Real Actual Home Staging: January Edition

Once again, I decided to head out to some weekend open houses to get a first-hand look at some of what’s on the market. And, once again, as I pumped up everyone’s favorite “open house traffic” statistic, I often found myself wondering: What were they thinking? When I say “they” I’m referring to both the […]

Real Actual Home Staging: Take 1

I spent some time yesterday afternoon browsing some open houses just for kicks—a first for me. While some of the homes I looked at were set up quite nicely (this one in particular—sweet retro styling), others left me wondering: What were they thinking? By “they” I mean both the home seller and the seller’s agent, […]

How-To Sell Your Home: Deep Clean to Make Your House Shine

A few weeks ago we kicked off a new series: How-To: Sell Your Home in a Down Market with an overview of the important factors that home sellers must address if they want to succeed in selling their homes in today’s market: Pricing Marketing Cleaning Extras Rather than tackling these in the above order of […]

Today’s Slow Market “Is a Different Animal”

From an article on home staging in the Puget Sound Business Journal: For [Seattle home stager Jan] Sewell, who is also a Realtor with Windermere Real Estate and owner of her staging business since 1997, today’s market is unlike anything she has ever experienced. “I have been through a couple of slow markets in Seattle […]


News Quickie: Sellers Getting Desperate Out There

A pair of articles today from the Seattle P-I and King 5 News focus in on those poor, poor sellers that actually have to work to sell a home in today’s slow market. No longer are run-down shacks full of years of accumulated junk being bid up to ridiculous heights. Now, you actually have to […]