale of a home I’ve been keeping my eye on for quite a while. It’s a spec-built home in Woodinville (just a 37-minute + $3.50 toll drive to downtown Seattle)—7,216 square feet on 14 acres. This one’s got the Avondale Albatross beat by a longshot, both in the sheer audacity of the […]

The Avondale Albatross Now Bank of America’s Problem

The saga of the Avondale Albatross continues… A brief history of this 4,900 sq. ft. spec home on 3 acres north of Redmond: 2006-06: Originally spotted here, priced at $1,625,000 2006-08: Price drop to $1,495,000 2006-10: Price drop to $1,275,000 2006-11: New brokerage, still asking $1,275,000 2007-02: After 9 months on the market, finally sold […]

Portland worst, Seattle first

In my perusals of real-estate blogs this morning, I ran across a link to Housing Predictor, a site which has recently published a forecast for the top and worst performing housing markets in 2008. Housing Predictor describes their business as follows: We examine more than 20 micro market characteristics in each market place, including income […]

Anecdote: This Place Again? Seriously?

Oh. My. Goodness. Remember this? 13425 Avondale Rd NE, Woodinville May 2006: $1,625,000 (Asking) August 2006: $1,495,000 (Asking) October 2006: $1,275,000 (Asking) November 2006: $1,275,000 (Asking – New Brokerage) January 2007: $1,275,000 (Relisted) February 2007: $1,275,000 (sold—finally) You thought it was over, but oh no. It is not. December 2007: $1,650,000 (Flipping?!?) I kid you […]

Tales of a Seattle Real Estate Investor: Epilogue

In the months since the unexplained disappearance of the Tales of a Seattle Real Estate Investor blog, and the complete radio silence of its author Seattle Eric, many have wondered what ever happened to the one-time Rain City Guide contributor. Since he was arguably Seattle’s most public real estate flipper, openly discussing the ups and […]


Bill Virgin: We are all real-estate speculators

Here’s yet another gem from P-I columnist Bill Virgin: We’re all guilty of speculating in real estate Greetings, fellow real-estate speculators. How ya’ feeling about your gamble on the real estate market these days? Who, me? Not us, you protest. Our purchase of a home is meant to provide shelter for our families, not as […]

Flipping in Seattle for Fun and Profit

Are prices in Seattle based on strong fundamentals or speculation? While we can certainly look at the data and draw conclusions for ourselves, there is little to no hard information out there about how many people are buying merely to turn a quick buck. There are those that treat the lack of hard data regarding […]